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Misfits: Series 5 Episode 1 Review – Cult Fix
  • TARDIS44

    I actually really enjoyed this episode, I thought it was back to the same standard as the first 3 series. Yes, it’s crude, but that’s the idea of Misfits, and why it has the time slot that it does.
    And I must admit, Alex’s final use of his power was weirdly hysterical, along with some of the gags.
    Glad to see him in the jumpsuit, and I doubt he’s going to live any of that down!

    • You’re right; Misfits has always been crude to a degree, but there was also previously a bit of heart to it as well (some actual emotional depth to the storytelling that extended beyond crass, below the belt gags). Just look at Nathan’s experience with the revivified old woman in the first series. It was hilarious, but there was a certain amount of pathos to it as well, and it did wonders to develop Nathan as something more than mere comic relief.

      Now, though, Misfits is *just* crude, and far more egregiously so than before, without anything to balance it all out.

      • TARDIS44

        You have a fair point, it is very crude these days (last series’ spunk scene and this episode’s period scene being major pitfalls) but I think it’s pulling itself back together.
        The Alex and Jess on and off thing is what gives us hope, in my opinion

  • Gunslinger19

    really? I thought this episode was brilliant. I definitely think it bodes well for the rest of the series! but then I loved episode 1 of series 4 to and look how that turned out :/

    • Yeah, I seem to be in the minority about this episode, and modern Misfits in general, it seems. But it’s absent any actual drama nowadays, and has become a succession of puerile gags, and not much else.

  • Then why don’t you fill me in on what the point was, if you’re so assured that I missed it? And while you’re at it, do please elaborate on how this episode was in the slightest bit ‘clever, funny and a great opener’? If you’re going to post a rhetoric, try including some actual substance in your argument. All yours boils down to is: ‘I liked it. You’re wrong.’ Writing a review is about analysis, which the above is, whether you agree with it or not. As with any analysis, though, different people turn out different results. My “credibility” is by no means lost just because you don’t agree with mine. And of course I still bloody enjoy TV. What a ludicrous assumption to make that I don’t based on a single review. I even largely enjoyed the latest episode of Misfits.

    Next time, if you disagree with one of my reviews, have the common decency to say so in a polite manner, instead of just posting unfounded defemation.