• TardisYoda

    I’m not sure…

    • About?

      • TardisYoda

        Whether I liked it or not.

        • What’s not to like?

          • The ending, the lack of a proper magic showdown between Merlin and Morgana.

          • TBH, two people just magically throwing eachother back and forth in a forest wouldn’t have been that exciting. Morgana had a fitting end.

            And the ending, which part? Ancient Merlin or Arthur dying?

          • Depends on the cinematography, if LOTR can make it awesome, then…

            Ancient Merlin. But I’m not sure what my feelings towards it are, apart from that it killed the poignancy.

          • LOTR does have a much bigger budget than Merlin though.

            Ancient Merlin is a bit doubtful, I suppose. But in a way I suppose it shows that Merlin survives and watches over Arthur forever. A bit cheesy I know, but hey, it Christmas!

  • Ha Da

    Merlin Crying made me so emotional! Poor Merlin being all alone at the end! Colin Morgan is so amazing!

  • ThePaternosterGangAreAwesome

    I’m in shock…

    • TardisYoda

      Good or bad shock?

      • ThePaternosterGangAreAwesome

        Both, I think.

      • Peripherus

        Both for me, mostly bad. I’m shocked that they ignored and didn’t even mention half of the prophecies that they built up for 5 years. And I thought it was quite a average episode. I don’t know how anyone could really like it. And most of my problems with the finale aren’t based on opinion, they’re based on fact.

  • Guys…what the hell just happened?

    • TardisYoda

      I really do not know.

  • TARDISType40

    At first, I thought Merlin was postman…

  • TheDarkDoctor

    Absolutely stunning!!!! We got an episode dedicated to the magic reveal, Arthur finally accepting Merlin for who he is, Emrys destroying the Saxons, Morgana finally getting what she deserved, Gwen becoming the ruler of Camelot (and hopefully also knowing Merlin has magic) and Gwaine dying a hero. :D :D :D

    Mind you the very last scene seemed a bit ‘iffy’ though…..

    • kenyaleesmith

      Gwen knows the sorcerer was Merlin, Gaius admitted to it when asked discreetly. The only reason why they did not go into full detail is because magic is outlawed.

  • Absolutely fantastic. Although very sad. :'(
    Typical of me to get interested in a show in it’s last series. That ending quite shocked me though. I wonder if ancient Merlin just watched the episode.

    • so did i this was the first season i watched live. who was i to know it would be the last?

  • You guys don’t like it? Why????

    • ThirdofEight

      I loved it. I can see where there’s room for criticism here and there, but there’s not much bad I can say about it.

  • TARDISType40

    Emrys- truly immortal and forever guardian of King Arthur- the Once and Future King

    • kenyaleesmith

      That part was awesome.

  • I found it good, and I’m actually really sad now :( In a lot of shock though!
    Mordred’s death: It’s a shame it wasn’t bigger, but I suppose it was to be expected. We didn’t get many words from him, but it was that smile at the end that made me ball my eyes out.

    Gwaine’s death: I suppose one of the knights had to die, and unfortunately it was Gwaine. It was still a great end to a great character, and it shows that not all plans go right. Percival’s final moments with Gwaine were really well acted, and it’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of them.

    Morgana’s death: Very mixed. I was expecting a big magic battle, but I’m not surprised there wasn’t one. A battle where they just air blast each other back and forth like in Emrys vs Morgana (Series 4, Episode 6) would be quite boring. I’m glad Morgana died in his arms though, for the final time.

    Arthur’s death: Who saw that coming? I never imagined he would actually die. I wanted a happy ending, but oh well, still good. His final words were the best final words ever, saying “Thank You” to Merlin.

    Arthur and Merlin had a good relationship, and I loved all their talks. It’s a shame it ended that way, but both Colin and Bradley gave such an amazing performance! Poor Gwen, she’s lost a lot throughout Merlin. Her father, her brother, her best friend Morgana, and now Arthur.

    What bugs me is that someone in the comments revealed the ending with Modern day Merlin, so I was expecting it -_-

    • I take it there’ll be a few amazing Merlin related videos on your channel soon?

      • *amazing depressing Merlin related videos XD
        And yes, I’m trying to find one now. But apparently, doing 3 videos in the space of 3 days is a bad idea :P

        • Oh, yes, I suppose so. Maybe we should wait until after Christmas for amazing depressing Merlin videos.

          • Probably XD Although, I think happy Doctor Who video will come first :P

          • Of course. It’ll be a masterpiece I’m sure. :-)

    • Again.. I really don’t know what happened to this show in season 5. It’s like they just gave up and decided to just end it already. I’m glad there was closure for Merlin and Arthur because the show centered around them and we know Morgan is dead why no closure for Gwen? What a huge let down. They spent as much time building the relationship of Arthur and Merlin and setting up the storyline of Arthur and Morgan as they did the development of Arthur and Gwen…why not give us an ending for this character? Why do we have to assume she will eventually find out about his death…why can’t she be there when he is buried???? It just upsets me how it just stopped then picked up jn the future…seriously did we really need Merlin’s immortality explained?

      • snowcat60

        about closure for Gwen — sometimes in life, things are not all tidied up. In war and battle, sometimes you don’t get the last and finale goodbye, and you have to live with “what is.” I think that is Gwen, the warrior widow, much like many military wives who are not there when their husbands die.

  • I couldnt watch this because the rest of my family wanted to watch something about a rat being a chef on BBC3! I despise them right now! It’s the last episode and the wouldnt even let me watch it. Well my brother wont be getting his bmx bike tomorrow for sure!

    I’m going to go and watch it on iplayer.


