• beinghuamanfan

    please please please, there is a series 4:)

    • bbc3fan

      Perhaps Mitchell will return as a ghost?

      • Ditsydaisy

        that’s what i’ve been thinking! I hope he does come back as a ghost! – fingers crossed

        • Blackross1

          He can come back as a ghost, he prooveed that he does have a soul as he sacrificed his life to his best friend out of love. Its goes against the traditional mentality of the vamps on this show, showing that he was truely being human (having a soul), this is the only logical way I can see Mitchell coming back to the show. At least Annie and Mitchell would be able to love eachother completely if this was to come true ;)

        • Tiser

          That way Annie and Mitchell can walk through the Big Door together….

          • Sk8sister2002

            I hope Mitchell comes back, he loves Annie and she him.
            They are dating in real life how cool is that?

  • Definitely bring series 4 and bring back Mitchell! BIG FAN of the show

  • Amy

    Erm how the hell can they bring him back now?

  • Wednesday Wilson

    I know its a big budget movie but going from a vampire to a hobbit is a definite step backwards in terms of being a sex god…

    • Tiser

      He is going to be a Dwarf, a tall one, by the way…

  • Coolgirl47

    please i was crying wen you died!!! be back for series 4 as in a ghost or summing!!! you and annie are made for each otha

  • Alora

    Bring back Mitchell!
    I was crying like a baby when he died. I think I may have shouted at the T.V too.
    But now I know Aidan will be in the Hobbit, I can look forward to that :)

  • Smidgit

    Please come back!!!! You were amazing and one of the only reasons I watched the show… The others being George Nina and Annie but still you were my favourite :(

  • Xmunchkin-melx

    i hope mitchell comes back, wont be the same without him

  • birdie 55

    You have to come back as the series wouldn’t be the same wothout you. 9.00pm Sunday won’t be the same until the return of “being human.”

  • Cheekycherub28

    the only way they could bring mitchell back is if he had a soul and he could live forever with Annie .. but i’m guessing they are not of the opinion that vampires have souls… or we would have seen more of them in purgatory would we not?.. they will have to pull something really big and great to bring him back .. which is real sad as i thought he was fab! :)

    • DarkAngelAlliance

      How do you know that vampires don’t go to purgatory as humans though? I mean they must have had a soul at some point and that could have been hidden away until they’re steaked and then released to ‘move on’?

      • but then the acts they committed as a vampire would override things they did in humanity and there would be no need for purgatory.

        also, where would their souls theoretically go? if anything, his soul would be in purgatory from when he was human so he’d have no knowledge of george gina or the past like centuries.

        • Rees-mc

          He was only recruited in 1917.

    i cant believe they god damn KILLED him! i cried so badly when he died! i didnt expect it either! oh god god god! i love being human but its seriously not going to be the same without Aidan, he was like the..heart of the show! it was like when Lucas and Peyton left one tree hill (crap example i know but i relate to it) BUT WORSE!
    Mitchell better magically ressurrect somehow:L

    • Kittykat_charm

      i feel the same. idk why but i just had to say that actually one tree hill’s pretty good now without them. i thought it would be awful but it wasn’t

      and yeah, he was the best character. i’d rather they got rid of nina. it’s torchwood all over again. lol.

  • Dav

    maybe the elder vampire could have some kind of rite to bring back certain vampires but because he basically committed suicide he comes back human?

  • Amy

    Spike came back from the un-dead in Buffy/Angel.

    • buffy/angel/henry+vampirefan

      so did angel after buffy killed him lol buffy the vampire slayer an angel fan also era lol plus being human an i hope mitchelle returns he’s the reason i started watching it in first place cuz aidan gawjus lol plus his the vampire

      • Amy

        Oh yeah forgot about Angel! And then he was sent to hell. Maybe that’s where Mitchell ends up.

  • Jax7219

    Herrick came back from being killed by George, so will Mitchell.

    • DarkAngelAlliance

      But herrick had his head ripped off, Isn’t staking supposed to be the ONLY way to truly kill a vamp???

      • Jax7219

        Mitchell found out some info from herrick before he killed him, that’s why he did’nt kill him straight away, that’s my theory.

        • steveo

          i agree, i think because mitchell was adament that George had to be the one that staked him, he found information that if somebody who loves you stakes you, then that someone is the only way to bring him back! who knows, we will have to wait and see untill season 4!

