• MikeAP001

    I’m out of this.  I prefer downloadable games. 

    • Peripherus

      This game might be

  • Rory Williams

    But… I want a console game. One which I can play without a Knight wandering by saying “Hey, did you watch the football last night?” That’s what I hate about facebook games, they can really take you out of it. So please BBC do a Merlin game in the vein of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games or a console puzzle game. Anything but this.

    • Peripherus

      Then BBC are pathetic at games right now.

  • No thanks.  Merlin looks ridiculous, Morgana looks nothing like herself and Gwen isn’t that pretty on her best day.  

  • Peripherus

    Good that they are at least looking into Merlin games. But they should be making full retail games. Merlin has the perfect set up for a great game.

  • Merlin’s face… It just looks weird. And the game so far has one major flaw: Facebook.

  • Katherine Ledson

    UGGGH get some better graphics please! Merlin looks like a cat, Morgana’s face looks like a square and what’s with the whole Arthur’s hair is blowing i mean is the wind only directed to him and it’s on facebook how does that fit in on the concept of merlin at all!
    – Morgause

  • SilurianGod23

    A Merlin game YES!!!!!! On Facebook…………..OH……..