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No Primeval Series 6 Until 2013 – Cult Fix
  • DoctorCutter

    If there really is no more Primeval after this, the S5 finale ending better be bloody brilliant.
    And if I don’t get to see more Jess/Becker I’ll probably cry.

    • Terry

      hope it returns loved every one  brilliant.

      • EMILY

        Love the cast!!!!!!!!! u rock guys and  girls!!!!!!!!!!!!! woop woop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  • This is awful, the only way I wouldn’t be super disappointed is if the ending of Series 5 was one heck of an ending


    • EMILY

      wot  u noooooooooooooooing about?

  • Anonymous

    I really hope it carries on. But I also hope the previous cast remains if there is a new series. I dont want hiatus to mean ellipse in this case. Oh, and a return to the roots of the show would be good too, because although series 4 and 5 are amazing, they feel slightly different to the original atmosphere of the show.
    Leaving an open ending for series 5 that still serves as an end probably means the return of anomalies, otherwise the show would be pointless. It will probably be close to the ending of series 2, although a bit more final probably. And it’s tonight!!!!

    • EMILY

      yea ii really want the cast to stay! if we dont have the cast we have now  then it isnt the same Primeval!!!!!!!!!  plz bring it back! everynody wants  more  of the saturday night Primeval!!!!!!!!! i hav  every  boxset of every series, i really  dont want an  empty space on  my shelf now do i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hee hee! xx

  • Anonymous

    I really hope it carries on. But I also hope the previous cast remains if there is a new series. I dont want hiatus to mean ellipse in this case. Oh, and a return to the roots of the show would be good too, because although series 4 and 5 are amazing, they feel slightly different to the original atmosphere of the show.
    Leaving an open ending for series 5 that still serves as an end probably means the return of anomalies, otherwise the show would be pointless. It will probably be close to the ending of series 2, although a bit more final probably. And it’s tonight!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I really hope it carries on. But I also hope the previous cast remains if there is a new series. I dont want hiatus to mean ellipse in this case. Oh, and a return to the roots of the show would be good too, because although series 4 and 5 are amazing, they feel slightly different to the original atmosphere of the show.
    Leaving an open ending for series 5 that still serves as an end probably means the return of anomalies, otherwise the show would be pointless. It will probably be close to the ending of series 2, although a bit more final probably. And it’s tonight!!!!

  • Pizzapie1988

    primeval is just a terible show .

    • Sophie

      If you think it’s terrible why are you reading an article about it?…Just curious…

      • Its Me

        yeah u  weirdos! go get a life instead of being divs and saying horrible things about the best show everrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u guys have   some sort of problem!

    • DoctorCutter

       Must destroy Pizzapie1988…………

      • agreed
        PIZZAPIE1988 IS COOL!!!

      • Conor_j_griffiths

        Go jump through an anomaly you brain dead bug monster from the future…

  • the final was amazing all i can say is bring on series 6 the last to series were amazing though i would of liked danny to  back full time or cutter to come back for a one off  but oh well but I really do hope it comes back it’s amazing show this show is what got me into acting so all i can say is bring on series 6 and 7 and hopefully even more

  • Robertfransham

    yes wouid love to see series 6 and hope thay keep hannah spearitt in it and the othe few old cast thay have got

  • fanfilmsUK

    i hope there is a series 6 as we still dont know how sarah died !

    • pygmypuff22

      yes we do. she was killed when the team were on a rescue mission to save Connor, Abby and Danny.

    • pygmypuff22

      yes we do. she was killed when the team were on a rescue mission to save Connor, Abby and Danny.

  • Festivemoments

    I think they should make it into a feature film too! big thumbs up for primeval my family loves it.. cant wait for season 6!

    • primevalfan

      it is being made into a film. warner bros. bought the rights ages ago.

      • bcfc dylan t

        no way really?! when please reply as soo as possible i must find out. primeval is being made into a film to build up for series 6!

        • Beth Small

          i  hope   they keep the cast if tehey do a film! if they get a new cast in, well……. it really wont be   the same Primeval!

    • primevalfan

      it is being made into a film. warner bros. bought the rights ages ago.

  • Grace

    how the hell is the end of episode 6 a satisfactory conclusion when we have TWO Matts?  We want MORE and much sooner than 2013!  PLEASE!

  • edwelshandproud

    Sarah died offscreen. Reason why she wasn’t in it is because of her chrildren she wasn’t able to make it to germany for filming (i think it was filmed in germany), so the team said she was killed during a rescue mission trying to get connor and abby back from the past. Please make a series 6 and get jason flemyng (danny quinn) back, i know he’s been busy shooting films. We all want more!

  • Fiona Firestone

    OMG! They can’t make us wait that long! My 8 year old won’t know what to do with himself, he absolutely loves the show! I want to see Connor and Abbey get married, I want to see Becker and Jess get together, and Matt and Emily… it’s so unfair! We watched the whole of Season 4 and Season 5 on Watch back-to-back, no doubt my son will be getting those DVD’s for Christmas (he’s already got Seasons 1-3 on DVD) and I am sure we will watch it again when it is on ITV. BRING BACK PRIMEVAL NOW!!

    • im the same, and coz i probably wont be able to wait that long either i think il have to buy all the dvd seasons just to fill in the time, so i wont miss it as much. coz im like your son i wouldnt know what to do with my self. and ive been watching back to back episodes too. I love this show and want them to bring back series 6 now or at least sooner then 2013!

  • Alahna-rae

    Hurry up and make your mind up! I’ve watche Primeval from the beginning and i’ve got sereis 1-3 on dvd and hoping to get 4+5 soon so you better make seies six cuzthe ending of the series was OMG and i must find out what WILL happens next!

    Alahna, 14

  • Ryan Caw

    It’s such a great show I have to say but I feel the story has drifted in a way over the series, and what I mean buy that is there’s alot that hasn’t been explained e.g what actully happened to cutter when he came back from the past at the end of season 1 and what did the anomaly opening devises in season 3 mean and who made them. Also the gold hexagon thing that showed all the enomalys through out time, same as the anomaly opening devises what did that mean (apart from powering the machine thing in the future arc) in season 3 and again who made it and why was it in the arc?
    The way I see it is there’s alot of dead ends witch I think need to be cleaned up in season 6 if there is one because for example Cutter comeing back to a different world was a big event that I feel needs to be explained and probably could so as what happens at the end of season 5 with Matt is kind of the same thing if you think about it.

    Sorry for the bible, and I really do hope there is a season 6.

  • they can’t know filming wont start till 2013; no matter what they say, or who says it, there is no doubt that primeval will be a huge hit on Watch and definitely on ITV because they always put ot on as a Primetime show! the DVDs will sell out really fast because i know i had to wait nearly three months before getting series 4 on DVD. plus, how can series 5 be the final finale??? there are so many unanswered questions, i.i who was the future matt at the end of the series 5 finale? what happened to Danny and Patrick? did Helen really die, or will she be returning to the show?