  • ThePaternosterGangAreAwesome

    Thoght I’d post the best Merlin things IMO:

    Best Merlin episode: The Coming of Arthur
    Best Merlin Series: 3/5
    Best Merlin character: Morgana Pendragon

    • Best Merlin episode: The Coming of Arthur

      Best Merlin Series: 5

      Best Merlin character: Arthur Pendragon

      Honorable Mentions for best Merlin episode: (Note: I have not seen Series 1 or 2 in a very long time, so I don’t remember any episodes from either of those series)

      – The Eye of the Phoenix
      – Lancelot Du Lac
      – The Disir
      – The Drawing of the Dark

    • Best Merlin character: Merlin
      Best actor: Colin Morgan
      Best series: series 1 & 5.
      Best episodes : The Dragon’s Call, The Last DragonLord, The Lady Of the Lake, The Darkest Hour, With all My Heart, The Kindness Of Strangers, Aithusa, The Diamond Of the Day parts 1 & 2.

  • Nimueh123

    Please, please, please someone give Colin and Bradley an AWARD for this.
    They were both truly amazing and absolutely inspiring. Yes it was sad, but not exactly unexpected.
    For many of us who really love the show quite a few questions remain unanswered – some that come to mind: why did Merlin not call Kilgarrah earllier? Why did the box Finna gave to Merlin have no meaning at all? Why did Morgana not simply blast Merlin and Arthur to smitherens instead of having a talk? I probably could go on.
    But for tonight I salute Colin and Bradley. I love them to bits and will wtach anything they are in. That is for sure!

    • TardisYoda

      You express the same problems that I had with the story :)

      But I simply cannot ignore the box, it appears the writers completely forgot about it!

      But I have a theory, I don’t think that this is the last we will see of Merlin tbh, I think it will be back and this proposed film trilogy will be a reboot but in a modern day setting and will probably be about the rise of the once and future king that Kilgarrah talked about, perhaps the box will be used then? :)

      Of course I could be completely wrong, which I think I will be tbh :/

      • kenyaleesmith

        If this is the box that Fena gave Merlin the prophecy came true and Arthur died. What box?

      • the ‘once and future king’ statement was all that kept me from being suicidal about the end of Merlin (not literally, of course). I am so happy about that last scene, strange though it was; it was sort of a promise of something to come….

    • Ha Da

      Especially Colin Morgan! His emotional scenes and the scenes where he is so fierce are so amazing! He reaaly did the best work! When watching him crying, I lost it. He made me cry so much! All the awards to Colin Morgan!

    • I’ll try and answer those questions :)
      1. Merlin didn’t call on Kilgarrah because Kilgarrah is dying. It’s like calling on a grandparent in a hospital to help you with your homework (Ok that was a terrible example.) Merlin wasn’t expecting Morgana to show up either, so Merlin probably thought he could make it in time like always.
      2. That one was answered. It was what was inside the box, the prophecy that was revealed at the end of that episode.

      3. Because Morgana’s crazy, and she likes gloating. Plus she did blast Merlin, but I don’t think it’s within their powers to blast people to smitherens.

    • ThirdofEight

      I agree with Marlena’s reasoning below on the Kilgarrah question, though that did make me wonder a bit as I was watching. I had expected Morgana to be a bit more thorough about pulverizing Merlin before starting her victory monologue, but given her behavior earlier on in the episode, I think we can chalk it up to her having been mentally pushed over the edge by recent events. Mordred’s loss really seemed to get to her.

      The box question seems to have been answered, but talking of loose ends, here’s one that bothers me. Morgana’s vision of Old Emrys standing over her on a battlefield with her begging him for help and him saying “Is this really what you wanted?” never happened. Kind of a shame. That would have been a cool scene.

    • Have they never won any awards? I am in the U.S. …. assumed they were being well-lauded in the U.K. Please tell me Downton Abbey (also great) hasn’t pushed Merlin to the background!

      • Nimueh123

        AFAIK neither Colin nor Braldey won anything at last year’s National TV Awards. I think the show won something, but not the actors. And you are right. It was the Downton Abbey actors that stole the show last year. the event is gng to take place soon again, I think. Let’s all please vote for them!!!

  • Wow

    Just wow

    I don’t think Colin and Bradley’s acting has ever been so good. I was almost in tears at the end, which hasn’t happened since The Angels Take Manhattan. I think it was the best possible ending they could’ve given the series :)

    But Gwaine’s death… I’m still not sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. He was one of my favourite characters, and to see him snatched away that cruelly… But it also helped add to the emotion of the story…. Hmmm….

    • kenyaleesmith

      I was sad by Gwaine’s death too. He aside from Lancelot is one of my favorite knights to watch. Though Morgana was playing for keeps and she has allowed Gwaine to live in several encounters, somehow I was not expecting him to make it through this one and for him to have died from that thing he suffered a lot of torture before revealing any information to Morgana. Remember Elyan went through the same thing last year and lived because he gave up the information quicker.

      I also think if Arthur can be reincarnated then why can’t the knights? When the time comes we may see the characters again. I think this was more for the closing of the series than anything.

      Percival really showed some strength there by breaking free from those ropes too and that last scene between him and Gwaine was touching.

      Merlin and Arthur were superb, they were on point and in sync with one another more so than ever before I think. It would be nice to see Arthur reincarnated in the future and remembering that bond that they share to defeat a new foe.

    • Colin Morgan’s acting is excellent in every episode. In The Last DragonLord in was already amazing. He is in fact amazing in each one of his bigs scenes. He never ceases to impress me with his acting.

  • SilurianGod23

    I’m not to sure how to feel. I’ll start with the bad stuff. I thought the deaths could’ve been better. I think there could’ve been a bit more to Mordred’s. It was quite a shame that Mordred was so underused in this two-parter as we were always being warned about him and there was so little of his evil side. Also as Morgana has the been Merlin’s main villian her death was a little quick and a battle between her and Merlin would’ve been great. I have to mention Gwaine’s death too. I think the knights overall were underused in their time on Merlin. I think their journey’s could’ve been expanded on, but Gwaine’s last moments were heart-breaking.