          • DarkAngelAlliance

            Didn’t think of that

          • Rees-mc

            wait what would be the point in asking George to kill him if was then later just planning on him to ressurect him?

          • Kyle

            because when herrick was reborn he didn’t live his past life, mitchell re-awoke it in him.. it would give mitchell a clean slate

    • Rees-mc

      It’s different though. Herrick wasn’t staked he was ripped to shreds then put back together where as Mitchel WAS staked and therefore reduced to ash. I wish he’d be back but i doubt it.

  • Karen

    Why can Brit actors never stay in a show for longer than 3 series?

  • Dbrowne99

    He is playing a dwarf not a hobbit and I cannot see him returning to BBC Wales (all due respect) after co staring in the return of one of the biggest franchises in cinema. sorry but thats the end of Mitchell. will be replaced by George and Nina’s offspring who will mature in 18 months (as with dogs) and will be able to change at will. possibly twins! Thats my guess anyway.

  • J Freixeiro

    Pleeeeeeaase, let there be a series 4 with all the characters.
    Im a massive fan since the very first episode………
    Some friends in Portugal saw some episodes I had on DVD and now they ate hooked, shame they can’t get it over there. Looooool.
    Mean, moi?
    Many congrats to everyone involved in making the show.:-))

    • Ricardo 2D

      Oi Freixeiro. Chamo-me RIcardo e posso-te dizer que esta a ser filmada agora a Season   4. com o pessoal principal excepto aquele actor de cabelo encaracolado, pq ele morreu no Season3.

      Eu sei disso, pq eu sou um dos Vampiros na season4. Ah, e tou a fazer de Extra. Faço de dançarino e personal trainer nas séries.

    • Ricardo 2D

      Oi Freixeiro. Chamo-me RIcardo e posso-te dizer que esta a ser filmada agora a Season   4. com o pessoal principal excepto aquele actor de cabelo encaracolado, pq ele morreu no Season3.

      Eu sei disso, pq eu sou um dos Vampiros na season4. Ah, e tou a fazer de Extra. Faço de dançarino e personal trainer nas séries.

  • DarkAngelAlliance

    :-( mitchell…

  • series 4 wouldn’t be the same without him…. though i don’t think it’d make any sense if he came back anyway. :/ bad times.

  • Rees-mc

    He could like come back as a ghost? it would have been so much better if both Mitchel and herrick lived and just returned to their former lives. before George Nina and annie.. to be honest I think i would have preferred that as an ending than a series four without Mitchel..

  • Hux

    BBC Website confirms that Mitchell will not return. Aidan requested to be killed off so that he didn’t have a door back always open for him and loose ends hanging in the series. Its a shame, but all good things come to an end. Who would have thought that Ashes to Ashes would be so good when John Simm left Life on Mars? Other characters will step up. Check out the BBC website for the fuul; scoop.

    • Daisy Lane

      Actually, all the BBC website is saying is basically “RIP Mitchell” and that Aidan will be filming in NZ for a couple of years and requested that Mitchell get killed off at the season end to tie up loose ends. Nobody ever actually says that he will not be returning, but killing him off gets ridd of all the speculation and pressure of a timeframe to come back – because now noone is expection him back at all. hey just seem to be playing up the whole Mitchell dying a bit too much. How many other tv shows make such a spectacle of a cast member supposedly leavign? It all smacks of a big publicity stunt to me. I wouldnt be surprised to see him resurrected by the old ones at the end of the next season when the hobbit finishes filming. I would be delighted though! :)

  • Danzy_198

    Please please make a series four im mitchells biggest fan !!! I even look like him alot lool please dont end the series there!! And bring mitchell back he makes the programme worth watching :( il even pay more tax for this show loool but im only 17 :-)

  • Hollyalice

    Im so dissapointed to see that mitchell wont be in the next series of being human. It isnt going to be the same without him.

    • Expeditionwithbass

      Why would you think he isn’t gonna be back? This is tv, there’s alot of ways he could come back. He already said that he planned on being back. He might not be in the first few shows but he will be back.

  • Jesper

    Please let there be a season 4! We absolutely love the show.
    Greetings from the Dutch viewers back in the Netherlands.

