• AmyPondIsAwesome

    Again I’ll post what I thoght of this week’s episode here.

    I am not happy with Mordred as a knight. I don’t understand why he would be on Camelot’s side rather than Morgana’s I feel so sorry for Morgana but at least she now has Athiusia. The episode itself though was fantastic. As a whole I think the two parter is the best story since The Coming of Arthur in Series 3. It definitely takes a place in my top 10 Merlin stories.

    Part 1: 7.5/10
    Part 2: 9/10

    As a whole story: 9/10

    • Liz Ade

      i think Mordred has a plan. remember in Merlin’s vision, he was dressed as a knight when he killed Arthur?

      • DN10

        Yeah, how do we know that the stabbing and all isn’t some sort of elaborate plan between Morgana and Mordred to gain Arthur’s trust? What if they want something only Arthur can help them get? Or maybe they’re trying to get Merlin to trust Mordred? Mordred does know who Merlin really is, after all…

        • Nimueh123

          Morgana’s suffering looked real enough. Surely she would not wander along the northern planes in snow and ice if deceiving Arthur was her plan all along?

      • agreed

      • lp229

        I don’t think that it is a plan because he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to stab Morgana if his bond with her was still close, especially without the assurance of healing herself. At this stage, I think we will see Mordred stay loyal to Camelot, though this will eventually ebb away as he finds himself alienated by the King.

        • Nimueh123

          I am not so sure about Mordred’s motives. I think he might well have a plan. He never struck me as someone who does things just haphazardly. He might well have a plan which will be becoming clearer as the season moves along.
          Wild theory: What if they make him a half brother of Arthur (as they cannot make him his illetigimate son as suggested in most of the legends) who wants to revive magic himself, thus having a similar goal to Merlin?

          • MikeAP001

            I tried posting this in another forum but your wild theory isn’t so wild if you look at things figuratively. Mordred is Arthur’s “son”. Mordred owes both Arthur (a protective father figure) and Morgana (a nurturing mother figure) his life since S01’s The Beginning of the End. If you’re willing to borrow from the Hero Archetype, and look at things from Mordred’s perspective, it’s got all the makings of an Oedipal play under the guise of the two dragons of dependency which Mordred must slay, carve out something of value, and form his own identity which in this case would be a land of tolerance and acceptance.

            Likewise, as a sorcerer, Mordred has Merlin (as a “father”, the Red Dragon of Camelot) and Morgana (and her pet, white dragon). He must “slay” them and take from them those traits which will aid his quest in this case melding Merlin’s vision of Albion with Morgana’s desire to see those with magic will be accepted in the world that is, Mordred will need to build Merlin’s world on Morgana’s time table because Merlin’s taking a very long time getting that world made.

            So, I think you’re right: Merlin and Mordred have the same goal and must try to get Arthur to accept it because at the rate he’s going his failure to do so will be his doom (as it meant in Old Norse, Arthur’s fate or bane).

          • lp229

            You may well be right, Ninueh. To me, it seems that Mordred has to Camelot, that will eventually go, for some reason or another, but there is no way of telling his motives for sure.

        • MikeAP001

          To an extent, I agree with you. But, I think Mordred would stab Morgana. It goes along with my reply to Nimueh123. Though Mordred owes Morgana and Arthur much, Mordred has his own agenda which includes and is separated from them both. That is, he wants what Morgana wants: a land where those with magic are free to be who and what they are; but, he wants to do this in a way that Arthur would desire by dispelling fear and ignorance about magic and showing that magic could be used as a force for good. It is the same goal that Merlin would have but he is taking much, too much, time in seeing it come about.

          I’d guess Mordred’s character will adopt most of the best traits of his “father figure” (Arthur and Merlin) and his “mother figure” (Morgana and Gwen). In doing so, Mordred will become committed to a cause and will sacrifice everything he holds dear to see it come to fruition even if it means slaying those dearest to him. Because the cause is what matters to him and not the petty desires and disagreements that would rend the world asunder. And, that’s why I see that Mordred would stab Morgana, Arthur, Merlin, or Gwen if their actions led Mordred to believe that they would only hinder and not help his cause.

          • lp229

            I concur about Mordred and Merlin having shared goals. It will be interesting to see if Mordred pushes Arthur towards amending the laws against magic, should the writers decide to go down this route. One possibility, would be for Mordred to actually help Merlin in dealing with the threats against Camelot.

            Mordred definitely has a ruthless streak, which we have seen when he was a child in Series 2. Which reminds me, he seems to be curiously forgiving after Merlin tried to essentially kill him, no doubt Mordred is concealing some animosity towards Merlin.

    • lp229

      Mordred was searching for the motherly and kindly figure he last saw when he was a boy. Now, after anticipating their meeting, he feels alienated by Morgana because that person has been consumed by hatred.He chose to side with Arthur because he feels that he owes him a debt for saving his and admires the King’s values.

      • Nimueh123

        I felt the same – that Mordred was checking out where the people he knew were at this time and he chose Arthur over Morgana. It remains to be seen what his agenda is.

    • Nimueh123

      I find it very difficult to feel sorry for Morgana. I think the 2 years in the well have finally pushed her off the edge. She is purified hatred and way beyond any redemption. Mordred recognizes this and choses Arthur. Whatever his intentions may be.


    I am looking forward to Merlin and Uther confrontation.

    • Nimueh123

      Yeah!! I am wondering whether Uther knows that Merlin has magic now that he is dead. Does he remember Merlin trying to save his life?

      • lp229

        ….and would he tell Arthur?

        • Nimueh123

          I somehow doubt that he will. Unfortunately. We will have to wait for the reveal!

          • lp229

            I agree, it is just wishful thinking. In my view, the writers will delay the magic reveal as long as possible, since it is what makes their interpretation unique. I wonder whether Uther is exactly the same since we last saw him, or whether he is a reformed character.

  • ThePowerofRussellHoward


    So, if Mordred is a knight, then that means we’ll be seeing him about in every episode? :D Yay, I enjoy watching his story progress

  • Nimueh123

    I find it really annoying that Mordred has been made a knight after saving Arthur’s life ONCE while Merlin does not even get a new jacket for all he has done!

    • TARDIS44

      Wait til Arthur finds out Merlin’s secret. He will probably realise how indebted he is then, and we might actually see some change

  • Nimueh123

    Uther as a poltergeist. Cool! Hope his conversation with Merlin has magic as a topic!

  • In the legend Mordrid does become a knight, and stages a coup de etat when gueniveres and lancelots affair goes public, mordrid then uses the saxons to fight against camelot in the final battle at camlann, when arthur and mordrid both mortally wound each other