• Joel Mole

    I reckon Marvel and Fox will be ok for a bit longer though Sony and DC will just fail. (sony especially since DC’s tv universe may last)

  • The_Great_Intelligence

    I think that dc wont do very well in the long term as I feel they will get a lot of criticism for trying to keep up with marvel and that the dawn of justice film although its probably going to be a box-office success it might not be a critical success.

  • Gustaff

    Venom Carnage? Is that the confirmed title? Does this mean? OMG!!!
    Venom VS Carnage! Battle of the symbiotic organisms!

    I like that Sony is trying to do something a little different.
    I haven’t really had a problem with marvel. They’ve been hitting all the right buttons.
    Not sure I want more F4, but more X-Men is welcome.
    I agree, DC is rushing things and it will ultimately fail on the big screen. Loving the small screen stuff. The way to go in my opinion.

  • K.9

    Marvels Films are good IMO, Shield started of meh, but got better, no interest in what Fox offers, I like Spiderman, but that will be absent for years at this rate. I’ve little interest in DCs Movie offerings (Man of Steel was OK) however I am heavily into Arrow and The Flash and reckon the small screen for DC is their best bet now as they are deciding to separate their TV/Film universes, your point on 2 flashes (and potentially 2 arrows) will no doubt confuse some fans and anger them maybe aswell as by the time Justice League comes out, most fans will see Grant Gustin as the Flash, and fans now already see Stephen Amell as Arrow, so their decision to separate may have pros, but it comes with cons aswell and could very well backfire at DC

  • BibbleBabble

    I’m already starting to suffer superhero fatigue, I still generally enjoy Marvels offerings but I really didn’t like Superman, and just can’t be bothered with any of the others anymore.

    I’d rather see something new. I loved Edge of Tomorrow and was disappointed that Jupiter Ascending was delayed a yr, but until the superhero bubble bursts then studios are just going to be more and more reluctant to risk those sort of films when they could just reboot Batman again or make another Iron Man sequel.

  • Timhogan

    I dunno to me I look at each superhero movie individually. I mean Iron Man is not the same as Spider man. Two completely different characters, settings, powers, situations, etc. I know some people shrug off new one’s just because there’s been too many superhero movie’s but to me that’s like shrugging off an action movie because there’s too many guns or fast cars in them. Powers are no different than guns, they are just tools. The story itself is what determines whether it is good or not. I think the hype of them may die down a lot sooner than later because of announcing so many so quick and I feel like that is killing a lot of things, not just superhero movies. Even things like Star Wars, they announce these things way too early and due to an over-extended anticipation the excitement is stretched thin, if they were to not announce them 5 years in advance but still release them, I feel they’d have a better reception. That said, I’m sticking to judging each one individually. For example Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel were barely sub par to me, yet Guardians of the Galaxies was pretty amazing. If they can keep coming out with amazing stories, I say keep them coming. But I can’t deny some will turn out pretty disappointing.

  • notsosmartguy

    Aquaman movie confirmed.

  • The Exploding TARDIS

    Deadpool Movie confirmed…which everyone already knows… :P