• Eviie

    Exactly my thoughts. Glad to see someone on the inside agrees!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly MY thoughts!

  • DoctorDragon79


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Like the Doctor, we might see Merlin’s dark side.

  • Imogen :)

    I think that we should see a more emotional side to Merlin, especially with the problems he encountered with Freya, when he lost her. I also really think that it is nearing the time that Arthur has to find out about Merlin’s powers. They have built up huge trust for each other now, and I think that it is now at the stage where Arthur would stand up for Merlin and let him stay despite his powers. :)

    • Merlinfan

      Yeah i think your’re right, it is about time that Merlin should chose what he should do whether to tell or not tell about his powers to Arthur, it would be a really interesting scene to see Arthur’s recation to Merlin telling him about his powers. We shall see, can’t wait forn it to air !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • []L!

    exactly my thoughts as well! what a coincidence?…

  • Poppy 69

    cant wait for new series    my 8 yr old hasnt stopped talking about merlin  and watches her dvd every night at bed time .  cant wait till october

  • Qishi_alya

    Merlin story plan to be released in Malaysia next year. very sad, hope the audience in uk can upload in youtube for the series 4

  • keksi

    my thoughts, too.
    i always wanted to see the “real”, emotional merlin.
    and i think, in the 4th season we will get what we want;)
    the first episode was very dark and it was the first time we saw merlin in real trouble and emotional discrepance because of the sacrifice arthur wants to make and merlin can’t stop him. i also think that arthur will show his amicable feelings for merlin and that’s a fact too, i waited so long for.

  • Yawaddo

    cant wait for season 4 .my brother and i have waited for so long.