  • Kneal2005

    Just had a thought for series 4, what if the kid vampire character, Matt I think his name is from Becoming Human and also Being Human replaces Mitchell in some way.

    • Muzixmaluv

      ooh that would suck . . . but that is a good point it could happen

  • Simtom4

    :( mitchell :'( i nearly cryed waching the last bit untill the other vamp came in it was such an emoshinal sceen

    • Snakegirl

      I did! It was so sad :( I loved Mitchell!

    • Snakegirl

      I did! It was so sad :( I loved Mitchell!

  • Mpurcell8

    I cannot believe Mitchell’s gone :( Please bring him back it just wont be the same without him. I’m praying the comment ‘you don’t live for 1000 years without picking up a few tricks’ bears some relevance!

  • Hjk

    mitchell will be back, herrick was brought back by some one who truly loved him, so i think mitchell got george to kill him because he knows george loves him and so he will find a way of bringing him back,

    • bigman

      he cant come back as herrick said he got lucky as george only ripped his head off but if he would of stabbed him through the heart then hes gone for good, i reckon that mitchell might be back well i hope anyway due to him being a vital part of the series, i reckon if he does come back it will be something to do with either Lia or maybe the vampire at the end of the episode brings him back due to him not being scared of the stake so im guessing he must be one of the very first or even the first vampire which means he can do anything really lol so maybe thats how it plans out who knows either way im looking foward to a series 4 if it comes out.

    • Jamjamchipps666

      i agree… although there is a lot of good ways for him to come back, i think yours is the best.
      being human likes its flashbacks so im guessing it will show you george and mitchell talking and him telling george what to do…. and that could be why george said “im doing this because i love you”… just a thought

  • magic fan

    he can come back – that dude that came in at the end he came in without being invited
    he will find a way to bring mitchell back i think

  • Lanifthegreat

    i cant belive that hes leaving the show as a sexy vamp to become a fat wee dwarf…..whats wrong with the world

  • Alfie_richards

    nah that dude at the end kills george nina and annie but gets hold of the baby

    • Naomispence

      annie’s already dead haha :L

  • Alfie_richards

    hjk dont know what he is on about and magic fan wtf are u chatin about dnt any of u watch it herrick was about 2 tell him how and he sed if u get stabed with a stake u cant cum bk

  • Rika

    Alfie, What silly grammar you have. This makes me wonder how on earth you had the brain power to use the internet. Well punters gonna punt. But seriously you can’t kill off the fucking main character with all this middle aged lonely women fanbase.

    • Alfie_richards

      What the hell are you on about i just couldn’t be bothered to use proper grammar you are such a loser. As if you have put a picture on this website you sad sad person. I feel sorry for your parents to have you as their child, tell me where you live and ill come and put your parents out of their misery.

  • Christiancallaghan

    it is fantastic i love beinghuman it is the best in the world

  • i want to see some more of the ghosts powers and see just what they can do when they want like kick but or stop a vampire or werewolf in their tracks they are dead after all and cant be killed . you could bring the ghosts into it with a way of bringing Mitchell back after all his spirit has to go somewhere , so he could come back either as a ghost or something else maybe a type 6, like they made zombies it could be linked to ghosts trying to find ways to come back from the dead , like experimenting with powers, they could use Mitchell cause he was a vampire if they managed to reform his body or create a body for him, he technically wouldn’t rot like the type 5 did because of his vampiric abilities, . if they could do this, then he could be an immortal as such and not die even if staked, you could have it where he doesn’t have to drink blood anymore because his body is new and is baked with supernatural powers acquired with dying , instead have a twist where say a limb is chopped off that limb would wither and turn to dust, he would have to drink blood in order to regrow the limb , also have it where he cant cast a shadow like a ghost can;t and he has no heartbeat like a vampire , his main weakness could be like what sent Annie to the other world , the praying and use of religion upon him like a vampire and ghost cause he is formed from both, this is just speculation that me and my brother came up with after seeing the final episode last night , i think an immortal even if not Mitchell maybe an immortal that has appeared naturally like vampires ghosts and werewolf is a good idea , but have it where they have some kind of dark secret that makes being immortal not as perky as it looks and actually rather dark like the blood lust for vampires and full-moon for werewolf’s. thanks guys please not ideas , even though they are a bit up in the air . i think defiantly something different like a type6 should be noted something that shocks all species vampires, werewolf, and ghosts , maybe something ike the hint of a sort of magic dark or light but or voodoo or fairies or ixies or something mystical and horrifying at the same time (:

    • Expeditionwithbass

      I like the way you think. You should go help write the show with them.

