• The Mad Hatter

    It wasn’t amazing. Normally with Misfits, you’re laughing hysterically by the ending credits, but I wasn’t. I also wasn’t too keen on the two new characters. They were just weird. None of it seemed to fit in anymore. Without Kelly or Nathan, or Simon or Alisha it’s just not the same anymore. Sure, it was enjoyable, and had the true Misfits style to it, but the whole episode seemed to lack something… We only have 1 origional character left, and personally he was my least favourite… Rudy was great, but you can’t rely on him all the time. Seriously missing Nathan and Kelly….

  • TimeyWimey

    Brilliant review, James. I agree with your rating, and your points.

    Personally, I was impressed with Misfits – but not overwhelmed. Finn is a valued new member of the gang – I’m undecided about Jess. The show doesn’t feel worse without other characters, just different. Some people can’t tolerate change. I find this disheartening.

  • So it is. It’s not surprising I got that wrong – my geography has always been a disgrace.