• The Beholder


    Sounds exciting :D

  • jpegmaster

    just want a RELEASE DATE!

    • lp229

      If you’re in the UK the first episode should be broadcast on the 29th September after ‘The Angels Take Manhatten’.

  • Sounds interesting :P I’m hoping Mordred’s new actor is as good as Asa Butterfield was! I love complicated characters, makes it all the more fun to guess what happens :D

  • Pdurston

    Sounds indeed very interesting. Looking forward to the next series of Merlin after the first part of Doctor Who Series 7 finishes.

    So I take it that the rumour of Merlin being axed was a lie…No…? It seems we haven’t heard any confirmation of it being true since it was reported.

    • Esterath MkII

      It was a false alarm, apparently.

      • ThirdofEight

        I certainly hope so. I imagine if it weren’t, we’d have heard something by now.

    • Esterath MkII

      Pdurston, do you go on The Doctor Who Site? If so check it out tomorrow, my pictures will be up. I really think my drawings are good!

  • lp229

    Its really what we need, as Morgana was so frustratingly one-dimensional in Series 4. Also, because the whole audience knows that Morded’s destiny is to kill Arthur, it will keep us interested in finding out how he arrives at the point where he is plotting against the King. This character arc is unique to the series, because Mordred instantly stirs up trouble when he arrives at the court in the legends.

    Since Merlin made an enemy of Mordred in Series 2 , it would be great for the two to converse telepathically in way that will express their rivalry, or Merlin’s concern for what Mordred will do.

  • TheBlueTardis

    Confuzed!… in the uk is merlin airing 29th September or 6th October can anyone help?

  • Nimueh123

    I can’t wait to see what Mordred is up to. I assume he will not kill Arthur as the producers seem to have a trilogy of films in mind once the show ends. But he certainly seems a very intriguing character!

  • thependragons<3

    This sounds very interesting, this kills all my thoughts of Mordred betraying Arthur. I would love to see merlin and Mordred talk telepathically. I’m looking forward to seeing Mordred and how he has matured in season 5. :D