  • tal

    Mitchell is such a brillaint character and so well played…not sure how you can rewrite folklore but not only does the character need to come back but still played by same actor…his story with Annie cannot be at its end, can it? Was really sad and you can see why he wanted to die though. I suppose coming back as a ghost makes the most sense and it could be linked to elder vampires comment on Annie not reaiising how powerful she is as a ghost so maybe she can bring him back…..can only hope as hate these sort of endings.

  • Harvey-962

    Mitchell will be back because i dont think the show would work very well without his character.Especially if in series 4 there all fighting off a vampire revolution,they would need mitchell. How he comes back im not sure but there are a good few possibiltys involving Anne or these elder vampire guys. When he does come back i think it would be cool if he came back human to start with then somewhere down the line he has to become a vampire again to save his friends.It would be crap though if he doesnt get brought back until the last scene in the final episode of series 4 leaving a massive cliffhanger for series 5 ,ive seen that kinda thing done in shows before.

    • Waynejay1

      its gonna be because of annie look how she got nina back ……..

  • Mszzchatterbox

    if he comes back and i hpoe all 4 of them can become a family again cause like they belong together :)
    this is all lia fault she shouldnt have lied to him

  • Hrobinson123

    ahhh why did mitchell have to die maybe annie or george in series 4 if there is one maybe they can go to purgatory and go and get mitchell back cause iwas proper annoyed when mitchell was staked. and tell me if it would be good if there was a being humand game and it goes through all of the series like the box tunnel 20 and you are mitchell and be annie in purgatory and nina in the hospital and george as a wolf in the forest and herrick as policeman and even go through all of there lives since they changed and even before

  • Jamescity1

    there has to be 4th season because nina is still to give birth and theres to be a war between werewolfs vs vampires

    • Expeditionwithbass

      I like the way the elder was all curious about what the baby will be since it has never happened before. Maybe he will be end up being MUCH stronger than a normal wolf or there could be multiple kids(Litter of pups) lol.

  • Hrobinson123

    i found the some information on wikipedia and it said it had been updated not long ago and it said series four will be 2012 – 2013 because of hobbit

  • Hrobinson123

    pleasesssssssssssssssssssssssss let being human come back iwas so exited abot series 3 that i did not watch any thing when i found out it was on sunday

  • Hrobinson123

    i now mitchell will come back because if you watch becoming human the ghost hangs around because he was murdered maybe that is how mitchell can come back or he can come back like herrick and when mitchell was staked i hafd a lump in my throught

  • Locksie

    Mitchell will and can come back,I am sure…
    ‘after being staked ‘Dracula’s servants recovered his ashes, and revived him by placing them in soil from his native Transylvania’ – maybe the ‘elder’ takes Mitchells ashes and brings him back to ?

    Also,after being staked we didn’t see his ashes or any remains (we only saw dust in the air) IF the body is still there and the stake removed he would ressurect…

    He’ll be back ;)

    • hmmm

      LOL how in the hell would you know? Dracula was a different story. If you want to compare him to Dracula, then Mitchell would burn in the sun also. hmmmmm. I do hope he makes it back though.

      • Arron9782

        Actually, Dracula wouldn’t burn up in the sun. Commom misconception. His powers were weakened during the daylight hours, but he was still more powerful than a human and could walk about quite happily.

  • Shaunconnolly1987

    This program is quality, the bbc really does have some brilliant tv series on it now. I think this has become so popular due to the fact of the twilight book and film series. Vampires and Werewolves are very fashionable at the moment and they have put a great modern twist on it. I like the fact that they have not done the same old vampires can’t come out in the day and the all over the top religion type thing, it is a lot more modern and meets the viewers requirements perfectly with humour but a seriousness of the drama’s of every day life such as the strains if relationships and friendships. The series 3 finale was epic, really had me gripped from the first second to the last. I just wish I didn’t have to wait a year for series 4

  • :)

    actually he is not coming back it says on the BBC being human website :'( i probably wont watch the show now as he was my favourite character

  • :)

    actually he is not coming back it says on the BBC being human website :'( i probably wont watch the show now as he was my favourite character

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  • Pauline

    Mitchell is what made the show. It won’t be the same if he isn’t in it.