  • MARK


  • Gemmy

    See now i wanna go out and buy loads of the box sets just to make sure there will be a season 6. i love primeval and like most fans have done since season 1.

    • Xxamyreesxx

      same i love connor and abby i think should have been to gether shins season 1

  • M&M Sweetie

    Primeval has been a fantastic programme to watch. It would be sad not to see a series six. If they were to end the show, I ouwld end the show with another series to wrap the ending of the fifth series. From what happened in the last scene in Series 5.6, between Matt and his ‘concience’, I think there should be another one, but that’s just my opinion! :)

    • Xxamyreesxx

      i am with you

  • Fiona Button

    my daughter and I think Primeval is awsome, it must continue

    • Xxamyreesxx



    • Xxamyreesxx

      me plez bring it back



  • Mike

    Loved series 1 & 2, thought S3 was a shambles. However, with S4 and now 5, this show just gets
    better & better. Great finale, could end on a high, but I think there’s at least 1 more series left. After all, there are still loose ends around Matt to be resolved, and plenty others from earlier that could be picked up.
    Go with it! The show is a winner and not floundering yet

  • Michael Ratcliffe

    Wow, I thought that the finale was great but, like many others, I would be disappointed if it was the last one. I guess a long wait means more thinking time so the storylines of season 6 will be even better.

  • Bradfray

    i though that the finale was great and the ending did end on a cliffhanger so really there should be a 6th series to see what lies in store for matt and the team.

  • DoctorCutter


  • Assassin155

    There is no way they can leave it like that 

  • Harpic

    When will the powers that say what we should be watching get their act together and push for repeat series of this amazing show instead of giving us crap pseudo reality tv series?  Primeval is one of the best programmes I’ve seen and it would be a shame for it to end like that.  Well done to all involved, if I had my way I’d commission up to series 10 now.

  • Kitt95684

    there are soo many things that havent been answered like what about danny quin when he went through the anomoly what happens to him.

  • Minette1113

     Ca  serai génial une autre saison ^^ et j’ai aussi entendu dire qu’il allait faire “un film primeval” donc on verra bien ,j’ai adoré cette série .Tout les acteur sont géniaux  en plus j’adore Andrew je trouve sont de scène super.Je lui souhaite une bonne continuation dans sa carrière et aussi dans sa vie privée avec Hannah.J’espère que l’on aura le bonheur de voir quelques photos du mariage^^  Bonne journée a tous

  • Ivison_1985

    What about abby and connors marriage, the missing train, the other Matt saying he has to go back….etc theirs still to many questions it needs a sixth season at least (Mind due if it was me I’d want a seventh, eight, ninth, etc….. seasons as well).

    • Merlinfan

      you are right there it will be hard to find that out and we will be asking ourselves the same questions over and over again e.g. what will happen? how will it work out? etc it will be a long wait but it is worth it. yay for primeval it rules!!!!!!!! 

  • Sihvo

    They could always conclude the story with a movie made specifically to tie up the mystery of the anomalies and Matt’s final twist. That way they won’t need to worry about the series anymore. Five seasons is pretty satisfying knowing that it almost became just three.

  • Anonymous

    The series MUST continue. But I have a theory about Matt. Remember the holographic disguise  Helen used in series 3… Maybe the second Matt isn’t his conscience, his memories or a parallel/ future him but Helen or someone else in disguise! I know she’s dead but maybe she’s back for some reason? Maybe the disguised person wants him out of the way…
    The new series should, if their is one,in my opinion, feature an episode where the team encounter a Nick Cutter from before discovering the anomalies… That would be cool.

    • 13thDoctor

      Sorry… but I think now that we have to move on from Helen, she WAS killed by a volocirapter that looked like it had issues!

    • Minette1113

      c’est une trés bonne théorie .Et pas mal l’idée d’un autre nick qu’ils pourrais rencontré^^.

    • pygmypuff22

      I hope it isn’t Helen because her storyline ended and I hate it when shows bring back characters for more stuff after their stories have been ended so well. I do agree that other Matt could be something much more sinister than just his conscience or whatever.

    • pygmypuff22

      I hope it isn’t Helen because her storyline ended and I hate it when shows bring back characters for more stuff after their stories have been ended so well. I do agree that other Matt could be something much more sinister than just his conscience or whatever.

  • Anonymous

    they should stop and leave it now for the audience to decide i think although its sad to see it end and happy to see it come back i think they should stop now as great as it is its let us flow making our own minds up a bit more like dr who but different as in stopping now argue all you wish with my choice but its my choice

  • Rhubarb

    There MUST MUST MUST be a series 6!!!!!!!  I LOVE Primeval!!!!!!!!  I really feel the show has alot more to do and it has to carry on!

  • Conoreval

    Primeval is ously THE best TV show ever aired. It has romance, comedy, action, sci-fi and horroreverything needed to create the PERFECT cinematic feature. Also there has to be a Primeval film, that would be a brilliant way to make more money for future series’!

  • Daikai_007


  • Sunding709394

    Please end it……..

    • Attractivue

      what the hell is wrong with you?

      • Primevalisamazingggg

        primeval rules no doubt  about it! now  shut up and stop posting crap if u  hate it coz u have some  serious problem  if u do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bcfc dylan t

      what the hell is wrong with u primeval is the bomb literally

  • Linjiye

    i like so mah

  • Clairemycock2009

    please keep going,the cast are brill,its the best program on tv at the mo ,me and my kids love it and have not missed 1 yet,we brought all the dvds,so we can watch it all the time  .please bring back primeval,the best cast.

  • Mosspelt

    Primeval CAN’T change the cast!!!! :'( :'( 
    Also, I find that 2013 is waaaaaaay to long :(

    • Minette1113

      a little patience it will only be better ^ ^

  • india xx


    • Hey I am an American and I love the show the way it is I love conner and abbey and Becker. Would like to see Danny and Jenny brought back I loved them too. Funny I never really missed Cutter?!

  • primevalfan


  • Hoptuit1

    I Absolutely love this show. I am addicted!!!!

  • Bell Foden

    I love this show its fantastic and I cant wait till 2013!!!!! so bring it on sooner..
    They need to keep all the stars that were at the ending of series 5…
    the episode’s are brilliant it keeps you wanting next weeks episode to hurry up..
    so dont wait lets have it sooner rather then later…..

  • Qq70871407

    Come on!!!I’m waiting for it !!!!

  • The Dane

    Only problem with using ratings as a yardstick for measuring the show’s popularity is that the show has fans from around the world who cannot watch neither ITV nor BBCAmerica, we can only watch it online….

