• TardisBoy

    Excellent review, David. I agree with you that some critics and audience members alike miss the point in what the show is about. I for one love the show, it’s very working class humor, with added moments of heart and pathos too. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I really look forward to doing so after your superlative review!

  • PK-S

    While this is a great review, David, I can’t disagree with you more.

    I loathe Mrs Brown’s Boys, which, in my opinion, wallows in gooey sentiment and when it’s not it’s just downright crass. Naturally, I won’t be seeing this movie and after The Telegraph’s review, I don’t want to. The writer says, like you, that much of the criticism aimed at the TV series is unwarranted but he despised the movie for relying on racist Chinese stereotypes (the character, Mr. Wang, that the white Irishman O’Carroll plays sounds excruciating), and shoddy premise. I’d like to like Mrs Brown’s Boys as it’s so popular but I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s funny that you say the show eschewed homophobic gags when the movie includes racist ones.

  • Great review David! As a huge fan of the show I’ve been slightly worried as to how it will adapt for the big screen, and I have seen many negative reviews from critics (although that’s to be expected). You’ve certainly convinced me that it’s not a “mess” as I was led to believe, and I very much look forward to watching it!

  • Excellent review, David. Should be seeing it next weekend with the mother. I can already see me sitting a few seats apart, what with her laugh XD