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Orphan Black: UK Airdate

BBC3’s new sci-fi drama import, Orphan Black, premieres Friday 20th September at 9pm on BBC3.

It kicks of with a double helping of episodes airing back-to-back.

Episode 1. synopsis:

After witnessing a woman’s suicide, Sarah assumes her identity hoping that cleaning out the dead woman’s bank account will solve all of her problems. Instead, the street smart chameleon is thrust headlong into a kaleidoscopic mystery. She makes a dizzying discovery and is racing for answer’s while attempting to evade a pursuing assassin hot on her heels.


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  • PK-S.

    I’ve seen the opening episode – it’s extraordinary.

    Everyone must watch this.

    • Guest

      – Ignore –

      • PK-S.

        How on New Earth, you would say.

        BBC Previews, how else?

    • TimeLime’s Magic School TARDIS

      Having watched the entire series, I completely agree. It only gets better. There is hardly a wasted scene in the series. The acting is sublime. It’s simply amazing.


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