  • Hop

    i want it to containue, its great proram and it is tons better than the new dr who on bbc1

  • Pt_wolverine

    I Would love for it to keep going I Waited all last year for it to come back on tv in Australia. If i could I would work for free just to be part of the series

  • Wee Mad Arthur

    When the show was dropped at the end of season 3, I was horrified. The show was ended badly and we felt betrayed. We had grown close to the crew (even with the dreadful loss of Cutter and Claudia Brown/Jenny Lewis) so we were overjoyed to see it renewed. The two subsequent series gave us some much needed answers and a (fairly) satisfactory ending.
    I hope a sixth series is commisioned but if it isn’t, at least we have been given some resolution.
    A brilliant series.

  • LizaD

    It must continue !!!!!! It is the best bit of my week

  • Elige_18

     l really enjoy watching the show and really look forward to series 6

  • pottsypink

    phhfftt… uncertain.
    well, they better make their minds up by next year.
    other wise i wont be a happy bunny.

    • Charlpinky

      everyone who is CRAZY about primeval, join my group on facebook called “Whos for Primeval series 5!!!!”

  • Karen

    even with all the past stuggles to let such a brilliant seris go would be CRAZY.
    Primeval is one of the best sci fi shows on tv at the moment.  Ilook forward to seeing series 6 in the furture.

  • Mwrosebud591

    My son and I are huge fans of Primeval: we would love to see Series 6++++ and a Primeval film. Primeval has gone from strength to strength (writing & acting-wise).  Bring back Matt, Becker, Lester, Abby, Connor, Jess & Emily.  Absolutely love Primeval and don’t want it to disappear 

  • bcfc dylan t

    i just love primeval and it is my fave drama on telly. i got all the dvds and i cant wait for series 6 in 2013! i am so glad emily is part of the team now. primeval seies 6! 

  • bcfc dylan t

    i also heart rex the lizard. i hope he will be in primeval series in 2013. i can’t wait. lester is so funny. connor is my fave character. mat just makes the show exciting emily is cool becker is sick abby brings the drama and rex is cute. cant wait for prrimeval series 6 in 2013

  • i am so glad emily is part of the team now. primeval seies 6!.thanks for it…

  • Mariaria

    I can hardly wait till 2013! I just LOVE Primeval, and watching this every week was part of my life! 
    Well, I’m just so happy that there is going to be series 6! 
    (Plus, I’m so glad that Emily is part of the group! It’s going to be even more exciting…)


    NOI ITALIANI VOGLIAMO VEDERE  PRIMEVAL 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lynnestewart89

    It has to come back on….. cant quit a good thing my nights would be boring without primeval….KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!

  • Petric Robi

    i hope in series 6 comes Danny back  his must be in the team

    • Charhan

      yes and dont forget patrick! as well

  • sarahxx:)primevalbest

    yay there gonna be a series 6 i really hope that abby and connor are in and danny quinn IT IS AMAMING!! every1 really wants more yay!!

  • Oscar Mcmahon

    There REALLY needs to be a series 6 of primeval My nights would be so boring without it. Please make series 6

  • Matt

    season 5 ended on quite a cliff-hanger… so there has to be a 6th season… otherwise the ending of s5 would have been a huge disappointment…i really hope they get the funding for another season… primeval is brilliant…it would be catastrophic to just end like that!

  • Stanley

    Bring back Cutter, make an anomally back to his time so we can see him he’s a great character! Also it would be a shame to end it because of the the end of series 5.. we want to know what happens!

  • liz<3primeval

    Yes a new season of Primeval please!!! And i really want to see what happens with Becker and Jess. They are cute together. Primeval is such a great show and i really want to see more but then again i hate when shows run for way too long and they just become annoying. I think that Primeval should be back, and they should figure out how to stop the anomalies for good- but not before they find all the lost people!! :)

  • liz<3primeval

    Yes a new season of Primeval please!!! And i really want to see what happens with Becker and Jess. They are cute together. Primeval is such a great show and i really want to see more but then again i hate when shows run for way too long and they just become annoying. I think that Primeval should be back, and they should figure out how to stop the anomalies for good- but not before they find all the lost people!! :)

  • Bring back Cutter hell no way with Becker ad Jess, they are not a godcouple yuckky no offece to others but it just isn’t a good sight I gag at that idea, again no offence to all you -gag-Jecker-gag- fans.

    • Primevalrules

      You are offending us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Becker and Jess rule together!!!!!!!!! u must being going  crazy man!!!!!!!!!

    • Charhan

      shut up you plank they are a very gooooooooooooooooood couple and stop being a plank about it

  • Johndoe

    What tiny minded person thinks you can drop a show (again) and for a full 2 years this time and then suddenly pick it back up- and yet not have the viewers long lost interest in it.  As if it was just a seasonal break?  Sure a few loyal fans may watch but you can be certain that it won’t make it even half a season before ratings drop so low all TV networks drop it like a hot coal.  WHAT do you think it is?  I guess you think this is a big screen movie sequel or something?  Sure 2 years for something like that is expected.  But this is a tele` show not a movie. This is far worse than all of these `mid`-season breaks that are killing the ratings of TV shows. People lose interest in either constant OR long delays. It’s normal human psychology.  This “mid” season break trend/crap that started about 2 or 3 years ago was done strictly so TV network heads could monitor and budget various TV series finances better.  They apparently do not watch any of the shows they are responsible ( If they watch TV at all )  They have become out of touch with the viewers mentality.  We the viewers are not at all pleased with this. If we’re the one that watches your shows and causes you to profit than you should listen to your customers (us.)

  • Xxamyreesxx


    • Rox

      Really Amy?
      You need to find something a little more fulfilling to inspire you

    • Charhan

      i would as well because it is soooooooooooooooooooo good even it is cool

  • JAZZY16

    Primevals Amazing!!! It can’t go now!!! I didnt even know there was a series 5 until last week because i thought they axed the show!! dont do this again they are too amazing!!! season 5 was wicked so there has to be a season 6 now…. Jess has now become one of my favourite characters as well she was so sweet in season 5 with Becker

    Carry on PLEASE cuz they have all be superfantasticcccc !

  • dave

    Primeval is the best. ther must be a 6th series. bring back Danny .

  • Kay_357

    well i just finished watching season 6…. so im guessing they did make them after all… any news on season 7?

    • Rox

      Are you smoking Crack?
      There is no season 6.

      • Curtisrlhiggins

        There is no season six. And it’s series not season!!!

    • Charhan

      what ever … show a clip then if think you so clever?

    • Charhan

      what ever … show a clip then if think you so clever?

  • Ryan

    What???? ‘satisfactory ending’?!? It was a friggin’ cliffhanger! There needs to be more, and waaaaay before 2013!!





