• ThePowerofRussellHoward

    Very dark indeed :O

  • lp229

    I hope this will be another one of those moments where Arthur realises the harm his father’s laws are causing, maybe even making this episode the watershed when he finally decides to do something about them.

  • DWFan

    Yes! Go Arthur, I hope his attitude towards magic can now change, he knows Uther was not killed by ‘Merlin’ so he must want to learn about magic as a whole if that makes sense.

  • SilurianGod23

    Woo Arthur! I really hope that there’s fine line between Arthur’s and Uther’s opinion of magic.

  • Nimueh123

    Arthur being willing to save someone who has been declared a sorceress is another step in the right direction. In ep isode 4.10 (A Herald Of A New Age) Arthur promised to accept druids. Arthur has shown that he is actually doing that by making Mordred a knight. He knows that Mordred is a druid! And if Arthur accepts druids and saves magic people the time for a magic reveal can’t surely be too long away!