• – The ending will undoubtedly prove divisive
    Oh dear…

  • Arthur and Merlin’s relationship is the main focus-Really Happy About This!

    The ending will undoubtedly prove divisive-Not So Happy About This!

    I’m still really excited to see it,Under a day to go! :)

  • Oh dear… Oh deary deary me…

    “******, there is ******* *** *** **” = Merlin, there is nothing you can do

    Oh no…

  • jazzi

    Yay! Really wanted Merthur to be the focus of this episode <3
    Buuuuut the rest of those hints…
    Noooooo! Not good!

  • “Merlin and Morgana get one final confrontation”

    That better be the epic Merlin vs. Morgana duel I have been waiting for!!! Or else >:(

    • Peripherus

      Morgana is going to say no mortal blade can kill her, but Arthur wields more than a mortal blade. Morgana is going to die.

  • “The ending will undoubtedly prove divisive”

    Oh no! :( I don’t like the sound of that at all!!

    • Pdurston

      The last time we had a description like that, we got The Power of Three

      • Actually they said it was a poor resolution

        Completely different :P

        • Pdurston

          No but I swear they said it would prove to be divisive among fans? I’m fairly certainly that’s what they said.

          • Well, either way, I’m getting the impression that the ending will prove divisive because some people might not agree with the way it ends. It could be a spectacular ending, but if it goes in the wrong direction, it can still be rubbish

          • Pdurston

            I agree.

          • Just out of curiosity, what would you think if it ended with Merlin becoming a tree? (@TardisBoy:disqus has more information on this)

          • I would…react in a bemused fashion. I’ve read the legend, but I still don’t find that an appropriate ending at all.

          • Pdurston


          • @TardisBoy:disqus , please elaborate. You’re the one who knows more about it :)

          • Will do :P

          • Pdurston


          • Well basically there is two different versions to the “tree” legend.

            The first is that after Arthur has untied the lands of Albion and vanquished the evil Mordred and Morgana, Merlin decides that he has taught Arthur everything he knows and so places his soul inside a tree, this will enable Merlin to feed his magic into the earth and ensures that Albion will always thrive

            The second is that the evil Nimueh (Morgana in the TV Series probably) lures Merlin into a trap and encases him in a tree were he shall remain for the remainder of his life, so it’s his punishment really.

            So yeah that’s the (greatly elaborated) version of the Arthurian legend :)

          • Pdurston

            Hmm, I’d rather have a different ending than those. I know it goes against the mythology but I’m sure the show has done that before plenty of times…

          • Oh don’t worry the “tree” legend is only one version of The Arthurian Legend.

            There is many possibilities to how the show can end, as there have been so many different versions and accounts of it.

            Which makes it all the more exciting in my opinion, as we really don’t know how it will end…well except Cultfix of course XD

          • Dannii

            Is there not a version when Arthur is badly wounded and Morgana takes him to the Isle of The blessed? I think there is. I prefer that to the ‘tree’ ones D:

          • I have a feeling I know how it ends, I just hope I’m wrong :/

  • Pdurston

    The ending will undoubtedly prove divisive

    Was I the only who feared this would be the case?

    I really hope the writers do something magnificent to end the show and round off what has been five fantastic series. I’ll feel incredibly cheated if they don’t.

    • Peripherus


      • MeZaDoctor


  • “Another key magical place is revisited”

    Isle of the Blessed perhaps from the Series 1 Finale? Maybe someone gives there life for another? :O

    • Nimueh123

      I think it will be the Lake of Avalon this time.

  • Oh god I don’t think I’m ready for this to end! :'(

  • Whew, just got here. I just caught the bus. Divisive, eh? Interesting.

    I’m guessing the second teaser is Arthur’s reaction to the reveal after he realises how Merlin kept winning in the previous episode.

    Other than that…I’m not sure I’m ready for this to end, but I do believe the show’s run its course.

  • It’s weird to think that Merlin will be ending tomorrow!

    5 Years,64 Episodes And the end is tomorrow!

    First Episode-20 September 2008
    Last Episode-24 December 2012

    All good things must come to an end…
    …………….Feeling depressed right now!

    ….But we still have around 2925 Gold Minute of Merlin to watch! :(

    • *Today

      • Pdurston

        Tbf, we all have a habit of saying that. Like saying “see you tommorow” when you go to bed at 2AM. :P

        • Well, I know

          But its Christmas Eve :O How can you not acknowledge the fact that every second of these 24 hours belong to Christmas Eve??

          Is no one else prancing down the street yelling out Christmas Carols??!!

      • Whooops!

        I forgot to update my mind. :)
        and for some reason I keep expecting it to snow tonight.
        I need to go back to being a tortoise and get some sleep.

    • Peripherus

      It ends today. :(

  • Susan McDonald

    Morgana will die? My father will hear about this.

  • ThirdofEight

    “The ending will undoubtedly prove divisive”

    Actually, I can’t remember an ending to any great series that DIDN’T prove divisive, so this doesn’t exactly worry me.

    • Peripherus

      I don’t think so, because Mordred hasn’t become anything. Morgana’s become a monster.

  • That Awkward Silent

    The “I blame myself for what you have become” one is obviously Merlin to Morgana. Can’t wait for this episode!!!

    • Peripherus

      Or Arthur to Morgana.

      • The Watchful Guardian

        Arthur to Mordred?

  • Peripherus

    One final confrontation? I hope it’s a long one.

  • Peripherus

    I woke up knowing the on thing the dawn would bring… The final day.

    • SilurianGod23

      I just watched The End of Time today actually! :D

      • Peripherus

        Lol. So many of it’s lines are fitting to Merlin’s end.

  • “The ending will undoubtedly prove divisive”

    Oh dear…oh dear oh dear oh dear…
    Is anyone else thinking of Mass Effect 3 right now?

  • SilurianGod23

    If Merlin reveals he has magic to Arthur as EMRYS I will be gutted. He needs to be honest and true if not it won’t feel right!

  • Peripherus

    Morgana dies then. No mortal blade can kill her, but Arthur wields more than just a mortal blade.

  • Am I the only one happy with the last hint? The ending was always going to prove divisive anyway. If Merlin dies, if Arthur dies, if Merlin’s magic is revealed (and if so to who), whether Mordred/Morgana turns good/dies/kills Merlin/Arthur. Anyway, we’ll see tonight!

  • The end of Merlin is near!
    …………..The song is ending,but the story never ends
    ………………………Whoops! The story does end!
    ………………………………But the universe will sing Merlin to it’s sleep!

    The approach begins!
    The approach of what?
    They’re not just ending a series! It’s the last ever episode, Right here, right now. (In about 15 mins)

  • Peripherus

    “****** will **** *****”

    Arthur Will Rise Again. I wish that meant the series would return :(