• thependragons<3

    no ones gonna take me alive!!!!
    The time has come to make things rightttt! ha the song, its funny because it doesn’t fit with the whole medivalness of Merlin! 

    • snowcat60

      maybe not, but compelling nonetheless! The whole thing gives me goosebumps…..so dark, it feels doomed…..is it the end of the story already?

      • thependragons<3

        I know each series gets darker and darker! I love it!

  • SilurianGod23


  • Nina K.

    This trailer clearly says that the show is not about Merlin anymore.
    It’s about Arthur, Gwen and Camelot. Merlin barely appears, the titular
    character for goodness sake. It pains me, it angers me, hell it even
    insults me as a viewer who believed that Merlin would get the
    acknowledgement he deserves after four series. I am so, so disappointed.

    • You do realise that the show can’t focus entirely on Merlin? Arthurs the king, the legends are named after KING ARTHUR. Just because he didn’t appear that much in the trailer, doesn’t mean Merlin won’t be saving the day, or fighting off Morgana.

    • snowcat60

      of course the show is still about Merlin, afterall he is the one who shapes and complements Arthur and he has the EPIC last line in the trailer — I will protect you or die at your side

    • Nimueh123

      A trailer does not show everything.  The scenes shown are chosen deliberately – they want to whet our appetite but not give away too much at the same time.  So don’t be disappointed too soon  –  Colin looked really happy about the way his character was going – that should give us a little bit of hope!

  • AmyPondIsAwesome


  • extermin8or2

    I really dislike the fact old merlin is shown; it means he’s still hiding his powers ffs -_- 

    • Timhogan

      That doesn’t mean he will for the whole series.  I for one would rather have it happen mid season so we get to see how it happens rather than come back, even if it is years later, and have him no longer be hiding it.

      • extermin8or2

        well I want it revealed by about episode 5ish at the latest, for that reason it’s just I have a feeling if they do have him reveal it they’ll do it in one of the final 2 episodes and leave it on a cliffhanger for IF they do series 6 or the films they were discussing filming -_- I will literally be furious if they do that lol   

        • Nimueh123

          I so agree with you.  From what has been said recently at Comic Con etc. it does not look as if Merlin has revealed his magic yet (that is after 6 episodes of series 5)  I really think that they are waiting to know what is happening with the show after season 5 before they decide when the reveal will happen.  Needless to say that I would be totally miffed if this happens only in the last 2 episodes!

          • extermin8or2

            It wouldn’t suprise me if they get the go ahead for the films, and waited say till then end of the 1st of the 3 films, or atleast halfway through it and made that it’s main plotline :/ aslong as it’s continuation in the films not the reboot they suggested-that would just be silly really. One thing that does give me hope is the text over the trailer “the ledgend begins” which suggests the Legend of Arthur is the point they have reached, and as far as I was always aware he knew Merlin was a magician :P (that said Merlin was also an old man not the same age as him but I suppose it’s down to the adaptation but then again magic thing might also be.) However Colin Morgan in an interview did hint heavily that Arthur did find out, and he mentioned how Arthur finding out could effect their friendship so hopefully by the middle of the series… (really I think he should have found out at the end of the last ones but unfortunately I have no say in it haha) 

  • Nimueh123

    I just love the older and more mature look of the characters. But I sincerely hope that the unoccupied chair at the round table was kept free for Merlin  – it would be most upsetting if it was not – Gaius and Gwen are there as far as I can see.  Merlin has every right to be there – like the first time when they sat around the Round Table.

  • Hezza


  • Katherine Ledson

    Does anyone else find Gauis’s hair hilarious! ;)

    • snowcat60

      LOL I think he got a perm

    • snowcat60

      and a SHINE treatment

  • ahh merlin series 5 looks amazing i can’t wait for it to begin especially can’t wait for arthurs reaction to merlins magic its gonna be Epic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Merlinfan1

    WOW, that looks one cracker of a season, i like the fact that every year they show a more mature side to the characters, it gives the programme a better feel to it, and also the characters have grown up. I would like Merlin to say he has magic but if they were to do it they would most probably doit in this season as Colin Morgan has said about it in recnt interviews. Nevertheless i can’t wait for this season to start only a couple of weeks left, I LOVE MERLIN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx