• Anonymous

    Gaius will be sacrificed

  • Com_12345678910

    what no he can not be

  • Anonymous


  • the great dragon says sir lancleot the bravest and most noble of them all and uther must be the sacrifice

    • jewel1

      I don’t think it’s uther because gwen wouldn’t be crying as much as she was in the trailer. i think its lancelot who will disappear yet again and return later. it could be him coming out from the lake as whoever it is has dark hair.

      • well we now found out it was lancelot which is upseting but i think he will return

  • realmari

    pues si vuelve lancalot porke e visto como se besa con guen y arturo los descubre luchan y luego se ve a guen en una mazmorra llorando,pos ke pena no me esperaba eso de guen,pero ya se lo decia huter a arturo,ala.