• ThirdofEight

    Can’t wait for this – I’ve missed Anthony Head.

  • uther knows merlin has magic…. please and i want arthur to find out too!!

  • ThePowerofRussellHoward

    Very interesting teasers…

    1: Yes, it looks rather creepy….
    2: Perhaps there’s a scene when Arthur and Uther say farewell to each other? :D
    3: Good. This should be a story focused on Arthur, Uther, and Merlin
    4: Percival gets an axe thrown at him O_o
    5: Heh heh heh. I love funny bromances :P
    6 & 13: Definately connected. I’m thinking that Uther sets the room on fire with Gwen inside, and maybe writes on the wall “Burn the witch!”?
    7: Not much to make of this one :P
    8: Not in a celebratory mood that his father returns, causing havoc to Camelot O_o I wouldn’t be…
    9: Can’t wait to see what this means…. O_o
    10 & 15: I was really hoping 10 could be the magic reveal, but 15 rather counters that… Perhaps he gives Arthur a hint, something like “Someone in the round table is a sorcerer”, but disappears before he can say who. Arthur could assume its Mordred (Which is partially correct), and it could lead into something bigger…?
    11: Saw this in the trailer. I wonder what could be so significant about it….
    12: Another tavern visit? XD
    14: Pretty much confirms that Uther will find out about Merlin’s magic. He won’t be particularly happy about that….

  • No Morgana? ugh, can this show not have more than two women in it at once or wtf

    • snowcat60

      next week is mithian.

      • so? that’s not the point. the point is this show has never had an episode without arthur, but tons of episodes without either morgana or gwen. that’s ridiculous.

        • snowcat60

          the point is, it’s a STORY. the writers can write about whoever they choose. I’ve always loved gwen and I am really impressed with the new royal highness gwen and I too would like to see more of her story. but I have to admit I am tiring of morgana who seems to have gone around the bend and over the edge. she has the same one-track mind and I’m happy to have an ep without her presence. and I am happy to have arthur in alll the episodes as I think he is the more interesting of the characters, besides TPTB have always said the story is about arthur and merlin, so duh, they would be in all the eps.

          • Dannii

            I think the writers said this year it’s all of the four of them. Gwen, Arthur, Morgana and Merlin. They wanted to concentrate on them this year, from what I’ve read.
            But, I don’t find Morgana tiring, she finds different way to get at them every week, aha ^-^. I think what I’d love most for Morgana’s character is her to find out about Merlin’s magic. That certainly would be interesting.

  • AmyPondIsAwesome

    Not happy about no Morgana. Merlin should realise it can have two separate storylines going on at once with different characters, it doesn’t all have to be linked.

    • snowcat60

      actuallly getting a little tired of morgana — she keeps beating the same old drum… nice to have a ep without her, I think.

    • Nimueh123

      It still might be tricky having every character in every epoisode to keep everybody happy!

      • AmyPondIsAwesome

        They have all the other mains in all episodes. Morgana is only used if it has something to do with Arthur or Merlin’s storyline which is a abuse of her characters, give her some different plot lines.

        • snowcat60

          actually, that would be great, for morgana to have a different story once in a while. I think the writers have sort of made her one dimensional in her one track desire to kill arthur, which is too bad. when she was younger (series one) she was compassionate and passionate….

  • SilurianGod23

    Really can’t wait to see what Uther says about Arthur’s rule over Camelot and his changes. This’ll be an interesting episode! :D

  • Nimueh123

    It looks like an absolutely fab episode!
    Merlin and Arthur drinking together ??? I wonder what that may entail?
    Gwen gets a warm reception from Uther LOL NOT!
    It could be Arthur will be the one painstakingly close to knowing that Merlin has magic

    • The key word is “warm”…

      • Nimueh123

        Oooh. You meant that literally – that makes it very interesting!

  • Kahler_Jex

    Spoons are deadly…

  • snowcat60

    saw a preview clip including the burning at the stake — looks like an awesome ep!

  • “MERLIN HAS M-” *gets sent back to the netherworld*

  • Alden_Heathcliffe

    Such a badly done episode.