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Merlin: Series 6 Possible – Cult Fix
  • Really hoping that the exciting Gwen and Morgana scene is somehow connected to the glimpse of Morgana’s redemption at the end of the current series. It’d be nice for that relationship to have some complexity again in its new form, instead of just tons of catty bitterness, hate and ugliness. If they can give Morgana some humanity and mixed emotions about doing harm to Arthur, they can show some humanity in her for bringing harm to the other person, Gwen, who never actually did her any real wrong. So I really hope those two spoilers are connected; the way they have gone about this, this series so-far has been the bottom low point for me. Sorry if this offends anyone, but this is something I feel needs to be said because it never gets said.

  • GO FREYA oh and there will be enough viewers once i convert some friends to watching who found series 1 the best

  • Jerry The Tomato

    Freya!!!!!!! :)

    Sounds so very cool, waiting will be very extremely hard.

  • gwen and morgana?

  • If Uther returned… 0_o

    •  that would be terrifying O_O

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe they would think about bringing Uther back.  I absolutely love Merlin but I am not sure if I’d like a series 6.  The story was supposed to end after season 5.  If they are extending the run will they not start filling in so much we’ll never get to the end???  I need Arthur to find out about Merlin in my lifetime!

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to see Uther come back by Series 6 or sooner!  Merlin’s major story line could end (he becomes a physician and advisor to Arthur, much as Gaius was to Uther) but there are a lot of other threads that need to be tidied after Series 4 and if they aren’t by Series 5 then Series 6 would be a great time to do so.  Uther would be perfect to provide and complete the redemptive arc for Gwen (that is: revealing her betrayal of Arthur to be due to Magic, atoning for her second betrayal of Arthur— acting for selfish reasons while caring for his father while letting Arthur think otherwise, and forgiving Uther for killing her father).  And it would be the chance for Uther to gain a bit of redemption (giving him the chance to regain what he most loved, giving him the chance to atone for his actions— the blood of innocents are on his hands—, and giving him the chance to put Arthur at ease by blessing his marriage to Gwen.)

      No matter what Uther might have done, seeing Arthur’s trust in his Queen restored and bringing him peace and happiness would be “the happily ever after” missing from the original lore.  And, I’d like to see an Arthur re-telling end on a up note for once.

  • Anonymous

    I agrrr eith people here, that a series 6 would be superb, BUT, I also feel the series needs to have an ending, otherwise it could go on and on, and like other series in the past, run out of steam and end… in one way I don’t want it to end coz I LOVE it, but I REALLY want to see how it works out with Merlin showing the truth….

  • The show was going to end after Series 5 before the revamp before series 4.  With the arc structure they have now, they can take more time to tell a particular story instead of wrapping it up in one episode.  Hence, they could easily take the show into other series without destroying it’s integrity. When other show’s have lost their way with a later run it’s been because they lost their creative team and the new team wasn’t in the same groove as the old one.  I think the show has just found itself and it would be a sham to end it while it’s just kicking up. Many viewers are just coming into the show with series 4.

    I also think there is some nice things they could do after a magic-reveal or even if it’s never revealed.  

    • Merlin has to reveal his magic! I want to see Arthur’s reaction. Though, I hope it does not end soon. 

  • davefmus

    We’re from Canada.  Don’t take our Merlin.  We already lost The seeker, and now this.  Woe betide all BBC network hacks responsible for not bringing this show back.  Shame.  A pox on your progeny you varlets.  Arthur just got to be king – Merlin is still a callow youth.  Arthur and Gwenivere havew worlds to conquer.

    Don’t leave us in the lurch.

    Dave and Debbie

  • i’m from the Philippine. it is sad that they do not air Merlin here. i have to watch in through the internet.. but please whatever you do
    DO NOT END MERLIN!! it’s the greatest show on earth..

  • I want LANCELOT to return! come on he was the best guy on the whole show!

  • please let merlin  wake up back and reveal his magic to arthur

  • Hav seen merlin from series 1 to series 4,and it has been fun and adventurous,i would love to maerlin back with series 5,6,7 and so on,cos a series that is earning it career throughout the universe,merlin is another beautiful story and i hope it continues…and i would love bbc to work on getting bbc one on nigeria tv or through dstv,hitv or even startimes.thx

  • Ana Calpe

    please MERLIN be back. really love this movie.. nice to watch evry episodes.. please air MERLIN.. series 5 6 7 8 and so on……..

  • NK from Nigeria, I love Merlin, and i cant wait for the next session.

  • i want Arthur to find out about Merlin Magic and how he has been using it to save him,

  • I want to keep watching Merlin, so bring season 6


  • Kahler_Jex

    I read this over a year later. How far we’ve come.

  • This was such a great show, Every time I start watching a great show on SYFY they take it away from me, stop doing this to me. I want more season and movies. I absolutely love this show, my mom who is 65 even loves this show. This is truly a show that appeals to all ages. I hope they can find a way to bring Arthur back from the dead and continue the story instead of a reboot. I definatley want a continuation over a reboot.

  • Terry

    Absolutely love the show! I watch it on Netflix and have ordered the DVDs in my queue for season 5, can’t wait for the “instant” viewing that I started watching Merlin on. This show hits deep in the heart with integrity, nobility, good vs. evil – the actors are geniuses at portraying their characters. Colin Morgan and Bradley James are a joy to see off screen – in the numerous clips and videos out there. They do not taint their image whatsoever. There is so little of these virtues in television and real life – it is a gift to view and enjoy.

    • Peripherus

      There isn’t going to be another season :(

      • Terry

        Yes, I know….Season 5 is it. I don’t think I will be able to watch any other show about Camelot, King Arthur, or Merlin with another cast. However, I am interested in seeing this cast, especially Bradley James and Colin Morgan in other shows. I have watched seasons 1-4 of Merlin 3 times, waiting for Season 5 on Netflix.

  • dave

    please return Merlin, it’s the best love it

    • Peripherus

      They tried, but half the actors turned it down.

  • Peripherus

    How could they have lied to us like this!

  • Peripherus

    Q: Will we get a glimpse of redemption for Morgana?
    A: The end of this series is very surprising for Morgana! Stay tuned…

    What the?!?!?!? Nothing interesting happened with her at all! She just walked up to Merlin, let him stab her, and then died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nimueh123

    Sorry guys, this just popped up as I was surfing and I cannot even bear to read the title. There will be no more Merlin. It would take an ingenious writer and plentiful financial persuasion to entice any of the actors to do any kind of continuation. And even at that it remains more than hopeful that they would consider it.

  • Scott Lee Webb

    It would be unfortunate for the show to not continue, the writers should have been fired after season 2. Arthur still doesn’t know Merlin has magic and has saved his ass numerous times, so why not continue the seasons? We enjoy the show, millions of viewers do enjoy Merlin. Millions of dollars will be spent on other trashy shows, why can’t we enjoy the simplicity of an age of magic long ago?

  • Scott Lee Webb

    I just finished watching the last 2 episodes of season 5, I know understand there is no need for any more seasons, killing off Arthur really sucks, and not giving Merlin and Arthur at least two episodes to absorb all they have survived is crazy. More time for Arthur to reminisce would have been great for viewers. These writers suck.