• Rory Williams


  • Larry067

    …but can Sherlock deduct where his hair’s gone?

  • He’s not as adorable as Benedict (Of who I had a dream he was my boyfriend last night ;) )

    • YA LUCKY THING!!!!!!!!!!! All I dream about is snakes eating people and my (calm, couldn’t-hurt-a-fly) dogs fighting… oh, and that dream about the Doctor Who cast climbing around my bedroom while I was out at school. That was a wierd dream.

      Yeah, we all love Benedict!

  • Lol

    Nice to see CBS putting ‘fresh American faces’ in the role… with a British actor…

    •  My thoughts exactly…

    • Maybe they couldn’t find an American actor that fits the Sherlock bill.  I mean, of all the american actors who went for the role of Gregory House in House, a British Actor was chosen, and he wasn’t even going for House.  Hugh Laurie auditioned for Wilson.

      So Miller, could very well be a Brit playing Sherlock, but could be speaking with an American Accent

  • alex_494

    Traitorous swine, how could a British actor do this to Sherlock :(

  • Sorry America, but….

    HELL NO!!!

  • Don’t get me wrong I like the work of Lee Miller but I really hope this fails just because of the audacity of America making this at all and then moving it to New York. It’s insulting  

  • armadilloattack

    I feel like this is a case of “Miller and Cumberbatch were capable of playing both roles in Frankenstein therefore Miller can equally play Cumberbatch’s role of Sherlock as well.” -headdesk- Miller is fantastic but this,..this just isn’t going to work out.

  • Dianna W

    At first they steal a british serie, and now they steal a british actor…

    • British Series, yeh, they are stealing that.  But they are allowed to have British Actors.  I don’t think it constitutes as stealing, but more as borrowing.

  • CybermanFan

    Nobody should EVER watch this US version. Relocated to New York? Just why? London not good enough? Do they suppose an American cannot relate to anyone from another country?

  • armadilloattack

    We already basically have an America Sherlock Holmes character. It’s called House. -headdesk-

  • I’ve said before else where that I don’t like that they aren’t crediting BBC’s Sherlock in the modern day as much, and are trying to make it sound like they have come up with the idea of it being an Original take on the crime-fighting sleuth, but I will stand that I am not going to judge it before it has even been broadcast.

    For all we know, it could have a 221 Baker Street, within the New York area.  It could have a Lestrade and a Watson, and a Mrs Hudson.  It could be a really good series, and a slightly different take on it, in a interesting way.

    As long as they don’t copy BBC’s Sherlock and call it Elementary (which I do think is a rather ingenious name) to attempt to disguise their copying, I never judge a book by its cover.

    House is a medical drama influenced by Sherlock Holmes.  And people said that it would be a total failure, and it was a massive success.  This could very well be the same!