    Now I’ll end with the good. I was expecting masssive battles and showdowns, but this episode made me realise what Merlin was all about. It was about Merlin and Arthur and Merlin’s duty to Arthur. I’m glad this episode was about that. Colin and Bradley’s acting was incredible this episode and it was heart-warming to watch. I’m so thrilled Merlin revealed magic to Arthur as it has been built up to since the start. I’m happy they did it early on in the episode as Merlin and Arthur could do lots of talking. The speeches were throuroughly incredible. They were everything they should be and I’m so happy Arthur accepted Merlin at the end and that he was proud of him. However

    • We’ve been warned a lot about him, but Morded isn’t actually evil. Merlin tried to kill him/let him die multiple times, then his girlfriend gets executed and he’s practically exiled. He can only turn to Morgana, and he’s sort of pressured into killing Arthur. He’s just a victim at the end of the day, so I don’t think there should’ve been a major fight with him and Arthur.

  • Wow! I enjoyed that episode! Really Sad

    But Some Plot Holes Like Why didn’t Merlin Call the dragon earlier on?

    When will Arthur rise again?!

    • kenyaleesmith

      I really think he expected Arthur to make it but he was right in stated in the beginning that he could not defy prophecy.

      He also does not like to force Kilgharrah to do anything but I think if Morgana did not show Arthur would have had a chance. Those precious moments took time away.

      • I agree.

        I wish he’d have survived. Also, I wanted Merlin and Guias farewell.

      • ThirdofEight

        Plus, he knew Kilgarrah was dying and probably didn’t want to tax him too much unless it was absolutely necessary.

  • Really sad arthur died! Gwaine was an amazing knight!

    But Emrys in the future- Thats very weird!

    In the movie trilogy Arthur should rise back. I hope it isn’t a complete reboot.

  • The Ancient Merlin part is growing on me…I hope we can see a spin-off at some point, Modern Merlin… Maybe?

  • Wow. I don’t think there could have been a better ending for Merlin. I am very proud and impressed that they stuck to the legend and didn’t chicken out. Killing off Arthur took major balls, and it paid off. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the ending Merlin needed.

    Well done to everyone involved. Bradley and Colin deserve an award for this.


    • kenyaleesmith

      They do deserve an award. The only reason why I am semi okay with Arthur dying is because Kilgharrah told Merlin that Arthur would be reincarnated when he is needed again and again apparently. Also, because Merlin is an immortal though I am sure he did not know that at the time. I think his journey in the Crystal Cave gave him everything he needed including immortality. Morgana did not even have that. I know they were expecting some big magical battle between Morgana and Merlin but we know now that Merlin would win. He got up very quickly from that blast where in the past he did not always. I think he killed her quick for sake of time. He needed to get Arthur to Avalon but it seemed he was tired of fighting knowing now that he did his duty and his lands were as peace. That was the first thing he said when Morgana died that Merlin brought them peace.

      I am so happy they gave that time between Merlin and Arthur and Arthur got to see his powers being displayed and got to understand the side of Merlin that he was not privy to in the past.

      I do not think that Merlin returned to Camelot after Arthur died though. He was not there in the end. It seemed he grieved more than anyone else.

      It would have been nice to have another good bye between Arthur and Gwen but she went with him to have that time in case he did not return. It was Merlin that did not have the opportunity at that point.

      The producers did leave another opening though for movies by following the legend of Merlin being an immortal, I wondered if they were going to allow that and by reminding Merlin of what the Once and Future really meant. It would have been nice if Arthur knew this.

      I wonder if that was why it was so easy for the Disir to seal his fate? Could it be that they knew he would have these do overs to get it right? I think he did in the end by telling Merlin that he wants him to be himself.

  • ThePaternosterGangAreAwesome

    On review I think it was brilliant ending. Obviously I was a bit overwhelmed earlier, it’s been a major part of the last 5 years of my life, but on reflection, I’m happy and I’m glad the writers ended it properly and dramatically.

  • TardisYoda

    Right I’ve had time to let it all sink in and I think that the finale was a fitting end for Merlin. I would have liked to have seen more confrontation between Merlin and Morgana, but I realised that wasn’t the whole point of the show Merlin. It has always been about the relationship between Merlin and Arthur and the bond they share. So to see that finally be at the forefront in this episode was truly magnificent. It really was a touching end, and for once they actually kept to the original legend.

    Those last words of Arthur’s to Merlin, I feel was also a way for the writes to express their thanks to the viewers for sticking with the show for so long. It held so much meaning between the two central characters as well, and that is when the tears started to pour for me.

    I do believe however that there is more than meets the eye with that last scene. I have a big feeling that if this proposed film series does get the green-light then it will focus on the modern day Merlin and the Rise of Arthur the Once and Future King.

    But anyway I feel that this ended the show on an emotional high. I will miss this show immensely!

    Goodbye Merlin!

    • Shall_be_lifted_Nevermore

      As much as I love the show, let this be the end. Modern day Merlin, though it may be entertaining, won’t hold the same mystical, legend-worthy feel as it does being set in Arthurian times. So farwell, Merlin! And may you live on (on DVD) forever!

      • I agree to a point. I am in love with the medieval setting, but the thought of no more of ‘our’ Merlin is painful. I would take him in any setting at this point. *sigh*

  • Just one question – What is the meaning of the title. The Diamond of the Day? What does it mean? Am I just stupid or is everyone else confused too?

    • ThirdofEight

      It’s a line from a poem about Merlin – I don’t remember offhand who wrote it, but if you google that phrase you should be able to find the whole thing.

  • NightRises

    Oh god I feel so out of place here.

  • Pdurston

    I really, really liked it. It was a fitting end to the show and the characters got the closure they deserved. I’m torn on the ending but I’ll come to that in a minute.

    The focus between Merlin and Arthur’s bond was spot-on and the way the writers approached the magic reveal was good. The strangest part of the episode was Merlin using his magic in front of Arthur. It’s what we’ve all wanted to see yet it was so surreal to watch.

    I especially liked Arthur’s reaction to finding out that Merlin is a sorcerer. It was subtle yet you could read the genuine shock in his expression and body language, refusing to accept it at first then becoming totally convinced by it. I have to say, both actors displayed some fine masterful acting in this story and their rapport together is what made this a piece of brilliant drama. They completed it for me.

