• I just know I’m not going to be smiling at the end of this :(

  • I’m NOT ready for this!

  • snowcat60

    this didn’t really tell us anything…..

    • spoilerlover28

      no not really. I suppose they want to keep everything under wraps for it being a big finale and all. I’m kind of glad it didn’t because the only thing I care about is the magic reveal and whether or not that’ll happen in the last episode or not.

  • ouch ouch

  • If someone is gonna die…I’d rather not watch this at christmas eve. Wish someone could warn us for it.

    • The first part will play on the 22nd December

      The ’emotional ending’ will air on the 29th December

      • spoilerlover28

        way to ring in the new year

  • ohmigod ohmigod OHMIGOD

    I’m not prepared. I’m so scared! I want a happy Christmas but I’m so scared for the last episode… It will be epic. And judging from the summaries, maybe we DO get a reveal. Ohgod. Be still, my heart…

    (On the other hand: just WHAT the hell Merlin will do in the previous episode(s) to get Mordred “vengeful” by the finals?? :O)

    • no its more what arthur does

      • You think so? Hmm, I dunno. Not sure. I mean, from the episodes up till now I got the impression that Mordred is absolutely loyal to Arthur, while on the other hand Merlin – fueled by Kilgharrah’s words – did everything he could to get Mordred out of the way. It’s no wonder if he feels vengeful after that. I believe that if Merlin doesn’t do something stupid, there’s no way Mordred would go against Arthur.

        Of course, the following episodes can still tell otherwise. But until then, I keep guessing it’ll be Merlin who makes some stupid move.

        On a sidenote: whoa, I just realized that by the finals Morgana’ll probably know about Emrys’ identity! (*w*)

        • yeah because arthur is gonna have that girl mordred like in ep 11 hanged

    • TARDISType40

      in the trailer for ‘With All My Heart’ Arthur says “I won’t leave a Knight behind.” But Merlin stops him from going back. Maybe this is what makes Mordred vengeful. Just a guess its probably something bigger. Its probably the choice Mordred makes in episode 11. I dunno.

  • not ready oh goddddddd ;(

  • Jneill

    Mordred knows Merlin has magic + Mordred/Morgana allience = Mogana knows Merlin has magic

    • TARDIS44

      But don’t forget, Morgana is a massive idiot. She has missed the most blindingly obvious clues that suggest it

  • So something will happen to Mordred in episode 11 that will make him turn? Oh dear…

    Morgana will no doubt find out who Emry’s really is (As Jneill says, Mordred knows Merlin has magic), and Arthur is going to be in for a big shock when he finds out about the magic (There has to be a magic reveal at the end of the entire series, hasn’t there?)

    • I was wondering the same thing about Mordred. I’m almost sure it’s somehow gonna be Merlin’s fault X.x

      There HAS TO be a reveal, we’ve been waiting for that for years! If we have to bid farewell to the show, we better at least have the reveal for the end. XD

    • TardisBoy

      I want Morgana to find out more than Arthur tbh :P

      I WANT MY EPIC MORGANA VS. MERLIN DUEL!!! I have waited 5 series for it!!!! XD

      • I can see the reveal to Morgana being the cliffhanger of Episode 10, if you read the synopsis :P

        • TardisBoy

          Indeed I really hope so, I just wish Morgana had found out in an earlier series. They could have done so much with that element. Merlin would have been susceptible to manipulation, she would have had a hold over Merlin something she could have used. And of course there could have been so many epic duels between the two characters. Like I said there is so much they could have done with that element, and it has inspired me to write my own fan-fiction taking place after the events of Series 3 and will follow how I wanted things to turn out :P

          • spoilerlover28

            really? that sounds quite interesting. At least we had a Morgana/ Old Man Merlin duel which was quite interesting.

  • feministandproud

    Maybe Arthur ends up killing a love of Mordred’s and this leaves Mordred vengeful.

  • Nimueh123

    I am actually feeling sick at the thought of all this because it is so uncertain what the producers are going to do with it.

  • TARDIS44

    I bet anything it will be 44 minutes in, Merlin reveals his magic and then it cuts to the credits. Let’s be honest, the writers like doing that to us

  • What’s the betting the big reveal will be either

    1. The cliffhanger to Part 1?


    2. The final seconds of Part 2?

    • MoonlitIvy

      I’m betting final seconds of Part 1 – seeing as they’re both called ‘The Reveal’ (Part 1 and 2, according to wikipedia)

      • i doubt its that i think it will be like the sword in a stone and it will be the battle of camlaan part 1 and the battle of camlaan part 2

  • That Awkward Silent

    Okay, Arthur and Morgana find out Merlin has magic and Merlin and Morgana have a huge wizard duel. Plus the scene from Series 4 of Morgana going “Emrys, help me.” Ad Merlin going “You brought this on yourself Morgana!” Better come into play at some point. It looks like the same battle where Arthur and Mordred fight! Here’s hoping!

  • Merlin reveals his magic and has a duel with Morgana. Mordred and Arthur fight to the death. They both die. My bet has been placed. If it doesn’t similar to the way it does in the most popular version of the legend, I’ll be disappointed.

    • CoolSlitheen

      For a second i thought you said a duet with Morgana. Was really worried then :)

  • The Malevolent Sensorite

    Oh, great. Another finale about Morgana assembling an army, taking over camelot and Arthur, Merlin and the knights taking it back again. The finales seem to be following a format now…

  • CoolSlitheen

    Mordred must die in part 1 as he isnt in the cast for part 2. Unless there is a mistake.

  • what site is your merlin fanfiction?

  • The Malevolent Sensorite

    I’m just gonna put this out there: The cliffhanger of Part 1 is a shocking revelation: Gaius IS Morgana. You heard it from me first.

  • can not wait but sad merlin ending! :(