• AmyPondIsAwesome

    I really, really hope it’s not true.

  • Peripherus

    Oh my god……

  • lp229

    With the BBC’s attitude to Merlin, I’m just grateful that we got five series. I will dearly miss it, the show is something that I really look forward to all year around. There is also more the writers could do in a sixth series, with plenty of tales in the Arthurian legends.

  • TardisBoy


    This cannot happen!!! Merlin is one of the best shows BBC have right now!! Why would they be stupid enough to cancel it!!! PLEASE DON’T LET THIS BE TRUE!!!!

  • TARDIS44

    On the plus side, it confirms without the slightest flicker of a doubt that Merlin’s magic will be revealed in series 5 and he will become Arthur’s advisor

    • The_Asylum

      No! He cannot fulfil his destiny, not yet!

      • TARDIS44

        Apparently he can

        • The_Asylum

          I will not let him.

          • CyberSilence

            I shall work with the reckoner to stop this

  • Dannii

    Oh dear God, please let those accusations be false. Merlin is amazing! It can’t end :'(

  • The Beholder

    For gods sake…

    Its not like the shows losing viewers, so why are they cancelling it? Lets just hope this isn’t true…

  • That Awkward Silent


  • jpegmaster

    but this could mean a confirmed merlin movie at the end of the finale?

  • bluebox444

    This would be sad news if it turns out to be true; however, a sixth series has always been highly uncertain, and there have been comments from the creators and stars in the past to the effect that five series might essentially complete the story. If we get a magic reveal this year, it might bring things to a logical conclusion. Perhaps the series isn’t being “cancelled” so much as “finished”. It certainly is a story that needs a definite ending at some point, and it shouldn’t be dragged out into infinity with quality diminishing as a result.

  • The_Asylum

    This is the worst news since they canned doctor who confidential. It would be silly to get rid of Merlin.

  • The_Asylum


  • Alex Smith

    oh never mind

  • Bob McGrath

    Ummmm… Who is Graham Burton?

    If we bother to read the follow up Graham says:

    “hi Alexander. Once again – I woke this morning, and my tweet was a response to reading a tweet from a member of Merlin crew”


    “if that tweet has been taken away, this would explain why my response is being quoted ?? If it’s true, it’s sad news. G”

    So Graham himself is just reporting a rumour from a crew member and has no idea what’s going on. Not a very credible source at all!

    The BBC would probably do well to see how series 5 rates before deciding to cancel.

  • The Eleventh Hour

    NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I love Merlin, and always look forward to seeing it on a Saturday night, sometimes a Sunday morning. BBC, please don’t do this after all of us getting hyped for a sixth series and a film series.

    Don’t let this be like Doctor Who in 1989. Bad memories……

  • Nimueh123

    I really love Merlin, but the story arc was always intended for 5 seasons. And with a view of a Merlin movie it is not totally surprising that they are wrapping up the show. I think that the young cast have grown enormously as actors and they have taken us on a most enjoyable journey. It is time to give the talent of Colin and Bradley a chance to develop further on other projects. I would certainly be keen to see them in other parts on TV or on the big screen.

    • snowcat60

      I do hope that all four actors will continue to develop and enjoy even greater success than the Merlin series has given them. They have been phenomenal throughout the series. I love this show and would hate to see it end. But I do want it to end on a high note with everyone/audience wanting more.

  • I really hope this isn’t true, and if it is, I hope it’s because of the movie project. I know the series was planned for five series, but even then the producers were being ambitious. And there is so much they can do once Merlin reveals his magic, ending the show after a five series when the ratings and viewings are getting higher and higher every season would be fool.

  • CyberSilence


  • I hope it’s not true, the premiere date they also said it was a rumor it hasn’t been confirmed so I hope this is rumor too

  • WAT

  • The Malevolent Sensorite

    Hmm… While I don’t want this to happen, it could mean that we’ll get closure to a lot of things in Series 5. Merlin would reveal his magic and Morgana would be defeated – for good. As much as I like Morgana, her story’s becoming repetitive. The last two season finales have both involved her invading Camelot and becoming its queen. And then being overthrown. So I think it would be a good time to kill her off.
    This means that if the BBC agrees to comission a sixth series, the show could be taken in entirely new directions. Merlin’s place will be completely different and Arthur’s relationship with Merlin would be completely different and much more respectful, bringing a new dynamic to the series. Maybe Mordred could become the main villain. Also, good magicians could have a far larger role in the show.

    • snowcat60

      I like your thinking….. :)

  • SilurianGod23

    So it’s getting cancelled after it’s most sucessful series………..this is true.

  • Jill Lyon

    BBC, why must you do this to us? Merlin just had it’s most successful season yet and you want to cancel it? That does not make sense. There is so much still that the writers can do! Merlin is one of the BEST shows out there! Oh, please don’t cancel it!!! It deserves a proper ending.

  • TheBlueTardis

    If this is true there is a positive and negative, the positive is that we get to see the long awaited magic reveal but the negative there will be no more merlin!!!

  • Cyber_Dalek11

    I really hope it continues.

  • i really hope it isn’t true! i love this show!!! it is really good!

  • I love the show….it’s seems like all the good BBC shows only last 5 seasons though. Wonder why that is?

  • This show has tons of viewers….Hope this is NOT true!!!!!!!!! Love Merlin~~!!!!!