    The direction and tone was fantastic, as usual. The fight scenes were intense and the choreography made it feel real. Kudos to the directors for this series. Perhaps the slo-mo shots were overdone but generally it’s been very exciting and exhilirating to watch.

    The fulfiling of the prophecy was handled effectively. Ever so subtle in its execution and it wasn’t overblown with a typical slo-mo of Mordred walking over to Arthur and preparing his sword. It just ‘happened’ on the spot. From then on, the story took a darker direction and you could tell that events would become tougher for our principal protagonists.

    Sadly, this is where I arrive at my criticisms. The episode was far from perfect.

    Where was the supposed final battle between Merlin and Morgana? I wanted a fantastic magical duel where both came together for one final showdown and fought each other until one was defeated. I wasn’t the only one who wanted that, surely? Instead, we had an encounter in a dark forest and Merlin managed to killed her with the sword forged in the dragon’s breath. A bit of an anti-climatic demise for the shows biggest and only nemesis. I expected something more dramatic than we got.

    And the ending. Cult Fix said it would split fans and I have to agree, it’s not what I was expecting. IMHO, the shot of Glastonbury Tor with Emrys walking along the roadside in modern day clothes ruined the emotional poignancy of the ending. For example, it should have closed with a shot of Camelot’s lands alongside a narration from Merlin, talking about how the kingdom was restored after King Arthur’s untimely death and how Camelot’s lands are now safe and secure. Something on a par with that to close the chapter properly.

    Overall, it was a satisfying end to the franchise but I felt the writers could have made a bigger effort to product a impactful ending that would stick in the minds of fans forever who have been there since it started. We were cheated of a bloomin’ good outcome.

    I’ll give this an 8/10, purely for the performances, the emotional elements and how the magic reveal was executed. As for the series itself, a 6/10. It’s been very divisive and hit and miss and for me one of the weakest. It could have been better.

    The show will be missed dearly by all the fans, including myself. It’s been a fantastic five series’ and four wonderful years.

    • TardisYoda

      I wanted the narration to come from Kilgarrah, after all it started with him narrating Merlin’s journey into Camelot, and so it would have made it a perfect circle to have him narrate the closing moments :/

      Like I said before I have a sneaking suspicion that the writers are not completely through with Merlin yet…

      I agree with most of what you say by the way :)

      • Pdurston

        Actually, that would have been far superior if Kilgarrah gave a narration for the closing scene. Would have added more meaning and gravity, don’t you think?

        The more I think about it, the more I feel that the writers didn’t really think hard for how they could have ended it. There’s a whole myriad of ways for which it could have closed and it seems to me that they missed out on some good ideas…

        • TardisYoda

          I whole heartedly agree.

          It seems to me, listening to the writers speak about the show before Series 5 aired, that they have their mind’s set on a reboot film trilogy.

          So I can’t help but feel they rushed through the ending of this series, just so they could get started on planning the proposed film series :/

          • how they described the finale was not how it ended.i tink they have another season in mind.hey but merlin should have died in place of arthur it should have been arthur embracing magic because of how merlin had helped him and died for his sake

    • I wanted Merlin walking away from Camelot on the fields like when he first came in the first scene of the first episode. (Not In The Future) :)

      • With Kilgarah narrating the background.Have a feeling the reboot will be set in the future if there is one.

    • TardisYoda

      Also what the hell happened to Aithusa?

      I thought she was supposed to have a major significant role in the finale? :/

      • Pdurston

        I thought that too? The writers just seemed to have forgotten about her… :/

        Ah dear, this finale really wasn’t as perfect as it should have been. I’m inclined to change my rating to 7.5/10. It could have been so much better than it was…

      • ThirdofEight

        Yeah, I’ll admit that that was a disappointment. I expected, based on earlier remarks from the producers, for Aithusa to battle Kilgarrah; though I guess they never actually said that in so many words.

        But isn’t Aithusa male?

        • TardisYoda

          Morgana said “she” constantly throughout Series 5, when referring to Aithusa so I assume it is a female :)

          • ThirdofEight

            You’re right. I missed those references. You know, they never really referred to her gender in Series 4, and for some reason, people seemed to assume she was male. I have no idea why; the name obviously sounds female.

            Anyway, I wish she had gotten a little more screen time in the finale. Her backstory was fascinating. I’m beginning to wish this episode had been three parts instead of just two. That would have allowed the battle of Camlann to be longer, and it would have given Aithusa and Mordred a little more time.

          • #1merlinfan

            I agree, would have been nice to have a 3-parter finale. Wished Aithusa did have more screen-time and interacted with Kilgarrah more–we never really get Kilgarrah’s thoughts on Aithusa–but nevertheless, Aithusa played a critical role. If Aithusa hadn’t helped Morgana forge the blade that Mordred uses to kill Arthur, Arthur would likely have survived because Merlin’s magic would have been sufficient to heal him.

    • When you think about it, the Modern day ending is actually seriously depressing. Merlin’s immortal, and all those characters are now dead. We don’t know how they ended, and we certainly don’t know about Gwen’s fate, and if she ever fell in love again. The only one left is Merlin, who’s been forced to be alone, since immortals can’t fall in love, and he’s watched over a King who may someday rise, but may not have a purpose anymore because it’s the 21st century and he’s a medieval king.

      • snowcat60

        I so agree with you Marlena, it was very depressing. I actually woke up crying last night and realized it was for Merlin — roaming the countryside, waiting for Arthur to reappear. Now that is seriously wrong, I am still crying over a TV program…….

      • Peripherus

        If Arthur were to rise again, he would probably have a heart attack seeing how everything has become.

      • KC

        Definitely! I was thinking how sad it was that Merlin would have to be alone forever, his only the hope that he might one day see Arthur again. Very sad indeed :(

    • lp229

      Very well expressed Pdurston; I agree with many of your points.

