• Nimueh123

    Well some of them pretty much confirm of what we already expect:

    There’s a horrible new creature that evokes memories of the film Alien – the magic sucking slug
    “I always thought you were the bravest man I ever met” Arthur to Merlin
    “Your destiny awaits…” Balinor to Merlin
    A very important magical location is revisited – the Crystal Cave
    “It was a dream, Arthur. Just a dream.” Gwen?
    Merlin is stuck between a rock and a hard place – Merlin gets trapped in the cave
    Face me, Morgana… FACE ME!” Arthur, although it could be Merlin, too
    “Are you real? Is it you?” Merlin to Balinor

    • #1merlinfan

      The Crystal Cave…or the Lake of Avalon?
      “It was just a dream, Arthur.” -MERLIN to Arthur? Like trying to convince him he didn’t really just see him use magic before being knocked out?
      Nice connection with Balinor telling Merlin about his destiny…I think you’re probably right about that one.

      • Nimueh123

        Lake of Avalon is also a very good option!

  • i agree with all of them i think face me morgana … FACE ME i hope it is merlin so much


    • Umm I don’t remember posting this 8 hours ago?! i though It was yesterday.

      Anyway, This Time Tomorrow I would have seen Part 1 Of Merlin finale!

  • Nellie

    SPOILER WARNING – (although I guess that’s why you’re all here, anyway.)

    In case you didn’t know this – ”

    “I always thought you were the bravest man I ever met” is something Arthur says to Merlin, but it’s followed by “Guess I was wrong.” Oh my goodness it’s going to be so painful to here that. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • Pdurston

    Face me, Morgana… FACE ME!

    Oh dear, it seems the Gunslinger has a role to play in this episode…

    • Kahler_Jex

      He will obliterate Morgana, Mordred and then Merlin, who jumps in front of the blast aimed at Arthur. It is his destiny.