• Has Iwan Rheon said he’s not coming back? For some reason I only remember reading that Antonia said she will not be back.

    The three new characters sound interesting enough. Seems like they’re taking more then the usual number for the gang so I say Curtis or Kelly will die/leave in the first half of the new series.

    • One’s probably going to kick le bucket. My guess is Alex.

      • Series7

        Here’s hoping Curtis goes. He’s OK, but he has never been as good as the other characters, and I’d like a fresher gang – but keep Rudy and Kelly!! I’d love Simon to stay, but whatever :( 

    • Yes Iwan Rheon has said he won’t be back, how can he when his character is killed off? Theres no more story to tell about him.
      Don’t know about anyone else but I still miss Nathan, he was a riot.

  • i reckon alex will become the new superhoodie, judging by wat weve been told about him, distant from girls n such, maybe simon trained him in secret when he went back in time knowing what was going to happen and knowing what happened to Alisha, Alex decided to keep his distance so that the superhoodie figure will live on. it will have the gang wondering 4 a while. Roll on series 4 -Cant wait.

  • Series7

    I will miss Simon more than I will Alisha, this is life! This gang looks great, particularly excited about Finn.. If he’s anywhere nearly as funny as Rudy and Nathan I’ll be overjoyed.
    Each Series has been a hit in my eyes, I just hope they deliver consistency :)