• TimeyWimey

    Brilliant review, James. I’m going to go out on a whim and say this is my favorite Episode of Series 4. It was perfectly balanced. There were proper scares, which is odd considering the ridiculousness of the villain. A different theme and style of Episode I’m used to. I had a blast, and it might have put me back onto the show. Rudy has been poorly used in this Series until Ep 6. And I feel Finn is growing on me even more.

    And Alex’s revelation was hilariously underwhelming. Best outing so far..

    • Thanks! It’s my favourite also, even if the score doesn’t reflect that. I just felt it was a shame that, with one of the best supernatural antagonists the series has had, you’d be forgiven for thinking none of the main characters even had powers of their own.

      I agree on Finn. He tends to work best when he’s not the centre of attention. Alongside Rudy in this episode, he was just brilliant.

      • TimeyWimey

        I agree in regards to your first paragraph. It appears everyone has powers BUT them nowadays. As opposed to the other way round.

        But your reviews are immaculate. And I love the work you’ve put into them. Have you written the Peep Show ones? I’ve been avidly following that show as well.

        • Well, thank you! I wasn’t expecting a compliment like that. It means a lot. Thanks, again!

          I did write the review for the first episode, yes. It’s not a review I’m that proud of, it has to be said, it felt a little lacking to me. I will have the next one done in a few hours time, but I wouldn’t expect it up tonight, as it’ll be much too late, I’d imagine.

          What are your thoughts on the first two episodes of it, just out of interest?

  • Penny

    I actually loved this episode. It was just Misfits at its best! The 3rd Rudy episode and this one have been classics. It reminded me a bit of a darker more adult “The God Complex” with running round corridors with a strange beast roaming them… Seriously fantastic episode though…