    • Rhubarb


    • Charhan

      i agree on that i hope it goes on forever  TIP buy alot of primeval series 5 dvds and then they will get a boardcast okay and we make them

    • Charhan

      i agree on that i hope it goes on forever  TIP buy alot of primeval series 5 dvds and then they will get a boardcast okay and we make them

  • we want primeval series 6 plz soooooooooooooooooon as you cant there’s no one can wait to 2013 to see primeval series 6 

  • Sweet_cera

    if they would release the dvds in more than just region 2, I’d be one of those crazy American fans who would buy them!! just saying.

    • person

      the dvds are sold in America. They’re sold in Australia as well haha.

  • ingi

    just get a region free DVD player – I did and get them right when they come out in UK.

  • arlene

    I’m not seeing how they claim Series 5 could be the “end of the Series” when it ends with such a bleedin’ cliffhanger that raises the questions “Will he or won’t he? And what happens if he doesn’t???”
    No way to “end” a Series, IMO.

  • Connorako

    They cannot leav us hanging like that:(

    • Hannah and kaylaxx

      yh hannah and kayla agree mat its not fair we want to find out why there is 2 matt’s.

  • Anonymous

    I very much prefer this ending to the series 3 one, and thank god they funded more, even if this is it. That said, PLEEASE air another series.

  • The_gonnagle

    if they end this im boycotting itv

  • Katielpolley

    Primeval is amazing it should not end here!!! PLEASE show at least 1 more series. x

  • Hannah and kaylaxx

    hi this is hannah and kayla.
    what r u talking about it has to be on in 2012 we need the next fix quick it was bad enouth when we had to wait from 2009 to 2011 you cant do that agin because there is people out here who love this programme to peaces. e.g hannah and kayla.
    quistion. is there even a reason why we have to wait that long?!!! we would like here it. so plz reply to us and ever other fan that have ouistion like this. thankyou for doing a excellent job so far primeval your all brillxxxxxxxx

  • Dalton, age 7

    I want there to be a Primeval season 6.  I love Primeval.  It is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.  I love BBC America.  I want them to make up their minds by next year. 

  • guest12

    i love primeval and can’t wait to what series 6. But Abbie and Connor need to come back too because i would love to see them get married and see what monster comes out of it!!!! Please stay Andrew and Hannah!!!!

  • Agh Seven

    bring it back but with abby and connor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please

  • Linzilooloo

    you cant not carry it one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone watch it on itv please!!!!!!!!! and theres no wa you cant have abby and connor — i wanna see the wedding! x

    • Fan.of.Everthing

      I wonder if it will be like Jenny’s… Full of creature…

  • Bellal Ledsam

    i just started watching this a couple of days ago and i,m hooked on it u can,t not do another series plzl plz plz i need to see the wedding anyway u can,t leave it on a cliff hanger 

  • bob

    i have been a fan since the begining and i am dyin to see the wedding and the story bhind the 2 mats

  • bob

    primeval is my fav show pleez i need an other season and it has 2 hav andrew and hannah playin abby and conner

  • dafty rafter

    If there is no Primeval 6, than the end of number 5 sucked. But if there is a number 6, than it will most likely all make sense. Two of the same people, how the hell does that work?

  • savisaurus

    wow!!! primeval is the best series ever!!!!! please don’t kill it, with out it il DIE!!!! lol wel maybe not but i sure won’t be too happy and i know many many others agree!!!! please bring it back to us and make the tv world rock once more!!! and pleeeeeeeaaaaase don’t leav it till 2013 that way way waaaaay too long!!!!

    every one in agreement say I !!!!! :)

  • savisaurus

    oh and what ever you do, do not get rid of abby and connor!!!! they’re the best!!! and if you dont mind me saying connors pretty hot!!! plus you cant break off the wedding of the century!!!!  

  • cheekymonkey

    there has to be a series 6, the ending of Primeval V, was so great that there can be many things that can make more than a series 6. There’s Abby and Connors wedding, Becker and Jess, matt meeting matt. I was quite surprised that danny didn’t return in series 5, but apart from that there were no disappointments. Ethans gone quite for a series so if there’s a s6 then he shiould be linked to matt in a way. LOVE THE SHOW!

  • islaydreamer

    since its been on watch i have watched all of the repeats and its great, has to be a series 6 with abby and connor def , so many story ends as well , bring it back before 2013 pleaseeeee

  • Guest…

    If There Is A Sixth Series Please Make Sure Abbey, Connor And Becker all stay!!!! They Have Been There Since The Begining And Mean Alot To The Viewers. Pleaseee Bring It Back!!!!

  • Cheza0196

    And It Would Be Epic If You Somehow Bought Sarah / Laila Rouass Back In A New Series.

  • Dynosaurus

    i hope the dead people show up again. maybe through an anomaly

  • Stop depending on the UK Market to be the sole Market. Doctor Who, PrimEval, InBetweeners, Skins, all marketable on SYFY Channel, later two on cable TV like Showtime or on Netflix Online. The BBC, E4, etc. need to learn to stop broadcasting exclusively on their channels and sell the programs to U.S., Australian and other English speaking markets to be broadcast at the same time. The revenue would allow these shows to stay on the air without long breaks.

  • Michael Greenhalgh


  • The only thing i didnt like is that sara dies but no sings of how she dies,just becker saying that she dies.And i didnt understand why claudia brown just disapear.They dont need to bring back the dead ones but they should find them with other names like jenny.2013? C’Mon is too much,angel the vampire was my favourite series but no ending either so please at least connor and abby should get married,danny and his brother have to go back together you know,veeeery happy ending at least but with 9 episodes at least or like season 3 that have 10 episodes.DO NOT MAKE US WAIT THAT LONG PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Judyjets1

    You know, there is an old saying!!! “When you’re on a good thing, stick to it!!”It’s a shame the powers to be don’t seem to listen to what  their WORLD WIDE audience ( I live in Australia) has to say or would like to continue!!! Primeval is one of the best TV shows to come along in quite a while and goes to show what talented people with imagination can produce!!! BRING IT ON Season 6and 7 and keep on going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshhayes

    primeval should not in series six i hope there will be a carnotaurus and a megalodon they should carry on with the series and have a couple of creature fight scenes  like a megalodon and dunkleosteus or even a pack of allosurus chase a herd of barosaurus through london and an anomaly shpuld open in the end and nick and stephen would come through followed by a deinosuchus aand a herd of parasaurolophus

    • Frup

      What they should have done is put an andrewsarchus in the dirtbike episode. those animals would have made that episode veryinteresting cause they were a badass animal from the same period

  • Joshhayes

    at least have a pod of bassilosaurus off the coast of swansea

  • Joshhayes

    if they stop the show it,s like losing a favorite pet of an important family member

  • Tealites

    I live in America and thought this show was absolutely brilliant! The acting was supberb and the special effects were first rate. I would love to see it continue. We only got series 1-3 here so I had to go surfing to get 4/5 but well worth it. The end of 5 I could live with but how cool to see it come back. I echo the sentiment to bring Nick Cutter back :)

  • Girlsto

    Genius not longer confined to Hollywood, to wit: let’s wait for the show to cool off and kill the momentum before we make any more. Cheers

  • Shakas_enterprise

    No Abby or Connor, don’t make Series 6

  • Adelaide

    If Abby and Connor aren’t in it then it would just be like having Primeval, but not Primeval at the same time. They are killing off all the good characters. First, Stephen. Then, Nick. Then Helen. Who next? Abby and Conner perhaps. Who knows. 

