• SilurianGod23

    Literally can’t wait it sounds like an awesome episode! :D

    • lp229

      Neither can I! I wonder whether the darker Uther we will see is because he is tainted by the magical process used to bring him back, or that he is so unhappy with what Arthur has done that he cannot cherish the chance to talk to his son again.

      • snowcat60

        well, now we know….Uther squanders the last chance to connect with his only son and instead criticizes and scoldes. I hope he stays DEAD. Great episode though.

  • snowcat60

    i already think that Bradley is much unappreciated as an actor. He has had some incredible scenes in past episodes, I almost can’t imagine any other young actor with the wide range of skills and emotions he shows us each week — he has to be humorous, tender and loving, strong and courageous, wise, determined AND I love the way he wields a sword — all that sword flipping is cool.

  • Dannii

    Can’t wait for this episode. I’m glad they’ve brought back Anthony Head, it will be nice to see a familiar face again (even if I’m not fond of Uther). And also having it just about Arthur, Uther and Merlin is very intriguing. Excited!

  • Nimueh123

    Sounds like my ideal episode – Merlin, Arthur and Uther! Although I am a ‘Merlin girl’ and simply love what Colin does on the screen, I do agree with snowcat60 that Bradley’s acting is sometimes getting sidelined. His performance in season 4 was excellent and he was particularly brilliant in episodes 4.3 and 4.9 and 4.10.

    • snowcat60

      I’m so glad someone else agrees Bradley often doesn’t get credit for his incredible performances.on this show. I too loved 4.9 and 4.10….and 11-12-13…LOL
      The little magic reveal was good — I think it is just building up for the big reveal….Arthur says many times he is not his father…..

  • well, I am shocked about the relationship between Arthur and Gwen in this episode… they don’t eat together, he doesn’t confide in her, she doesn’t go to her own room when she is injured… why didn’t they just leave them loving each other in the background??? at least we would have maybe accepted that they couldn’t really be seen in public etc… but this one… totally disastrous episode…

    • Nimueh123

      You may well think so if all you are looking for is Arwen heaven. I thought it was a brilliant episode and all the male leads were excellent. Arthur as the vulnerable son doubting himself, Merlin showing confidence in who he is and Uther as the unforgiving king he always was.

      • I am not thinking of Arwen heaven, but just some decent Arwen… its as if this couple doesn’t even exist!!

        • Nimueh123

          I assume that Arthur and Gwen are settled now. Whereas we used to have a lot of Arwen when their relationship was forming, now that they are a couple it is down to daily routine.

  • I think Bradley James is rather good in this, with a few scenes that really puts a lump in my throat. And Colin is also really good.

    I supposed this is how it is in real life. You wish and wish to tell someone who had passed away something and you hoped that he/she would approved of it and say nice things back. But sometimes, the truth is, death doesn’t necessarily make those dearly departed ones nicer, especially if they weren’t nice to start with.

    I am glad Arthur managed to stand up for what he believed, and I can sort of envision how Merlin’s reveal will be set up.

    And like someone else mentioned somewhere, isn’t it the best thing for Merlin to stick it up to Uther’s face with the truth about having magic in the heart of Camelot, and Uther couldn’t do anything about it. Revenge, as they say, is best served cold. :D

    • snowcat60

      so well said!

  • “Are you threatening me with a spoon?”

    That line made me laugh so much.