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Misfits: Series 5 Episode 3 Review – Cult Fix
  • TARDIS44

    Great review!! And I agree with most of it, I did like the explanation behind Abby and there was no denying Finn and Greg was hysterical.
    Only flaw I found in this episode was Alex’s reaction to Greg’s supposed death. I found out highly unlikely that he would be so calm about it, by just asking “Did you kill the probation worker?” while drinking a coke, rather than outright panicking.
    Thought Finn’s attempt to shift the blame was brilliant!

    • I think that response was more to do with the “killing the probation worker” gag, but you’re right in that perhaps Rudy having that line would have been a touch more realistic

    • Thanks TARDIS44!

      Yeah, his nonchalance was an obvious allusion to how ridiculously often this has happened in Misfits, but considering he’s not been around for any of the previous probation workers’ deaths, it was a tad strange for him to be so unperturbed by it. We saw the same with Abbey in the first episode after the demonic scout leader was killed. As Jawsey hurt has said, it would have been a bit more fitting for Rudy to come out with what Alex did.

      Agreed. That had me in stitches, as did Alex’s responses to Finn.