I rather liked this episode, despite the obvious plot holes with the Time Jumping and the baby, and I do agree that Gilgun put in some superb acting in this one.
    Last series finale, we had the spunk falling out of Abby, which was on a whole new level of wrong. Rudy lactating did nothing to make it better, it was went on yet another level of wrong.

  • kbroome

    considering I had to get over the fact that they didn’t end it with the org cast coming back I’d have to say it was ok…. and I stopped watching when Curtis bit the dust a while ago… but I had to at least come back and watch the final ep…

  • Glen Cornhill

    I like your article, but I think you got the teleportation wrong. Jess isn’t teleported, she’s more fast forwarded. She has aged and so has her unborn baby, they just were in Limbo for the year, doesn’t mean they were frozen in time…