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Peep Show: 803 “The Love Bunker” Review

Reviewed by James Wynne.

You can always rely on Matt King’s brilliant Super Hans to steal an episode, even if he gets just a handful of scenes. Well, in this week’s episode, he features with an unusual, but welcome, amount of prominence as he makes a return to his drug-addled ways.

It’s odd, but this episode started with a continuation of the bewildering jokes that plagued last week’s instalment; jokes that felt plucked from nothing and unfunny, but after a sluggish first few minutes, in which Mark’s seating regime and Jeremy’s jibe about it were the meagre highlights, things got moving with a copious amount of laughs, as Jez gets to work coaching his first client (victim?). His perusal of Neil’s sex life, while he sounds off in his head mocking all the dirty details, as well as his stereotypical approach to the service he’s providing (“And how does that make you feel?”) is hilarious; despicable and just typical Jez. It all comes back to bite him, as usual, but not before he starts lusting after Dobs. So, not only has his reluctance to vacate Mark’s flat been stopping her from moving in, it now looks like he’s going to be making a move on her himself. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

Meanwhile, Mark’s forced to socialise and his refusal to have fun while doing it, along with his internal promises of revenge (The Napoleon Quiz), are further comedy highlights in an episode that rarely drops the ball on this front. I said last week that Mark’s at his best when he’s in uncomfortable situations, and that point is proven again here. His neurotic tendencies also taking full control; as he bounces suspicions of Dobby’s betrayal off an intoxicated Super Hans.

Super Hans is back to his brilliant best, and it’s his off-key remarks and crazy insights that just dominate the episode. His rewriting of the rulebook on ‘drawing the short straw’ (who knew he cared about Mark that much?), and returning descent in to drug-induced madness are pure golden moments.

Best Scene: Super Hans’ Return to Drugs

If you’re not laughing as he riffs off a load of his ‘crazy insights’ and becomes the wide-eyed maniac once again, then you’re not human.

Verdict: 9/10

It’s an absolute barnstorm of laughs, as Mark, Jez and Super Hans’ individual comedic strengths are all synchronised and utilised to perfection.

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