  • Dr. DuFF

    I am American and hate American TV…..most of it.  Primeval has something for everyone.  I can watch it because i love physics and dinosaurs and Abby “dont tell my girl” my girl likes it because it has plot and love drama etc AND the kids can watch it because they like seeing the monsters “which have been done great by the way”……More must be done with the show soon_before 2013.  Theres to much left and to much money to make!!  In the states (done correctly) the video game would sell well and toys and merch etc.
    If it does have to end >>>give it to us do do over like “the office”
    But i’d rather it is done in the UK
    Thanks__Dr. DuFF

  • Dr. DuFF

    oh yeah one more thing……Primeval MOVIE at least to end it….at the very least.  I’ll be in it for free!

  • Ranbo

    Why American TV are all like this, make me wait season after season, year after year………I hate this type.

    • Breathejeska

      Hur durp a durp. Primeval is English….

  • John Sturdy

    If in series 6, they have to replace conner & Abey I’d have it mentioned that they were now married. She was running a much larger version of the manargery somewhere. behind or under a relocated London or other big city zoo or wildlife park. This being it’s civillian cover, & nearby Conner had an official goverment job this time researching any & all possible effects from interference with the anomilles. So as to prevent another new dawn or anything similar. This would effecively end their storyline, while still providing a way to bring them back if ever needed. They could always cross over to the American version at least in helping them to set up their own arc during the piolt. Anomillies start appearing on the beaches of LA  & or the streets of New York, or pterosaurs flying over the Golden Gate Bridge. But I guess they’d have to take rex with them which would be a shame. As for that guy from the future I just wish I could remember where I’ve seen him before & his old man.

  • John Sturdy

    I’ve just thought of one way they could reboot Conner & Abby’s story to make it interesting again for series 6. Conner goes through an anomile to an alternate realitey in which Cutter is still alive Conner himself does’nt even exist at all Abby is with someone elss on the team, there’s no rex because that anomille never happened. & either Helen Cutter or Leak is at least second in charge, to Lescter. & no one will listen to or believe poor old Conner, that they’re bad news & up to no good. It would be good if Conner had to start again with Abby, of course they could reverse that idea but have abby find out she’s pregnant to the other Conner    from the original timeline & or reality. Yeh much better, she’s the one thats suddenly not ment to exist but she’s there & 3 or 4 months pregnent to Conner but from his perspective they’ve only just met even better he’s already married to someone elss. I was gonna say that  woman who put rex in the freezer that time. but it creates more of a dilema for Abby if it’s someone really nice, instead of really hot but one of the bad guys. I like this idea how could she explain who the father was without causing massive problems.  To anyone reading this or my other post earlier please excuse any misspellings. 

  • John Sturdy

    Oh one more thing if they did an alternate timeline in seies 6 with Hellen in charge they could allways have Nick be the one who’s on the run, from the government & the arc teams. With either Conner or the pregnant Abby, from the original reality. Being the only one who believes Nick is the one to be trusted & not Helen.

  • I really, really, hope there will be a season 6!

  • Angie

    mira yo soy de españa y me encanta esta serie ojala agan una nueva temporada

  • castle

    connor should come bac with his hat and laptop

    • I actually like “the new Connor”, the one who knows how to use a gun, but they still shouldn’t change the original genius character.

  • Someone x

    I think that there should be a Series Six, and that Emily and Matt get married, and also the Abby and Connor also get married. I think that Jess and Becker should start to go out.

  • mfmathy

    I think Abby is pregnant, that’s why Connor asks her to marry him :)

    • iris perez

      connor didnt ask abby , is the other way around…. she asked him to marry her!!!!!….i know , i seen the whole 5 seasons  twice….. i love this show too much!!! … hope they  bring it back… with all the characters from the beginning…and the new characters too… maybe they should put them all together…in one show….

  • Antonio

    I hope that they keep on doing the show its

    Really good for any people and that they have put a lot into the seriess I think lots of people. Like it any way

  • Antonio

    Also I think Abby is pregnant and Connor is gonna get married to her

  • Quentin Djemah

    moi je voudrai une saison 6 par ce ke jai adorer toute es saison jetai a fond dedan pourvu kil i en et une jespere 

  • Spider_pig_205

    please please please bring a 6th season my boyfriend my family and me love it so much and we want it to continue so please please bring the 6th season out PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They better not change the cast! They’ve already had to much cast-changing-ness! They’ve gotten rid of some of the best characters (Claudia, Nick). I’ve just gotten used to (and maybe starting to like) the new characters and the new couples (Matt and Emily <3 Jess and Becker <3) I swear, if the change it anymore! :(
    Please make a season 6 though! Primeval is my favourite show of all time.

  • PLEASE DO A 6th SERIES!!! Also, does anyone know if there is an ep.7 season 5? Or does it stop there?? (by that I mean is there a new episode coming?)

  • Alex Smith

    series 5 won’t do well on I.T.V, because everyone will just buy the DVD or download illegally, why would anyone wait that long when they can get it now, but guys if we want a Series 6 then we need to watch these I.T.V repeats, no Series 5 did not have a 7th episode it stopped there at a cliffhanger which needs to be resolved


  • can i just ask that is danny quinn and cludia brown who plays jenny in the new series of primeval series 2013 from stephen lloyd

  • Rory Williams

    5 things for series 6:
    1. Bring back Stephen (it’s been hinted at for a while), Danny, Cutter and Jenny/Claudia.
    2.  Get better writers and focus more on the series arc making it a complete story not just a part story.
    3. More focus on the characters instead of the monsters.
    4. Less episodes- sometimes Less is more.
    5. Get better sets, finding a warehouse and putting a few desks in doesn’t make it a lab/office.

  • I would be extremely sad if Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, and Captain Becker were not in season 6. I think that the ARC is great. I also think that some of the older characters should come back. Of course it would be hard to bring back the dead characters like Stephen and Cutter. But I think that Danny and Jenny/Claudia would be pretty simple to bring back. I also think that they need to focus more on what they’re doing wrong with the anomalies. Items and  weapons from this era should not be left in the cretaceous era. They need to think more about what would happen if a gun was uncovered or a human skeleton was found in the wrong era. You have shows like Dr. Who, which are very careful that history isn’t changed.  I think the writing team needs to think some more about that. With those considerations, I hope that Primeval will continue into season 6 and maybe more. :D

    • I so agree it needs to stay the same characters. they make the show…keep us yanks out of it…majority of the good shows are always from the bbc and then we americans ruin it by making it americanized and it should be left alone. two thumbs up for the bbc

  • The battle between the Gorgonopsid and the Future Predator segment is by far my fav.