    • I miss Gaius

  • jelly_baby

    Goodbye Merlin. I will admit merlin started off as being my “What to watch when doctor who isn’t on” but through series 3 I fell in love and no 2 years later it really is heart braking watching it go. As for the episode it was a good ending to merlin. The only issue I have was merlin vs morgana I understand budget issues e.c.t but that could have been a really inventive and mind blowingly awesome scene. She could have stalking through the forest, they could have had them make magic “protection” images of them selves to fool each other and used their surrounding and ending with the stabbing. I think it could have been built up alot more. What I did love was merlin and arthur. I like how arthur at first is untrusty worthy of merlin which is understable he has been lying to him for years. But then later realizes how it changes nothing. Truley a fitting end to the series.

  • Best characters: Merlin (and Emrys), Arthur, Mordred and Kilgahrrah
    Best series: 2 and 5
    Best Episodes: The Dragon’s Call, The Poisoned Chalice, The Lady of the Lake, Queen of Hearts, The Wicked Day, The Herald of a New Age, Drawing of the Dark, The Diamond of the Day

  • There was no need to end on a dour note. This could have been the Battle of
    Badon with Arthur defeating Morgana and the Saxons with the help of Merlin. That
    would have left Arthur alive and Camlann in the distance future. Yes, the reveal
    was important, but never enjoyed. The series would have ended on a positive note
    for all the children out there. It’s just not about the story; its about the
    happiness of the viewers as well. People, children in particular, need happy
    endings in a world filled with the exact opposite. The producers didn’t care
    about that. Remember this has always been billed as a “family friendly program”.

    Colin Morgan and Bradley James did an outstanding performance tonight. These
    two actors made Merlin; it wasn’t the scripts. The producers and actors have
    been stuck on the same story line for three years and never left the story grow.
    Many things never made sense in the story line anyhow. Even tonight, there were
    glaring things that didn’t make sense. But all of this was over come by the

    As to spinoffs and movies, I don’t see where its going. The actors would have
    to be coaxed back into doing it. Good luck on that one. Yes, they can be
    replaced, but never duplicated. There is NO future Merlin without Colin Morgan
    and the gang. The dynamics of Colin and Bradley made it all happen. Since Merlin
    has already been portrayed as guarding Avalon in the 21st century, it certainly
    can’t be in the past. I guess they could put Merlin and Arthur on the Starship
    Enterprise, that sounds very promising doesn’t it? The producer’s ending hurt
    the chances for any Merlin program in the future.

  • D23

    The modern day merlin scene butchered the entire legend! And if you’re gonna do a spin off don’t set it in modern day I mean what was the point of that scene it should’ve ended with the long live the queen scene! Worst season ever there should of been series 6 so that the show could have concluded properly those writers wrecked the show!

    • Shall_be_lifted_Nevermore

      I feel like the “modern day Merlin” scene would have been better if Merlin was still young-Merlin. Frozen in time. Not old, still aging (albeit slowly) Merlin who looks like a hobo.

    • Defos.

  • I am officially DONE with UK tv. Can ANY light-hearted series end without
    death and heartbreak. It happened with the original, and only legitimate Being
    Human, and Season 2 Misfits.

    I initially thought I was ahead of the game with UK’s interesting unorthodox
    series, as USA was offering nothing of substance, however what I’ve discovered
    is that substance is relative. This last episode of Merlin has taught me that
    the last thing I want to invest in, is a UK series. Merry Fu***ng Christmas, and
    don’t ever worry about me investing in another”Cross The Pond Series,” in my
    FRACKING lifetime.

  • I am officially DONE with UK tv. Can ANY light-hearted series end without
    death and heartbreak. It happened with the original, and only legitimate Being
    Human, and Season 2 Misfits.

    I initially thought I was ahead of the game with UK’s interesting unorthodox
    series, as USA was offering nothing of substance, however what I’ve discovered
    is that substance is relative. This last episode of Merlin has taught me that
    the last thing I want to invest in, is a UK series. Merry Fu***ng Christmas, and
    don’t ever worry about me investing in another”Cross The Pond Series,” in my
    FRACKING lifetime.

  • #1merlinfan


    “Emotional rollercoaster”–they weren’t kidding!

    Contrary to what most have been saying, I thought the final confrontation with Morgana felt fitting; well-acted, to the point, and it left time to satisfactorily address Merlin and Arthur’s relationship.

    The magic reveal… Well. Done. Couldn’t have asked for much more in terms of lines and performances. Very pleased; awesome job.

    I was breathless the whole time to see whether or not they would actually kill off Arthur…his last line was a gut-wrencher!! Gotta admit I was hoping it wouldn’t happen–who WASN’T moved by Merlin(Colin)’s grief there by the Lake of Avalon?–(and what happens to Merlin now that he doesn’t have his friend and king to tend to?)—but I guess the writers can be forgiven for staying true to the legends.

    One of my favorite aspects of this show is Merlin’s utter faith in his destiny and that of Arthur’s, right through to the end.
    “Some men are born to plow fields, others to become great physicians, and some, to be great kings. I was born to be your servant, Arthur, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

    The “once and future king” idea of Arthur rising again, and Emrys’ immortality (which was foreshadowed by Balinor’s words in Episode 12 the other day), were nice touches that made the ending a bit more bearable, although like most I was rather taken aback at first by the modern day last scene! Though it felt abrupt and a bit out of place, I can understand they were trying to convey the sense of timelessness unique to the Arthurian legends, and I can appreciate that. All in all, a heart-wrenching conclusion to the show, but one I can live with.

    Performances were superb, particularly by Colin and Bradley. Much thanks to those two, and all the rest of the cast, for making “Merlin” such a strong and supremely enjoyable series year after year!

  • ThirdofEight

    Fine, I’ll admit it – I was sobbing like a little kid by the end of this episode. There were only two things I didn’t like – Mordred’s abrupt death and Gwaine’s really, really STUPID plan to confront Morgana. It seemed like nothing more than an excuse to kill off a character, who, as Cultfix pointed out, had sadly little to do this year. Also, I would have liked to see Mordred get something more than a swift sword to the chest. I felt sorry for him in the end, and I still think Merlin treated him pretty badly. Poor kid.

