• Well, that was disappointing. Not the review, as that was superb, but the fact that you found the movie to be such a drab. I was hoping that this one would salvage the franchise from falling into the ranks of half-baked adaptions, but it seems not. Ah well… there is a slight chance that I’ll enjoy it. Although, as a fellow fan of the novel series, I doubt it.

    You have done a commendable job though, Sam. Your writing is great, but the reviews’ biggest strength lies in your impeccable critique. There came a point where I believed I was reading something by a distinguished reviewer for a newspaper due to your professionalism in critiquing. I certainly look forward to see more pieces from you!

  • Brilliant!
    Can’t remember the first one though.

  • SkyFaller™

    Damn, I remember reading Lightning Thief a good few years ago, and I was hooked, but the first film…was good, but not great.

    But it seems this one is far below par, which is disappointing as the first film warranted a 7/10-8/10 for me.

    Great review! It was a pleasure to proof-read the first couple of paragraphs and even more a joy to read the review in full.

    Nice work.

  • Clara Laurinda

    A thoughtful and well supported analysis filled with red flags to potential viewers. I think I will be waiting to see this on video, even if the special effects are the best part of the film and need to be seen on the large screen. I was a little surprised when you praised the direction along with the effects because weak performances from strong actors is not just a problem generated by a weak script. Thanks for the review!

  • Jill Oliver

    What a disappointment. The first film was terrible and it sounds like this one is equally as awful. No wonder there is a deluge of information in this film as LT deviated so much from the book that the bigger story was lost to viewers (and a problematic very old Annabeth). A huge missed opportunity for the studio.

  • NovaMoriarty

    The finale rating hardly surprises me giving his series of books and the first film failed to capture me, glad I decided to give this a miss and wait to see Kick Ass 2.

  • Pdurston

    Won’t be watching this one then. I found the first film second-rate, hoping that the next instalment would be better. It turns out this one is just as mediocre as its predecessor. What a shame.

  • A wonderful review Sam, as always! I never bothered to watch the first because I’d heard it was awful in the same vein of book adaptions as the likes of Stormbreaker and Eragon, so I skipped it. I’m unsurprised to see this sequel fares no better.

  • TARDIS44

    Great review, even though I have not yet seen the film (which I intend to do) though I must point out there are quite a number of grammatical mistakes in there

    • And what are the grammatical mistakes? :)

      • TARDIS44

        “God’s” should be “Gods”

        Hmm can’t find the others, I swear there was at least one more…

  • I love the books so much. They’re among my favourites but… my goodness… why can’t they have a good screen adaptation?