• Deus Ex Machina

    Glad to see Karren moving up in the world. Another Who star who went from a no name actor to really big thanks to the show.

    • lp229

      Yes, Karen really has done well for herself since she left Doctor Who.

  • The Doctor, Islington

    Sounds awful.

    But then, every actor has a film like this.

  • FutureCompanion001

    Looks good despite it being from the producer of Paranormal Activity…

  • Steve Willis

    Maybe watch it just to see Karen act scared all over again. Just pretend it’s a Doctor-Lite episode set in a parallel universe where Karen plays a character with a different accent(?) and name.

  • Personally, I think it looks quite good. Plus this is only a teaser. Nice to know that Karen’s still got a lot going on after Who.

  • Angus12

    Looking forward to seeing Gillan again. To bad she had to leave the Doctor, but glad see’s on to other things. Go Karen.