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Noah: First Trailers – Cult Fix
  • Joel Mole


    • Calebxy


  • Calebxy

    Yes, this site has done an page about it!!! :D

    I’m really really looking forward to it. As far as I’m aware, no recent version has actually shown the flood happening – they’ve just shown the world covered with water, after it’s already flooded. But this film, evidently, actually shows the world being flooded, which is something I’m immensely looking forward to! It looks to be incredibly visually stunning!

    I’m also very very pleased, and quite surprised, that they’ve got the ark the right shape. Most things portray it as a large boat, but that doesn’t make any logical sense. Having a box-like shape, as shown in the trailer, gives about a third more carrying capacity, which was one of the key elements of the ark. It also gives it a much more stable design than a conventional boat shape (if you’re going to ask why boats aren’t made like that, it’s because they need to do more than just float. But the ark didn’t. The ark only had to float, so the design shown in this film is literally ideal).

    So yes, I’m very pleased with how this film is looking (though obviously it’s not entirely accurate to the Biblical story, but it terms of capturing the scale and drama of the event, I’m sure it will be brilliant).

  • Steve Willis

    Hopefully it’d be a film that atheists can enjoy as a *story*, and not be turned off by any themes that might touch the concept of faith.