• Cigs

    Loved it. And looks like we’ll see more of Jess next week sooooooo …..

    • Yes, it does look like she’ll get some more attention. It still looks like the largest focus will be on Finn and Alex , though, so I don’t anticipate the next episode doing much to change my views on Jess – that she is being underused to the extreme.

      • TimeyWimey

        Hello, James. Fantastic review, by the way. But I’m wondering why you haven’t returned to DWTV…? You are greatly missed.

        • Hello there. Cheers. Always means a lot. What are your thoughts on the series so far? I think, considering all that’s gone on, the series has suffered little, if at all.
          It’s a shame, but I just haven’t had the inclination to post comments on a regular basis anymore. I still will on occasion, so I haven’t left for good or anything like that.

          • TimeyWimey

            Are we referring to Misfits…? If so, I would say that the Series is starting to lose any dramatic core or centre. This must have something to do with the lack of Simon and Alisha. It’s more surreal comedy. It has its moments, and the characters are often interesting. But I’m no longer desperate to see the next Episode. I would agree that the themes and concepts of the Episode are often clever or funny. But it’s losing it’s ”must watch” factor very quickly.

            Finn is fantastic, and is probably the Series’ most likeable and hilarious character. But he’s still just a character. The Episodes have been based upon wacky ideas, but a lack of story-arc really lets it down. I also feel that the Superpowers have lost any interest now due to the fact EVERYONE has them. Perhaps I’ve always been fond of the idea that the Misfits gang have to battle with their powers, and try to consider how and why they should use them. (hence why they’re called Misfits.) But they hardly ever do use them, and usually only for gags or comic relief. Series 1 was driven by the possibilities and excitement of new powers. Series 2 – 3 had a satisfying and intriguing story-arc following Alisha and Simon.

          • Interesting. I don’t think there’s a severe lack of drama, or at least a build up to some – a large part seems to be centred around Alex and his well kept secret, this also generating some dramatic interplay with Jess. So, I think there will be more in the series’ latter stages, but I also feel that the drama of Curtis’ death was quite hard-hitting and some of the show’s best. At first, I thought the whole Alex scenario would be the series’ arc that, I agree, has been an unwelcome absence thus far, but it seems all will be revealed about him in the next episode. I hope, if this is the case, that something else is introduced somewhere down the line, as the complete absence of a series-long narrative after the excellence of Simon and Alisha’s tale would be extremely disappointing.

            It’s worth pointing out, in regards to the use of powers, that it was often done alongside an exploration of the characters themselves (Curtis and his rewind episode…), so maybe the writers will introduce this to a larger extent following the death of Curtis – the last original Misfit. Perhaps these last four episodes will see Finn, Jess and Alex have the limelight in a single episode each, exploring both the characters and their abilities in equal measure.

            I won’t be off the site for too long, I shouldn’t think, and I’ll still be popping a comment or two on when I can, but it’s nice to know I’m missed!

            Oh, on a different note, since you’re a fan of it also, I thought I’d let you know that I’ll be doing reviews for the new series of Peep Show. It’s back in a couple of days and I can’t wait.

          • TimeyWimey

            I would agree that last Episode was particularly hard-hitting. But the ‘Rudy-fest’ served as a massive disappointment for me.

            Peep Show…?! You seem to be reviewing some of my favorite ‘Non-Who Shows’ a lot recently! Can’t wait to read them. I’ve been enjoying the Misfits reviews a lot. :D

          • It’s strange, almost all the shows I want to review are free for me to do so. It’s great. I did do a single review for Arrow, but after the second episode, I lost all interest in the series and passed it to someone else, who is doing a fantastic job of it. I’m checking up on his reviews even though I don’t watch the series.

            Glad you’ve been enjoying the Misfits reviews as well, they’ve been so much fun to write – I’ll be even more gutted than usual when the series finishes.

          • TimeyWimey

            Anyway, I really hope you get back to DWTV. It’s a bit disheartening.

  • Well, to be honest, I’ve never watched Being Human, so he wasn’t someone I paid anymore attention to than usual, but I enjoyed his character all the same, even if, as you say, he didn’t feature for too long.