  • is it jus me or do the bbc have a thing about killing thr main characters off ?

  • danny mcdonald

    being human is te best show on tv for me, i looked forward to watching it every day. granted it will be back next year but like everyone has said it wont be worth watching without mitchell. he was the hart of the show he was in it fom the verry begining and the hole show is based around him. mitchell george and annie are like a tripod you take one leg away and the whole thing will fall. and if you can rember mcnair said that it was coz of mitchll that george and nina wernt getting atacked by the vampires. without mitchell they are totaly exsposed and now they have pissed of the old ones. you cant go back on killing him now, but if i could say one thing to the script wrighter and producer of the show, bring him back, i dont care how you do it but if you don want to loose hundreds and thousands of viewers, brin him back…

    • Angelaceesay

      i agree they come as a package

  • George_kocot

    they need to bring mitchell back otherwise they will loose thousands of veiwers,mitchell was the best part about being human i got all excited about being human on sunday just to watch him get killed by a flamin werewolf

  • being human mad kid

    i they got to bring mitchell bk and and then they go kill him he is the best bit about being human he makes it funny and lets look at it he is just to cool to leave

  • Mizzgiggles_01

    DAMN! I don’t want to wait until 2012!!! I want the series 4 to be on NOW! I look forward to watching this show every week! … UGH now I need a new show to watch every week =(
    The US version was horrible I couldn’t get into it. man! Ghost Whisperer is done, Being Human is Done… I’ve seen all the British Robin Hood Series… I NEED another fantastic TV show to watch! I only watch one every weekend! ;alkdjfa;lkjd WHAT NOW!!

    • Rowan

      Torchwood, Dr Who and if your desperate Sarah Jane Adventures are all good. Primeval is great too.

    • Gareth198911

      I hope mitchell comes back i think that the old ones will have a witch and bring him back to life by doing a return from the dead spell hopefully and try watching the fades its good

  • Shaan Mccue

    is mitchell going 2 be in series 4

  • Ariel

    Please, bring him back!

  • james

    i think he will because herrick came back having his guts ripped out so mitchell probably will

    sorry for the writing im only 12 :)

  • G-man

    If mitchel not coming back in series 4 then I’m not watching it he is wat made the show m kept it together the other characters are good but as I sed he made the show man so if he ain’t back I’m defo no watching…. Any agreements?

  • Vessue

    Mitchell Won’t come back. If you remember when Herrick explain the trick, he said if george would of staked me, I wouldn’t come back from that, but I got lucky and he only rip his head off.

    • Eve

      Herrick was only a few hundred years old the Ancients are over a thousand and more. And they kept saying Herrick knew nothing. I am more incline to believe the vampires that can just walk into there home without and invitation

  • Beza

    Mitchell is the star of the show, and the star never dies, there will be some rarely known reason or way that he can come back. Lets just hope we don’t have to wait two years, that they can accommodate his Hobbit schedule for us all.

  • Mitchell brought Annie back, I think she will return the favour. Herrick is a liar. James you write better than some adults on here

  • Eve

    Oh Mitchell will be back as he die with and Ancient standing only feets away and you know the others are outside. they will bring him back

  • Pwein_h

    if mitchell doesn’t return i’m so skipping this serie man he is one piece of eye-candy!!!

  • he can come back, there are many things he can become they can send him back as a ghost or a phantom which in some lore can go from ghost to human form

  • Philipk

    i honestly think that this could be the end for the show. i dont know if the show is good enough to continue watching without aidens presents on screen

  • mrs mitchell ;)

    The show will lose soooooo many fans if hes defo out. hes the main reason we watch me thinks. team mitchell yah!! lol.

  • mrs mitchell ;)

    byw this version is way better than the US 1.

  • Muzixmaluv

    wait wait wait he did get staked before in season 1 and he didnt even die but this time is a little different . . . mann i hope he comes back :/

  • Anna Betke

    OMG you killed Mitchell… he must return!

