• There’s a surprising twist at the end of this series that becomes a big
    part of series five. It’s fair to say that a character we’ve met before
    returns, an evil character, and I think people can probably guess who
    that is.

    Nimueh, Morgause or Mordred?

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      my bets on Mordred!

      • Anonymous

        I hope it’s Mordred to, this last episode is going to be AMAZING as it’s going to end with a big cliffhanger (omg). I seriously can’t wait for season 5 as they are going the legends way, sooooo excited just thinking about it makes me happy and here’s hope we don’t have to wait for 2 years, next winter would be nothing without Merlin it’s my FAVOURITE TV show on BBC 1.

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    I think it’s got to be Mordred.  I do not like the comment that series 5 is going in a direction that the audience is not expecting.
    Merlin turning bad?  Arthur

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      Yes, I also think it will be Modred. Asa has grown up and can be more of a menace now in his own right!

      A direction we are not expecting — can’t be good —

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        Yeah, that is exactly what I’m afraid, off.  That they are trying to something weird, nobody really wants, maybe with a view to extend the show another season.

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          Well, I LOVE this show so season 6 would be nice…..hope they are not going to mess with a potential magic reveal…. I would imagine TPTB are going to want to do something unexpected — that’s just in their nature!

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        I know what you mean, perhaps they plan to kill off Morgana in the battle of her vision. Or could this be Camlann, in the distant future which we probably won’t see in Merlin. 

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    The returning evil character will likely be Mordred but I’d have liked it to be either Freya, Uther, or Nimueh.  Using the Hero Archetype as a basis:

    Merlin turning bad?  Yes!  But, probably not.

    A lot of Series 4 pointed to that… the growing isolation, the frustration, the emotional repression, even the growing social inequity (not only between Arthur but with Gwen and the KORT).  We’ve seen bits of Merlin’s resentment (his attitude toward Gwaine in the Sharer of Secrets and to Gaius in the Servant of Two Masters).  We’ve seen what some of the knights probably really think of Merlin (Sir Leon’s statement in Lamia).  And, his outlets to vent his emotional conflicts have dwindled.

    If the writers and Colin Morgan want to have a severely emotionally damaged Merlin, the time’s ripe because his mental health is slipping by whether he knows it or not.  This will only grow and worsen over time to the point that something bad will happen.  Merlin would become what he despised and fought all these years— a sorcerer using his powers for selfish reasons like Gili, Nimueh or Sigan.  It would be interesting to see how Merlin wold cope with that but he’d likely be embittered.

    But, since we expect that then Merlin embracing the Dark Side during S5 isn’t likely.

    Morgana turning good?  Yes.  But, probably not in S5.

    Morgana has committed nearly every evil act in the Merlin-o-verse.  13 episodes for redemption just would not be enough. Besides, you’d still have the Merlin problems.

    Mordred returning?  Too, bad.  That’s likely the case because I can see a story arc where Arthur adopts the Druid boy as a show of Tolerance toward the Old Religion.  Then, Mordred replaces Merlin as Arthur’s best friend/advisor while plotting to overthrow Arthur, kill Gwen and rule Camelot (sort of like The Omen?) but being thwarted by Merlin at every turn until the episode where Arthur finds out Merlin has had Magic all these years and banishes Merlin from Camelot forever.    

    Using the Hero Archetype there are other exciting and innovative ideas to utilize that haven’t been explored yet so I doubt it would happen now because it involves the use of prophylactic, abortive, and redemptive arcs.

  • Interesting how people can see the same thing and get two different ideas off of it. But that’s part of the joy of Merlin that it allows enough space for the theatre of the mind to happen.  Not trying to make this a debate, just adding some of my observations.

    From my take, I have seen Merlin’s status as growing.  He’s currently Arthur’s social secretary and speech writer, and the hazing he received in Aithusa was a carry over from Gwain’s hazing in The Darkest Hour, and then it’s repeated with Elon in the Hearld of a New Age, with Merlin taking part in that.  The fact that they gave him a turn at being the brunt was more of an inclusive behavior as apposed to an exclusive one. He’s the on Arthur turned to to get get everyone to safety when the castle was under attack.  He’s been giving the knights orders, and even Arthur at times, and they’ve been obeying him.

    The question is, is he seeing that or not

    • Anonymous

       That will depend on whether the Merlin people want to make Merlin a Hero or Anti-Hero…  I’d like to see him as the Hero.

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    mordrid and morgana r going to unite in evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!