• oh thank god!!!!

  • They really should bring back Nathan, I miss him.

  • Is simon and Alisha in it?

  • i love alisha BUT SHE IS DEADDDDD :'( ..when was the las vegas photo took then coz she is dead?? simon must save her some how :)) yay

    • Anonymous

      sorry to ruin your day but Simon and Alisha have quit Misfits and the photo was taken when Marnie, Nathan, Nathan Jr, Alisha and Simon all went to Las Vegas together.

      • yeah, when? nathan phones to the center expecting to find simon there.

        • The photo simon takes back with him to the past…that photo is the same one that Alisha 1st saw with future simon so therefor it dosnt need to state when the photo was taken its just going in a loop back in time then back again etc…

  • Rebecca Lange

    do you know when series 4 will air on Hulu in America… love this show and wish it were more readily accessible.