  • Little_bit-1266-horse_mad

    omg, it has 2 have a happy ending!
    mitchel has 2 come bak and marriey annie,
    and it should so end with 5!
    mitchel+annie, goerge nena+the baby,
    mitchel should come bak as a vampia that doesnt need blood, so he’s half vampia half ghoast,

  • Anabel Kyle

    Please bring Mitchell Back. He is awesome…

  • Anabel Kyle

    He is the entire reason i watch the show, if he doesn’t come back, in all seriousness, i will not watch this again.

  • LollyK

    PLEASE have him return..even if he is a great great great grandson of the original Mitchell or something…..that would be a character who could return now and then, make Annie still feel her love and know that something good came out of Mitchell….PLEASE….While I care about the other characters and their dynamics….HE was the drawing factor that kept me with the show. It won’t be the same.

  • Roxy

    If Mitchell doesn’t return it just won’t be the same. Sunday nights are crap without Being Human. I DO like Annie and the others but Mitchell did it for me. Roxy

  • Claireharpel

    Maybe Mitchell can come back as a ghost? Then it’s easier for him and Annie to be together? I don’t know. All I know is he just can’t be gone for good or I just won’t be able to watch the series anymore.

  • I adore George but Mitchell IS the show for me

  • Neeniewarnerparfitt

    If Mitchell does not return in series 4 I won’t be watching it. I agree with the others about bringing back as a ghost please don’t take him away x


  • Loopylala98

    if mitch isnt back i am no longer a being human fan as mitch is my one true love call me sad i dont care but please please mr withouse dont take mitch away x i beg of you dont take him from his fans and lovers x

  • Neo19dude

    i really hope he comes back, it just won’t be the same.

  • Michellebush2

    I don’t think he will be back. The ending was perfect for his character, but if he is dead, Mitchell is surely in Hell for everything he has done. Annie may choose to be with him there, wandering the corridors of his sins forever?

  • Charlottemarie91

    i think there shud be something where he and annie have the option atleast to be together, i mean really what else is there to keep annie tied to the earth now, george has nina and the baby, she hasnt got anything, maybe she could finally move on through her door or likr michellebush2 said choose to stay with mitchell in his corridors…. 

  • Hrobinson123

    I think that Mitchell could be backbit think if they did series 4 as one massive cliffhanger and maybe wyndam and Annie could bring him back because at the the end of series 3 wyndam says that you dont live for 1000 years and not pick up a trick or two and some part when Annie gets scared of Hedrick in the attic and sqhe try’s to kill him series 3 she also says you have no idea how strong I am I could bring this house down with my teeth so I think Annie might find Mitchell in he’ll,purgatory or he could come back as a ghost and be with Annie I know that he filming the hobbit but come Aidan you wer brilliant in series 3 so come back

    • LaLy

      I agree… so many things could happen… I saw on episode on tv two months ago got hooked and had to run out and order all three at once.. I hope this is not the end…. all my friends are hooked on the crappy us show. And are now starting to come around to bbc americas being human. It can’t end like this Mitchell needs to come back… LaLy

  • Hrobinson123

    Hang on do you know the saying that when you die you come back as something else if Mitchell was a vampire he could come back to human or a ghost

  • Megan-Lee

    I think They should bring Mitchell back like they did with Herrick but turn him in a Ghost so him and Annie can be together as a real couple xxxxxx

  • Afury407

    I look forward to return of Mitchell…..but I also look forward to the new wolf buddy we met in Series 3

  • Willsthemonkey

    They killed off mitchell retards… herrick came back from a werewolf massacre not a stake to the heart. Mitchell is long gone

  • Peterrandolph128

    I believe Annie saves Mitchel from Purgatory in order to fight off remaining Vampires, George and Nina have a baby, Tom dies in Vampire attack and joins his father and Mitchel and Annie passover together into the afterlife.  

    • Jack Searson

      I think George and Nina still werewolf 

  • Myboostpl2

    Won’t watch the show without Mitchell

  • Mitchell Graham

    You spelt Prophecy wrong. Sorry, I’m just like that.

  • Kaitlyn

    Couldn’t have said it better. Completely agree

  • Hopefully Mitchell is able to return as a vampire and not as a human….not that it would be all that bad if he were to comeback as a human and then later on be transformed into a vampire because, maybe, thats the only way to save someone or because he had no choice or something like that. Do you agree?