• Deus Ex Machina

    I hope Andrew Garfield stays in the role. Say what you will about the films (I for one enjoyed both of them), but you can’t fault Garfield’s Spider-Man.

    • Joel Mole

      Well Garfield was great as Spider-man but as Peter Parker… I’m not too sure, he doesn’t come across as nerdy

  • Joel Mole

    I’m so glad :D Now spider-man gets the treatment he deserves :D

  • Gustaff

    So happy, but we really need Garfield in the role. it wouldn’t be that big a leap to connect Sony to Marvel universe. Let’s use the #SaveAndrewGarfield hashtag to create a response.

    Come on people!

    • notsosmartguy

      Nah I hope they go younger. Nothing against andrew but I want the series to be taken in a new direction I feel like a teen hero would be good for the MCU.

  • notsosmartguy

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So hyped for Spidey in the MCU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to see my favorite superhero return to Marvel.But in some ways I feel Sony (love them big PlayStation fanboy) has really strained the good name with his last 2 movies. I’m thinking about writing an article about my suggestions but I have a feeling I’ll get a bit of hate for my #1 recommendation.

  • TheCyberDoctor

    So excited for this!!!! XD

  • EmpathDigital

    I see this as the perfect opportunity to introduce Miles Morales the Ultimate Spider-Man into the MCU – it would allow them to bring the character in at whatever level they like (a relatively new hero, or a well-established one, they could even do his origin story if they wanted to – it’s different enough from Peter Parker’s which we’ve already seen twice), and it would bring some much-needed diversity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe ahead of Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

    • notsosmartguy

      Yes!!!!!! I want Miles in the MCU so bad. I know there are a lot of naysayers out there but he’s not only my favorite Spiderman but my favorite comic character in general. Besides they really need to do something different if they’re rebooting it AGAIN. Guardians of Galaxy proved that taking risks works for Marvel when they put a lot of effort into it, Why not Gamble on Miles? I think people will really like him once they get to know him.

  • This is great news for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Massive question though, what is going to happen to The Amazing Spider Man series? Will that be continued but with tweaks and inclusions/connections to the Avengers universe or is that now scrapped? Also will Andrew Garfield still be in the role?

    • notsosmartguy

      Nope Amazing Spider-Man is effectively dead.they’re going to start with a younger cast

      • Well that’s a massive shame I must say. I really enjoyed The Amazing Spider Man series. Let’s hope the third reboot is justified by Spider-man being integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

        • notsosmartguy

          Yea getting ‘re redundant now. This is the 2nd time they rebooted the franchise.

          • I know what you mean. I’m going to give Marvel the benefit of the doubt and see what they can do with this new deal. At the same time it would be nice for them to just make up their minds and establish a Spider-Man series that lasts and doesn’t get cancelled and rebooted within a short period of time afterwards.