• Great review Sam! Ahhh, I did love this film. But you’re right, the story was pretty cliche’ and I personally didn’t like the message they went with, though I can twist it around to make it a slightly happier message.

  • Fantastic review, Sam! I really enjoyed reading this articulate piece as you write lively and confidently. It was also very interesting to hear your view on this as I definitely intend to watch it as soon as possible. I’m an ardent lover of its predecessor so I’m glad you enjoyed it; though I always knew it wouldn’t triumph the original.

  • TheTimeTravellerIsSpaceGirl

    Brilliant review, Sam. really enjoyed reading it

  • cℓαѕѕιcωнσνιαη

    Great review, I think I will go and see this now, thanks!

  • Fantastic review, Sam!

  • Muxerman is Dr. Sheldon Cooper

    This is a really great review! I enjoyed to here your verdict on the latest Monster’s movie and I completely agree with your points after watching it a week ago. Great job :)

  • Cool. Will be watching. Thanks for the review. :-)

  • Thanks for publishing the review CultFix. And thanks for your comments guys; they’re much appreciated :)

  • GibbyBlogger

    I really wish I could go watch it but, I’m going to have to wait until it comes out on DVD, as I haven’t got a penny to my name until I manage to fins a job…

    Great review though, Sam!

  • Great review, going to see it tomorrow morning so I thought I’d read this before I signed off :p

  • Pdurston

    Nice review, Sam. I’m planning to see this later in the week, so I’ll try and drop my thoughts off onto this page. I’m looking forward to seeing if my views will be different to yours. :)