  • Roxane Lively

    if abby and connor are not in season 6 you better bring back nick cutter and stephen

  • Roxane Lively

    it would be cool if abby and connor would have there honeymoon in canada

  • If no Abby and Connor then Stephen and Cutter HAVE TO COME BACK otherwise, I don’t think there would be much to the show!

    • matthew stephens

       cutter and Stephen are dead which sucked but i agree if they didn’t have connor and abbey in there then the show wouldn’t be worth watching any more!

  • Joe O’Halloran joeohalloran1@y

    connor and abbey better be in this or at least cutter :(

  • nicolas vargas

    saison 6 
    le retour de cutter 
    abby et connor entre dans une anomalie qui les fait revenr le jour de la mort de cutter 
    l kipnape le vrai cutter et le remplace par un clone qu se fat tuer a sa place ainsi connor et abby retourne dans leur present avec cutter aucun changement d’hstoire dans le passe vu que sa femme pense toujour qu’elle a tuer. cutter fait un bond de 4 ans dans le futur toujour en vie et reprendd ainsi les directive de son equipe. voila pour le premer episode de la saison 6 ce qui concerne le second souvenez vous premiere saison il rester 2 predateur du futur dans le passer c’etait encore des bebe vous vous en souvenez? bien donc le second partirat de ce fait les deux bebe afoller se refuge dans les souteran de la terre echapant au deluge qui tuera les dinosaure. tout en restant sous terre leur espece evoluera au meme rithme que les humain pour ainsi reaparaitre dans le present que cconnasse nos hero apres un tremblement de terre une fisure ouvre le passage de cette nouvelle espece que l’on croyait quel ne verai jamais le jour commence alors la guerre pour la survi des human sur terre 
    voila pour moi comment devra commencer la saison 6 l’equpe au complet et le retour des predateur du futur en locurrencce du passe ^^ qu’en dite vous ? 

  • primevel well get a season 6 no matter about it we just have to wait till nx year in 2013 i cant wait to see the season 6 i well have to send some money over to the uk to get it on dvd 

  • Remco de vries

    honestly, everything that happends on the show isn’t set in stone. the anomalies are also time travel. think about it. if something happends that needs to be changed you can use another portal to change it. they showed that when they altered the current time/future because of what they did on the other side of the anomaly. any character in this show can be written back in that way. or out, if they want to be evil. 

  • there MUST be a sixth season……too many things are unsolved: Where are patrick and danny? and why there were two Mat?????? if they wanted to stop the show after the fifth season they wouldn’t have put in those cliffanghers, no?

    • Indeed. They cant just stop it like that. WE ARE GOING TO DIE. And what i think about the two Matts is that the second one (the one who looked like a mess :P) was from the future, which has already been changed. BUT when Matt closed the anomaly (the huge one), by getting into it, should probably stay there and not come back. But that’s just what i think. 

  • LadyCherokee1965

    I truly hope there is a 6th, even 7th and more seasons, i didnt think i would like the show, but surprise to me i really loved the show, and will follow every thread about it till it returns.

  • We need a 6th series to solve all the mysteries! Conner and Abbey need to get married, Bekka(?) and Jess need to get together finally, Matt needs to go and see whats going on in  the future, James needs to stop being a misery guts because we all know he really isn’t, he’s a sweetheart really  and ther just HAS to be another series!!
    From the Richmond, Orsman fan club.

    • We so need more series!!! And actually Lester is one of my favorite characters, after Connor and Abby.

  • Well I’m gonna buy the dvd after that awesome series :L So i’ll do my bit to help :P considering what ITV have to offer atm, they’d be foolish to drop it :P It keeps twisting and turning and even if some of the people finding the monsters in the dark is corney at times, the rest of it is really griping :P So keep it going!

  • The stroyline for a series 6 is apparently being thought over right now and apparently the movie is looking for a director right now. As for what should happen in series 6….Abby and Connor should get married, Jess and Becker should go out, Matt should find out why the other Matt came back and i think on the very last episode of series 6 when everything is good again jess should till everyone she is pregnant and Becker should be like “Im GONNA BE A DADDY!!!!” so please be a series 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Since you have thought of the storyline THEN WHY DO THEY KEEP THINKING OF IT? :B I just want to see series 6 so bad! But with the same characters in.

  • plz dear god make a season six with abby and connor in cuz there like the backbone of the show and dont change any other characters either

    • They should also make Cutter come back, and while they’re at it have Jess n Becker finally get together.

  • angelium

    connor and abby are a main reason I watch it so if they arent in it i doubt i will waste my time watching.

    • I totally agree with you. They are the “heart” of the show and i really dont want the cast to change. Besides the ending of season 5 was really strange. “Go back, you have to go back”. I mean come on that’s not even an ending. I love this series and i cant wait for season 6 AND if everything turn out to be fine, all primeval fans will watch season 7 too.

      • I hope everything goes well with season 6 so there will be a season 7. Maybe if everyone does a little advertising by telling their friends about it, the huge outcome will ensure a season 7.

  • NOOOO! 2013?!?!? THATS WAAAAAY to far away :'(

  • Not having Abby and Connor (ie….Hannah and Andrew) would be like taking the Hawkeye(Alan Alda) character out of MASH. They basic took everyone off the show from who they had in the beginning. I mean they even took Radar off, but had they taking Hawkeye off, teh show would of flop the first episode without him. So, take a lesson from MASH and have Abby and Conner ( Hannah and Andrew) in series 6,7, 8 etc………….

  • iris perez

    sorry  i meant  to say 5 seasons saw it twice

  • Elissa Miller

    I love Primeval, but the show wouldn’t work without Abby and Conner. I don’t think I’d be bothered watching if they started with a whole new cast. Do i-Tunes sales count? Because I live in Australia and don’t have the opportunity to watch Primeval here, and I have never seen the box sets for sale. I bought them on i-Tunes though. I really hope there’s a season 6, with Abby and Connor and Lester too, I love his character. I wish they’d bring back Cutter, somehow. Ugh, there’s so much they could do with this show, so many story lines they could go back and follow…

    • Hi Elissa, I’m an Aussie too but I did see a box set at JB hifi in Dandenong (Melbourne) but I’m sure iTunes will count!

      Nice too know Aussies like this show too. I was once on a plane and when I was flicking through the channels I stumbled upon Primeval, I think it was on Foxtel.

  • Elissa Miller

    Oh! and they need to go through and explain what happens when Danny finds his brother… and I want to know how Claudia Brown was erased, and whether they can bring her back, and what went wrong that made matt come back and confront other Matt, and how Stephen was going to be brought back, because that’s been hinted at, and, and, and… don’t cut my favourite show!

