• Anonymous

    Wow! Can’t wait!

  • Kathykat11

    looks amzing!!!!

  • best merlin fan eva

    omg! cant wait!wonder who says that the most powerful sorcerer  is merlin! next ep looks amazing!

  • Marlena

    “I am as disappointed as you sire. Someone so close, so trusted. And it’s not merely the discovery that he was a sorcerer…”
    im think that might be gaius
    “He is the most powerful sorcerer who has ever lived…His name is… Merlin”
    Is that gaius speaking?
    Someone else learns Merlin’s secret, but it’s not who you think

  • Anonymous

    I can just see Arthur saying the final teaser.

  • Merlinfan

    Arthur makes another bad decision. He should really stop listening to his uncle, yes he should, although i do like agravaine as he is like another Morgana in Camelot.
    Poor Gaius is interrogated…….and tortured, poor poor Gauis what has he ever done, Morgana is a REAL baddy now isn’t she.
    Someone else finding out about merlin’s secret, wow this sounds interesting, who could it be? i think that it is either Gwen or Gwaine.

    This all sound very very interesting and looks like it is going to be another great episode, i cannot wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!