• TimeyWimey

    I feel inclined to comment on this page. It’s very rarely that I am wowed by an Episode of Misfits. This Series has only delivered two thrilling Episodes: 6 and 8. And I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say this was the best Ep of Misfits I’ve seen so far. It astounds me that you dislike it.

    It was filled with beautiful dialogue and moments of heartbreak. Finally the show has gained some sentiment rather than its modern inconsequential boring scene of bad people doing bad things i.e. Episode 1. It’s a story of heroes. And here are four leading ‘superheros’ finally doing exactly what we came to see. Rudy has shown his complexities and interest as a character, and he’s finally been maximised to his full capabilities. I often felt teary-eyed, but it was still by far the funniest Episode this Series as well.

    Overall, your reviews have been immaculate. I was rather stunned to see your reaction the finale, however.

    • GoodYear92

      Beautiful dialogue? It might have had a few snippets of good dialogue, but it was full of some awful stuff as well (“That’s you’re sperm dripping out of me, so that’s awkward”). It didn’t balance the vulgarity with enough charm and I found little to laugh at as a consequence, rather I was reeling in disgust or irritation. I also didn’t see anything beyond feigned sentiment – do you honestly think Rudy’s going to be different for his experience when the series returns? He was making a return to his normal self after just a few minutes, banging on about his E.T ending, with almost no profound emotional response to Nadine’s demise being displayed. As i noted in the review, I struggle to feel much for him while he’s enduring his tumultuous romantics, yet still spending a vast amount of the episode in tirades of selfish rants about his love and acting like a complete tool (smashing the television). His developments have been uneven throughout, with strokes of brilliance forwarding his progress and growth (Psycho Rudy and Curtis’ death) often ruined with constant returns to his one-note, foul-mouthed self, and almost none of it has seemed to impact him in the long term. If the writers were planning to have his romantics as a big development for his character, then would it not have been advisable to avoid his default behaviours being the dominant characteristics in this, of all episodes, where it reaches its climax? It might have helped to win the sympathetic vote.

      It’s great that you think the reviews have been immaculate, apart from this one, and I can understand us not agreeing on it, as the reviews I’ve read since mine seem to indicate this is as divisive and ‘marmite’ an episode as you’ll get. It’s a shame as, regardless of last week’s severe disappointment, I went in to it desparate to enjoy it, but, having seen it three times, I have struggled to.

      • TimeyWimey

        You’ve seen it three times…? Brilliant work. That shows commitment as a reviewer. And personally, I think this review has merits of its own I still have trouble connecting with your opinion.

        I think the line that particularly stood out for me was the ‘You are a rose, and I’ve brought you into a world of sh*t and p*ss’ or something along those lines. It was incredibly emotional yet absolutely hilarious at the same time.

        And also, he may have made a joke at the end of the Episode – but it’s unfair to say he’s moved on by that one line. Hopefully, he will be a changed man in next Series’ premier. And he didn’t really act like a tool this Series, and breaking the TV seems relatively minor compared to the other things he’s done.. The moment in which he is willing to risk his life for Nadine was particularly poignant.

      • TimeyWimey

        I agree about the story being ‘marmite’. I think, perhaps, after my extreme enjoyment of the Episode I thought everyone would feel the same. I had a similar experience after seeing ‘TWORS’. I instantly thought it would be the most popular Episode of Doctor Who in Whovian history and was shocked to find out how divisive it was. Jus’ like a good ol’ spread of Marmite.

        Anyway, I’d argue it was a great end to an unsatisfactory Series. I hope Series 5 shows more signs of being like the finale. The Show needs to be sentimentalised a bit more like in that Episode. Series 4 tried to hard to make the main characters seem utterly irredeemable so that Rudy’s love & warmth came as a pleasant surprise.