    • i agree,plus i think it will be good to bring helin back and the proffeser,,

      • God no! Please don’t bring that woman back from the dead!

      • sinjin kimball-biersach

        Stephen died so he cannot come back. Helen and Cutter also died, so THEY cannot come back. Use your common sense much?

        • The Doctor

          Stephen could have been brought back actually as in Series 2 a Cleaner was killed and Helen used him to create clones to work for her so it could have been a potential storyline for Helen to do that to Stephen as it was hinted at in the last few minutes of the Series 2 finale.

  • jsheppard420

    I hate to tell everyone, but there is not going to be a series 6 guys. However, there is going to be a spin-off called Primeval: New world. The guy who played Connor in the original series will be on the first episone, they wont say if he is going to be on any more or not.

    • Peripherus

      That isn’t a fact.

    • Peripherus

      I love to tell you, but its been confirmed, series 6 will come.

  • I’ve already seen it, it was on watch last year. There is a series 6.

  • Earth_Gallifrey_Skaro

    If there is a Series 6 I hope they’re not going to “re-boot” the show. I could barely get into it with Series 4, I found it too difficult to acclimatise to, with it being so different and I hope that it won’t be different in series 6.

  • laurenjade1995

    The new series of Primeval is on ITV1 on Saturday at 6pm i believe. That is what it says on my sky box

  • Steven Hawkins

    LaurenJade1995, Your correct!! it is the new! series today at 6pm on ITV1 :)
    Same on my sky box to. x

  • The series on ITV at the momment is a repeat, series 5 came out in 2011, this is the one they are repeating at the momment, :) 

  • dsimpson74

    I found this show quite by accident on netflix and fell in love with it, it would be a shame not to make a season 6. Hope to see one soon.

  • I am way too emotionally involved in this show for there NOT to be a Season 6 with Andrew and Hannah playing Connor and Abby. I was literally on the edge of my couch bawling my eyes out at the last episode I saw. This CANNOT end now. So, whoever has the call to start up a new season needs to get on that and make it happen in 2013, because I will literally be waiting until then.

  • Tye

    I really liked this show, I’m not suprised it did well, as always T.V. exec’s put a gun in their mouth and screw it up. I have stopped watching a lot of new shows, because this happens time after time.Soon, no one will be wasting  their time just to get jerked around even when a show is riding high. Make it in America -, shoot it in Canada!. Dr. Who is so cheesy and it still goes on.
    The Brits don’t have the chops to follow through with it, give to the proffesionals in the States and spend more time making shows like Dr. Who less cheesy.,

    S. F. Lang

  • musicmugger

    I got tired of ITV dithering over if they will, or if they will not continue with a series, so I have purchased all 5 series on DVD. I hope there is a series 6 that is a continuation, and it’s not left to the Yanks to use their twisted idea of anything that doesn’t walk on two legs. They steal all Britains ideas and turn them into garbage. Can you imagine Primevil with plastic American actors yulk!

    • Yes, because the current actors on Primeval really are Oscar-worthy… :’)

      • musicmugger

        There will be not Oscar worthy stars in the states, just gun ho heroes with a destroy everything attitude, and the series will be scrapped at the end of the first season no doubt.

  • There seems to be some confusion about whether or not the series which has ended today (21 July 2012) is a new series.  I understand that it was new to ITV, this year, but I saw it last year when it premiered on Watch.

    Either way I really enjoyed it and think it is one of the few really good home grown sci fi series and I really hope that we get a series 6.  I’ve got nearly all the DVD sets and really hope that the story doesn/’t end being hijacked by a US/Canadian version with “younger, sexier stars” – I love the fact that there are some great adult roles played by really good actors and there are already 3 couples in the show – do we actually need to have it sexed up?

    Anyway just me having a rant. I’m really hoping we’ll get to see our UK version in further series. 

  • mechelle_s

    Primeval has got to go on for AT LEAST another series, the story is not finished, the people are great, the action is edge of your seat, and i just love the show, so does everyone i know, COME ON KEEP IT RUNNING!!!

  • Trisha Hardwick

    I was sad today to realise I missed episode 6 yesterday ..and I can’t see a repeat on TV listed!

  • It sucks, I havent seen any of the 6th season yet! I swear if its not on Netflix soon, I’m gonna write a strongly worded letter about it!!! >:(

    • sinjin kimball-biersach

      There isn’t a six season of primeval..

  • I absolutely love this show. As soon as I started watching it on netflix, I couldnt stop! I watched it for 6-7 hours straight yesterday, and finished the 5th season this morning. I basically finished all 5 season in 2 and a half days!!!!!! I LOVE PRIMEVAL! ~ rawr 

  • avidwatcher1

    I love this show – I have watched it from the start and have seen so many changes and different directions that I am surprised that I am still such an avid fan. Personnally I think the programme is getting better and better. I couldn’t beleive it when it finally came to ITV – thank goodness – as I cannot get the WATCHED channel – thought I was going to miss out. Please, please keep primeval going

  • Jason 罗

    i love this show, please keep it going..

  • Jason 罗


  • com on i have to wate a year com on love the show btw

  • just found this show on netflix and me and my daughter have watched it nonstop…please oh please come back with season 6. It has been the most interesting and entertaining show in awhile on tv.

  • I am kind of excited about the new spin off, but I just finish watching all 5 season. things have changed. Abby and Connor should return. I think all the cast should but that may not happen. It just wouldn’t be the same without the original cast/. Maybe One of the characters can enter an Anomaly, and somehow re-enter finding Nick, Steve, Abby, Claudia, and Becken alive however, in a new dimension…

  • Lynda Buckley

    I am pleased with a spin off,but don’t let us forget our own series….P.S Could the Canadians take over Terra Nova as this was a great Series…

  • Lynda Buckley

    I would be happy with a season 6 of Primeval,it is the best English show around and the cast are Brilliant…

  • interestedinjustice

    Well it’s 2013. Where is it?

  • Nickm1984

    Please make the next one I have been watching them back to back for months on iTunes

  • Guest

    Please continue a Season 6 SOOOOOON..This is one of the greatest TV shows I ever watched

  • andy

    Now its 2013 they brought out primeval new world and can I just say that it is crap compared to the UK one and it is just getting away from the last point where matt from the future turns up and says u havnt changed anything also I want danny quin back but to actually stay not go back through an anomaly. I do think that they should take primeval back to the best series (series 1-3) in my opinion. But my opinion of new world is that its to dark

  • Chip Vic

    i really wont to see series 6 theres 2 matts i would do anything right now to watch series 6 and for it to keep on going but if ever does start up again i wont the real team not a new start i really hope it comes back on pleassssssss

  • It’s freaking 2013, still no signs of Primeval 6! Comeon, freaking American shows get like 1 million views and it is considered a hit show (like Spartacus) but Primeval gets 2 million and they still can’t FIND FREAKING MONEY? WTH?

