• Chris

    I really like this version of sherlock but the rest sucks

  • I am kinda unhappy…. like majorly angry about this….>:(((((((((((((

    • TheFezAndTheBowtie

      I am furious about it. They have disrespected the whole story and, well it seems to me anyway, that they are only using it for money and don’t actually care about the history of the Sherlock.

  • None of his ‘big changes’ are to do with Character so his conclusion is seriously flawed, and it was he who originally argued, quite correctly, that making Sherlock modern was not a big change but actually in line with the orignal stories which were never intended as period pieces, in fact it was the norm for adaptions to have the characters as contemporary for quite some time. I mean the Bond films are all contemporarily up-dated, but no one considers that a ‘big change’ in terms of the actual story or character.

  • Shall_be_lifted_Nevermore


  • Katherine Ledson

    UGHHH, typical Americans! This is so stupid! – Morgause

  • Nike Ryder

    I can’t like this… I think Sherlock has ruined any other Sherlock Holmes franchise for me because it’s just too brilliant: Nothing can compete ^u^, It’s like the upset from the thought of and American Doctor Who, and I’m American :-D

  • CarmelCorn24

    I’m American, but this new Sherlock series will be so bad! Ugh! Especially since nothing can compare to Sherlock because it’s so fantastic! Some things should be left British (like Doctor Who ;) )