    Gwen taking the throne was an unexpected move from the standpoint of the legend, but made perfect sense in the context of the show itself. Gwen has proven herself this series to be a strong, wise leader and managed great during the times when Arthur was absent. I could easily see her leading a great kingdom long into the future. But the thought of her being alone forever is heartbreaking.

    Morgana’s death was well-executed (no pun intended). I had perhaps hoped for some glimmer of redemption, but she was so completely broken by this point that that wouldn’t have made much sense. Still, I felt saddened by her death because I remember what she used to be. I will always consider her character arc to be one of the best in television. George Lucas could take lessons from the Merlin production team about how to realistically portray a good character descending into evil.

    I had actually predicted the present-day scene at the end (look back in my comments if you don’t believe me). I loved it. Seems to me that there’s plenty of room for a spin-off here – hello, BBC?

    I doubt that everyone was satisfied with this finale. However, that isn’t because it was a bad episode. Let’s face it, ending a story like this in a satisfying way is hard. I give a lot of credit to the producers for doing such a terrific job with it.

    Now to go get more tissues…

  • ThirdofEight

    Reading a lot of the comments across the internet, I have to say that though there are definitely valid criticisms, a lot of people just seem to dislike this episode BECAUSE it was the last episode…which is completely understandable. I’m tempted to feel that way myself. As I’ve said before, it’s hard to end anything this fantastic and please more than half of your viewers.

    • Peripherus

      As an episode, I think it was very good. As a finale, I think it was crap. I have tons of problems with it.

      • ThirdofEight

        I thought it was a good finale, but I can empathize with people who didn’t like it. Basically, I like it in spite of the problems; I’m not going to try to say it was perfect.

        • Peripherus

          I enjoyed it, but so many so my questions weren’t addressed. And I was horrified that they ignored (and didn’t even mention) half of the prophecies. The prophecy that they built up a repeated for 5 years was that only Merlin and Arthur alone can unite the land of Albion and restore magic to the kingdom. What happened to the last part? And that is only one part of my argument, I could write a very long essay on things they missed/ignored/should have had.

          • ThirdofEight

            I guess we’re meant to assume that Gwen (possibly with Merlin’s help?) worked to make Camelot more magic friendly. But it would have been nice to have that explained a bit better.

          • Peripherus

            I would have liked confirmation of that. But the dragon said in series one, that it was Arthur who would bring magic back. His exact words were: You and Arthur alone can unite the land of Albion and restore magic to the land. And magic isn’t around nowadays. so was it hunted to extinction except for Merlin. Although that fought is a bit picky.

  • Peripherus

    I think the episode was good, up till the terrible end. I think the ending was pathetic really. Merlin’s magic revelation with Arthur wasn’t very impactful in my opinion, and it only lasted a day. Arthur was half dead so he couldn’t properly half the time.

    Half the prophecy didn’t come true. These were the Great Dragon’s exact words “you and Arthur alone can unite the land of Albion and restore magic to Camelot once more. And we didn’t see it… And they were building up to it for 5 years… And not even a nod. What does the Dragon say? That Albion was united in the past year, but no nod to magic returning. Was it returned? Or was it hunted until only Merlin was left, hence the clip with him today.

    None of the characters got a goodbye, except for Merlin and the Dragon.

    What does it mean by Arthur will rise again?!!?

    The fact that Arthur dies, means that Merlin will never be recommissioned. There was always hope, until Arthur died. Look at Primeval for instance. It stopped got two years, and the creators said they were definitely not making another series. Two years later they all changed their minds (even though it wasn’t a very popular show).

    I was disappointed by the way they carried out Morgana’s death.

    These are less than half of my problems.

    • Arthur was uniting the lands during series 5 and he was beginning to accept magic as long as it didn’t threaten Camelot.Defeating Morgana was their uniting it and Arthur’s acceptance of Merlin’s magic was the magic being restored to Camelot.At least that’s the way I try to defend the writing and plot holes.

      I think the “golden years” we didn’t get to see was the years Morgana was a prisoner.The simple fact is this the fans wanted a magic reveal and to see Arthur’s reaction to it.The fans got that in this last episode about 80% of it was devoted to what the writers felt the majority of the fans wanted.

      Arthur will rise again in most likely modern times and that is what Merlin was doing on the road.He was going to get Arthur and I think that will be the reboot idea of the show.Sadly I don’t think it will be the original cast unless they are not having successful careers.Colin Morgan is an amazing actor that man will go far.

      • DN10

        Actually, I think that the united land of Albion and the restoration of magic is–they’re implying–gonna happen when Arthur comes back…

  • Very good. Arthur’s death was sad, though I felt the scene’s music a little out of place. The final scene was also very clever and it brought the series (which I’ve watched very sporadically) to a close.

  • powerstaark

    To be honest I was hugely disappointed. No epic battle between Arthur and Mordred, they just stabbed each other. Aithusa simply flew away and Kilgharrah showed no hint that he was dying despite saying he was in an earlier episode. Morgana and Merlin had no magical duel and since when has being a High Priestess made Morgana immune to mortal blades? She nearly died in the last series when stabbed by an unknown knight with an ordinary sword. One thing I did like was Katie McGrath showing how truly deranged Morgana had become; she was screaming with fury and casually choked one of her men to death when they couldn’t find Arthur.
    Another massive disappointment was that Freya didn’t appear except for her arm. In the last ever episode I was really hoping that Merlin would be reunited with her. And as much as I like Gaius, I think he should have died from old age by now. Gwaine’s death was tragic but the mission that he and Percival went on was just a side story which took up precious time and prevented the writers from utilising Merlin and Arthur to their full potential. Also Eira didn’t have much impact on the story; just a spy in Camelot which we’ve seen countless times before.
    Arthur’s death, while not unexpected, was disappointing. There was no great funeral for the Once and Future King, just Merlin and possibly Freya who was probably watching from the Lake of Avalon. Arthur should have had all the people in Camelot to witness his departure, especially Gwen. Normally I would be weeping at a scene like that but it just didn’t affect me like that. Colin Morgan and Bradley James are both fantastic actors but the writers really messed up in this story.
    Even the revelation was disappointing. No outburst of emotion from Arthur, no anger at being lied to for so many years. And it seemed to me that Merlin only revealled who he was because it was the last episode; he’s kept it a secret for so many years so he didn’t need to reveal it now.

