• HAL eating a pretzel

    Sure, it has its flaws – but I actually really liked this movie. It is very overrated though.

    • Djornad

      Yeah, I enjoyed it as I was watching it. I didn’t hate it, but there was nothing that stood out to me. I just expected so much more from it. If this film hadn’t been created as a film specifically to win awards and it wasn’t getting so much hype, I’d probably have enjoyed it slightly more.

  • PK-S

    I would watch Jennifer Lawrence singing Live and Let Die and talking about the science oven on a perpetual loop if it was possible.

    • Djornad

      She was a definate highlight of the film, despite her “samey” performance.

  • A very fine review, Jordan. You write in a very acute manner which results in a highly readable article. In fact, don’t believe there has been a single article in this series which has been subpar and I’ve enjoyed reading them even though I haven’t seen any of them yet.

    The trailer for this didn’t really catch my fancy as it seemed too superfluous and hollow really. Your review reaffirms that suspicion, but since it has generated an otherwise positive buzz I’ll reserve any judgement until I’ve actually seen it. I reallly look forward to your final articles as Her and The Wolf of Wall Street are two movies I’m tremendously keen to watch (especially the latter).

    • Djornad

      Thank you! I’m seriously looking forward to Wolf of Wall Street as well – huge Scorsese fan here. I’m thinking of saving it till last. “Save the best till last” type thing, as I’m almost certain I’ll love it based on the trailers and Scorsese’s/DiCaprio’s track record.

  • TheHitchcockWhovian

    I just loved this movie to bits – it’s a tour de force of acting strength, and the whole thing is so sleekly handeled. It’s powerful in places, but predominantly it’s WICKEDLY funny. Really clever film. I understand your criticisms; but agree with none of them, to be honest.

    One of the best films of the year – up there with The Wolf of Wall Street, Her and The Great Beauty.