• HAL likes aardvarks

    A pretty good review. I would probably rate it slightly higher, myself. What I don’t really understand is how you could say that the ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Actress’ categories were ‘(mostly) pretty appalling’. I think that Bale and DiCaprio could have made way for Oscar Isaac and Tom Hanks; Meryl Streep really didn’t need a nomination – that one should’ve been given to Emma Thompson. I still think the omissions this year are more sinful than the inclusions.

    • Djornad

      Wait… I don’t get your confusion? What your saying is basically the same as what I think. There are only two actors on each list that I think should be there.

      • HAL eating a pretzel

        Oh yeah. My confusion has confused you. Sorry about that :) By the way, are there more of these reviews coming?

        • Djornad

          Yep! A few more yet. I should be doing two more this week, hopefully. And then the last four over the weeks until the Academy Awards :)

          American Hustle
          Blue Jasmine
          12 Years a Slave
          The Wolf of Wall Street