    Overall that was the worst finale Merlin has ever produced and the really tragic thing is that it was also the last finale.

    • Well said!

    • DN10

      That wasn’t Freya at all, because it wasn’t the same lake. Also, it was clearly a man’s hand. I interpreted it as being Arthur’s, thus letting Merlin know that Arthur really was waiting to rise again. I do wish that they’d shown it AFTER Arthur’s body had sunk into the lake, though. Would’ve been clearer.

      • owlwing

        @ DN10…You wrote: “That wasn’t Freya at all, Because it wasn’t the same lake”.
        If you check season 3 episode 13, (“The Coming of Arthur” Part 2) Freya appears in the spilled pool of water taken from from the Lake of Avalon…she then tells Merlin to come to the Lake of Avalon to retrieve the sword where he hid it…She later hands Merlin the sword there at the lake…It WAS the same lake. :-)

  • lp229

    I have to say that the writer managed to create a surprisingly well done and emotionally powerful conclusion given the preceding narrative they had to work with. The final moments between Arthur and Merlin were heartbreaking, and this added to the sorrow of having to say goodbye to a friend that has given me and my family happy memories since S1. I spent much of the evening bottling it all up before shedding a tear.

    However it was also melancholic, in a terrible way, watching the producers complete their neglect of what was once such a charming show about the bonds of friendship, endeavor and sacrifice for a better future. By the finale much damage had already been done; I felt that neither of the underlying themes were adequately wrapped up because too much was attempted in the final episode to give each of them enough screen time. It was symptomatic of all that has made the shows loyal audience disheartened with S5: the poor treatment of the characters, fundamental flaws in writing and the decision to have no reward for the heroes

  • Kahler_Jex

    The modern bitwas weird and I reckon that ir all took place in the modern day but they imagined that it was medival.

  • Jakest123

    I think they could have extended the Arthur/Mordred and Merlin/Morgana battles a lot more, and lessened the Arthur-Merlin scenes. The two antagonists were dispatched way too easily and it wasn’t satisfying enough.
    Still, it was a decent end to a great show, and I’ll likely miss it this time next year.

  • How could a blade forged in a dragon’s breath chip in to the ribs of Arthur? I thought the whole point of the blade was its magnanimity against any humanly crafted one! How could Gwaine be such a dumb dumb, thinking he can tackle a High Priestess by himself and a well armed Percival? What was the point of Merlin’s dad telling him that he is ‘magic’ itself and yet he can’t save Arthur? What was the random arm that appeared and caught the sword? How come Morgana easily have died? Isn’t the whole point of the show to outline that magic was not a bad thing, yet Arthur’s death just proves it is! And what about Morgana’s dragon?
    For me the end was as badly written as the whole of the season 5, it all just seemed a regurgitated dialogue of previous episodes culminating in a rushed end. Arthur should have known sooner and this whole season should have focussed on Arthur respecting Merlin the sorcerer.
    In spite of Merlin being portrayed as a the greatest sorcerer we do not see him surpass any great magic, in fact Morgana’s powers are the only ones that seem to grow. How the hell did she not see being stabbed in the gut with a sword as part of her future?

    A tremendously huge COP OUT! They just completely ruined the whole show, there are many mistakes in the series as a whole – killing Lancelot too soon, repetition of same scripts – knock-knock- who’s attacking Camelot, oh Morgana yet again!

    This ending is unforgiving. So thanks dear writers for a reducing the series to mere disappointment based on your lacking ability, you just undid all the ideas about the legend you yourself embedded in us.

    • hey, watch the seasons to fill most of your questions…

      • I have, and yet I am still not impressed by the pathetic ending.

  • TheBlueTardis

    The reveal scene was just amazing and exactly how it should of been and the way arthur died in merlins arms is how it should of been to but I must say I felt the ending was rushed although ignoring the ending I feel it perhaps Is one of the best merlin episodes for the last couple of years. 9/10. Well that’s 5 years of my life that will be missed dearly, goodbye Merlin, a magical tv programme that will live on forever in the DVD boxsets on my shelf…. Goodbye…..

  • DaJester

    It had to end the way it ended. They wanted to make it seem as if the show actually happened and relate it somehow with the true myth/history/whatever. Is Camelot around anymore? No. Is magic flourishing in our society? No. But peace has been restored, and Merlin is still protecting the land waiting until the day Arthur rises again. This ending was what the show needed, a sad but at the same time happy ending. Not one where everyone is happy and blahblahblah disney ending.

  • I really don’t know what happened to this show in season 5. It’s like they just gave up and decided to just end it already. I’m glad there was closure for Merlin and Arthur because the show centered around them and we know Morgan is dead why no closure for Gwen? What a huge let down. They spent as much time building the relationship of Arthur and Merlin and setting up the storyline of Arthur and Morgan as they did the development of Arthur and Gwen…why not give us an ending for this character? Why do we have to assume she will eventually find out about his death…why can’t she be there when he is buried???? It just upsets me how it just stopped then picked up jn the future…seriously did we really need Merlin’s immortality explained?

  • Nimueh123

    I like your idea about the disaster. Imagine though if Arthur comes back to the future – and there is no more Gwen or Camelot…..how weird.
    TBH at the moment I cannot see that any of the cast will be prepared to do any continuation of Merlin. And if they are not in it ,there is not point to it!

    • After a few years have passed, they may be up to it, personally. I imagine that they are a bit burned out at the moment. But time will tell.