    • Peripherus

      Actually Primeval started out in the first few series with 6 millions, but then in series 4 it went down to 0.5 million. That is what you expect for a children’s show. :(

  • The primeval series is one of the best science fiction programs ever conceived since, star trek and stargate. No previous British Science fiction series can compare to it. It leaves many lovers of that genre asking for more. I believe that cuts to other programmes could have been made or funding to continue should have been sourced from the makers as well as private investors. The series also as the potential of film spin offs but the commercial development and the view of fans are secondary in comparison to executives who have backed old and less innovative programs than this one. The program should continue and I for one consider that Television executives lack the creative business incite that created enduring ideas that are self perpetuating that audiences love.

    • Peripherus

      Doctor Who smashes it into the ground.

      • Harry Jewell

        That is 100% true!

  • Why does BBC see fit to cancel popular series right in the middle? Who every pulled the plug needs a damn good flogging.

    • Peripherus

      It isn’t just the BBC.

    • Harry Jewell

      The BBC didn’t broadcast Primeval, it was Itv and WATCH.

  • Supreme Dalek

    They should revamp Primeval. Just, completely start again, making the characters and the plots more solid, and really try and make every episode unique and special, not just ‘Dinosaur of the week that must be stopped’

  • Stevie

    I think they don’t need to (almost) reboot Primeval, but they need to do something which hasn’t been done before. I feel as though the show has lost its touch because it’s all getting a little bit repetitive; anomaly opens, dinosaur or creature comes out, people put in danger and then suddenly they save the day, return to arc to celebrate. End.
    They need to push the boundaries and constantly keep refreshing the show with every episode like Doctor Who (that’s why it’s lasted 50 years) so that things never get old or feel repetitive.

    What I think is quite a simple idea: instead of staying in the past, send the characters through anomalies, and make it close on them. Now, unlike Abbi and Connor before, never let them return to the past for hopefully about 3 series so next time they do reach the present we’ll actually have been waiting for it.

    Make them travel through every anomaly they can, running from creatures in the past in fear of affecting their own future. Maybe they’re stuck in jurassic times. They’re scared of affecting their future so run through any anomaly that opens. This could lead them into the most dangerous times on Earth.

    Why not send them to the period where the asteroid was just about to hit Earth and wipe the dinosaurs out?
    Why not send them to the future to a time and place where it’s inhabitable, but they HAVE to survive there?
    Bring Lester along so we see how he copes not being in an office just shouting orders, and how he reacts when he hasn’t the luxury flat or life he’s used to.

    Primeval has a lot of potential with time travel, so I don’t see how after 5 series they still haven’t managed to achieve it.

    Helen Cutter could return (I loved her character as a villain) as a younger version of the one we saw.

    They could travel to their own future, so we see the technology Helen managed to find. The brain plugs used on the Predators, and the Anomaly creator, maybe we could even see the creation of the Predator!
    Here’s a thought: they could go to different planets. In the future, humans spread out across the galaxy, collonising it. They could visit the future and end up on a spaceship going to a far galaxy and maybe bump into a planet sized anomaly.

    They could end up in Medieval Times and live there for a while, as well as Stone Age, or Egyptian, or Victorian etc. it’s literally a blank canvas that you could do anything with.

    Why hasn’t anyone noticed that?
    The show doesn’t need a reboot, it just needs something new and fresh.
    I’m still hoping for Series 6… I really am.

  • Jan Sadleir

    what happened to the female character from the museum, she was in series 4 I think then gone , don’t remember what happened to her, I just love this show please another series .

    • Jordan White

      She died.

    • Jan Sadleir

      Thanks for clearing that up for me, I hope you meant in the series and not in real life.

      • Fadedeathdave

        Yeah, she died to Future Predators somewhere immediately after series 3 ended. It was mentioned in one of the series 4 prequels, which is why not too many people found out about it unless they went on the internet

        • Jan Sadleir

          Thanks Fadedeathdave I liked her character , shame the series didn’t continue.

  • The Doctor

    I really want a Primeval, Series 6. My favourite series was Series 2 but when Stephen died and then they killed Cutter in Series 3, Episode 3, I think it all went a bit wrong. I would have liked the mystery behind Claudia Brown to be revealed and Douglas Henshall and James Murrary to have stayed on as they were the show’s two main leading characters and I didn’t really want Helen killed off either and Jenny leaving was another shock. Plus, I hated Cutter’s hair in Series 3. Anyway, Primeval was a fantastic show and I think a re-boot could work and if there was a Series 6 I’d like Connor, Abby and Lester to stay as they’re the only remaining cast members.

  • joncon95

    Primeval is an ITV programme, not BBC

  • h.s.dthebest

    Hello! Erm… Look dear friends. I’ve made a good fan fiction. I really think it can be a real movie. Just would you at least have a look! I’ve written 3 episodes of season 6. Of course the main story hasn’t started yet. It’s about Matt’s mother. I know no one will read this comment & no one will ever ask me about the main story. I just… Who cares? Anyway, I thank anyone reading this. If you’d like to read it; just search my name.

  • Quiz Express

    Got the box set, watched a zillion times! Our kids love Primeval, and so do we – we’re all missing it! “Please,” do series 6!!!!

    • Harris Naseem

      I love primeval also!! Just finishing watching the whole set of series over the past month and am kinda sad that season 6 isn’t out yet! I really wish they can bring it back in 2015 or the new Jurassic Park movie comming out in 2015 might as well be a homage to Primeval…..

  • Harris Naseem

    actually, all the chicks in the show were hot, including Emily and Jess, they are my favourite girls!!

  • Kim Williams

    Will be waiting for series 6 if it takes until 2024!

  • Mr_BlackMan

    it’s been years and i’m still waiting for a sixth season. primeval new world season 2 as well

  • Helene Arnesen

    I neeeeeed season 6 !!!!!! And 7,8,9,10 ………..i looove this series….. I’ll die if not!!!!!!

    • Neil

      I know they left on such a cliff hanger with the second matt!!!

  • Craig

    They should have combine the ratings from both itv and Watch as more people will watch the show first on Watch instead of waiting nearly a year to watch it on itv

  • Leon Lipschitz

    Loved the show
    6 full hours of block watching part of season 4 and 5 proves that
    Im EXHAUSTED but could not put it down until tye very end

    While it ended satisfactorily I didnt like the cliff
    hanger ending
    Want to know the following
    Did they stop the anomilies
    What happened to danny and Patrick
    What happened with mathew and his future self

    They finished a satisfactory arc but the cliff hanger ending was not nice

  • Leon Lipschitz

    Cant they finish the series as downloadable websodes