• Arthur is crowned? 

  • Arthur is crowned? 

  • “Merlin takes the longest pee break ever” My reaction: 0_o

    • Anonymous

      LOL, I’m assuming this refers to when he changes into old Merlin. He could have come up with a better excuse for his absence, I think…

  • “I was so arrogant… That arrogance **** ** ****** *** ****” i see i get thats why merlin keeps hi secret longer

  • Anonymous

    “By trying ** **** *** ******, Arthur will **** his ****” = By trying to save his father, Arthur will fill his duty ?

  • Marlena

    XD its that pee moment in the trailer

    • Merlinfan

      LOL LOL LOL, I can’t wait for that moment, Go Merlin WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • Place bets on how long Merlin’s pee break is….. I reckon around 3 hours. 

    • Marlena

      I think it might be a day

    • 20mins shocking guess isnt it

  • Mariah

    I can’t believe what’s happ
    go MERLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Merlinrocks babes

    yay uther dies i hope