  • I am sad it’s over. But I think the last two episodes were rushed and maybe not the original intenton at the outset of the writing for this series – as a season 6 was a possibility. The scenes between Arthur and Merlin were crafted beautifully and subtly by Bradley james and Colin Morgan. I agree that the drama would have been much better if Merlin had appeared on the battlefield as himself and that the reveal would have been better there. Also although the death of Morgana was probably the quiet incident that would have occurred in such circumstances certainly that death and Mordreds would have been much better if Merlin’s and Arthur’s respective skills had been displayed in a spectacular way. The closing scenes would have delivered more punch if actually filmed at Glastonbury Tor – it is much more beautiful and energetically powerful that the prop used and after all -it is the Isle of Avalon. The shock of a lorry in the last scene perhaps does imply some sort of series continuation. However – I am also hoping for the films – although Colin Morgan and Bradley James MUST both be in them and their pairing must be allowed to show its synergy and humour to make the films really work.

  • Merlin should have been recognized by Camelot as a hero after Arthur died. It would have been nice to see that. Seriously, we want more Merlin!

  • Chiqy Bonita

    So Gwen loses her father, her brother, Lancelotte and now all that she had left, her King Arthur, she doesn’t even have a baby and I assume her mother died while giving birth?.. There was no compassion for her character what so ever I am very disappointed about it. You should not make grown poeple cry on Christmas. Never thought I would feel any worse than when Fred Weasley, George Weasley twin brother, died during the battle of Hogwarts (Harry Potter). And I just wish Merlin’s producers could have learned a lesson from Twilight when everyone thought Carlisle died and the whole theater went quiet because of the horror and devastation that was caused. I feel punked by Merlin ending, I’m sad because this was my favorite show/series above the two other show’s that I mentioned. I even preferred Merlin over the Game of thrones. Ps: If Merlin was the greatest wizard to ever walk this earth, then he should have also been able to Fly/ Elevate, time travel.. something….anything).

  • I absolutely disliked the ending. I hated the fact Author died, you don’t get to see any real interaction with Arthur and Merlin after he knows about the magic, it would have been nice to see him alive and do some sort of quick run through of the life leading after… maybe short shots of the characters growing old and passing away and then showing Merlin old and walking the streets of our time. I would have been satisfied with that, I feel very unsatisfied with this ending. It felt quick and like there was so much left undone… it just left me more ticked off then sad. I hope they do another season and end it more happily in a way and less depressing. I loved everything up until the end, I hope they can find some way to fix that… I really do =(

  • KC

    I will dearly miss this show, as I have been following it from the very beginning.

    What a powerful, heartbreaking episode! I woke up a few mornings after I had watched it and was hit by this great feeling of sadness.

    I thought all the actors were brilliant, but especially Colin and Bradley.

    The only thing that I think could have made the show better (apart from Arthur not dying and a huge final battle between Morgana and Merlin) was if the show had been 1 hour long instead of its usual 45 minutes. I mean, why not? It was the last ever episode! Did the powers that be think we wouldn’t have bothered to watch an extra 15

    Anyway… I mourn the loss of a fantastic show

  • morinl

    The ending ruined the show for me. Short battle. No epic fight between Merlin and Morgana. Arthur dies. Merlin is a total failure and goes off to be alone forever. Why would they have Gaius tell Gwen that Arthur was in good hands? He wasn’t. Why didn’t Merlin call the dragon sooner? Why didn’t the dragon save Arthur? Gwen loses everyon she loves and has to rule alone. Her and Arthur were barely together. What about Merlin’s mom? The ending just fell apart. All they had to do was:
    – Merlin arrives at the battle as himself on the back of the great dragon.
    – Merlin has epic battle with Morgana and wins.
    – Arthur and Mordred fight and Arthur wins, but is hurt.
    – Dragon heals Arthur and flies he and Merlin back to Camelot.
    – Arthur tells the dragon he was wrong.
    – Arthur tells everyone about Merlin and how magic isn’t evil, only some who use it for evil.
    – end with Arthur and the knights at the round table and we see Merlin sitting at Arthurs side, dressed in red. Arthur then says this is a new beginning.
    The ending the writers made was garbage. Every season, Merlin was told to protect Arthur because one day he and Merlin would rule together and bring about change. The bad ending made the whole show pointless. I used to watch this show all of the time, it was fun. I loved this show so much until the ending. Now I’ll never be able to watch it again. You can’t make a show with so much heart, have a sad and hopeless ending. There’s enough sadness in the world people. Merry Christmas Merlin. Bad move writers. This is a family show? All this shows kids is no matter what you do, how hard you try, evil always wins in the end, so why bother. One man can’t make a difference. I can’t believe the cast agreed to film this horrible ending. I wonder what their feelings are about it. If I had known the show was going to end like this, I would not have bothered. The writers are heartless, horrible monsters.

  • is there going be any more merlin ??

    • TheDarkLordDeep™

      Nope, this was the last series. :'(

  • I LOVE the fact that it shows than Merlin is immortal! But super=sad about Gwaine and the fact that Arthur did not get enough ‘time’ to fully comprehend all that Merlin had done for him. And I kept screaming at the TV, “why don’t you call the dragon to get him there faster???” Part of the story, I guess…. *sigh* Love this show, though.

  • Ooohhhhh, I like your scenario!

  • thependragons<3

    At first I was angry and upset at the ending. It didn’t make sense to me. But as i thought about it I was happy about the ending. Colin and Bradley were no doubt amazing. Arthur’s death was so emotional. But still there were some things that didn’t happen. Magic being allowed back in the kingdom and did Arthur reunite Albion?

  • Heartbreaking…..
    full of tears….Hopefully the sixth season will be made…I’m waiting….

  • I can’t stop crying. Why????? Why arthur? Why did you leave merlin? Why did you leave Gwen without saying goodbye? And when will arthur rise again? So many questions which needs answers. I wish it hasn’t ended. I will miss merlin.:(