• AHHH!!! Omg that episode was epic!! :O

    Also there’s a magic reveal!!! OMG!!

    • Peripherus

      ??? There wasn’t a magic reveal.

      • I meant next episode obviously?

        • Peripherus

          Well you were originally talking about the episode today. And the magic reveal was confirmed the 2nd year of Merlin…

          • The magic reveal has never been confirmed, just teased and speculated by the cast/crew and writers, it has never been specifically stated that we will get one ;)

          • Peripherus

            The writers and actors said, that it’s fantastic seeing how the story unfolds in our version, and how we are leading up to Merlin’s magic reveal. I think that pretty much confirms it…

          • kenyaleesmith

            I agree.

          • kenyaleesmith

            This episode is stated to be more about Merlin and Arthur and he confesses being a sorcerer in the preview. To whom we do not know but I do not think they would leave the viewers hanging without the reveal. Some would be likely to never watch a repeat if that happened.

  • DWFan

    He’s going to tell Arthur!!!! AAAAAAH! Cannot wait!

  • Wait it airs on Christmas Eve? YEAH!!!

    • Peripherus

      Not yeah! They’re acting like the end of Merlin is a Christmas present! It’s a terrible one!

      • I would’ve missed it if it was on Saturday :P Although, magic reveal is a pretty good Christmas present!

        • Peripherus

          But we will never see the repercussions of it! I’ve have been waiting for that for approx 5 years!

          • Same :( It would’ve been nice to have had at least half a series of everyone knowing about Merlin’s magic.

  • brilliant

  • Is the old guy merlin?

    • Emerys…so yeah its Merlin :P

    • Yeah. He changed in the cave at the end. I’m still a bit confused, but I think it had to do with all the magic in the cave, seeing as it was the “birthplace of magic”.

      • Basically Merlin became his true self, Emerys :)

        • Oh, thanks. I haven’t seen the first four seasons so I don’t really know that much about it. Was Merlin Emerys when he first came into the show?

          • No that’s just what the druids and the great dragon called him :)

          • Oh, okay. While we’re on the topic of questions may I just ask why Morgana became evil?

          • Because of Uther banning magic and being a tyrant King :)

          • Thanks. :-)

          • You’re welcome :D

          • And also because of her sister Morgause’s manipulation :)

          • kenyaleesmith

            Taleisan from the Crystal Cave knew Merlin as Emrys as well. Alator was a Catha and he knew Merlin as Emrys too once revealed by Gauis. The Catha’s all acknowledged Merlin and Emrys. Pretty much any great and magical being recognized this including Nimueh. Why Morgana did not? I think magic was protecting him. The fates because even in the episode of The Disir it looked like they recognized him as well but did not out him to Arthur for some reason.

          • Emrys*!

            Get back in the shadows Grammer Nazi General Power…..

          • *Loads shotgun*

          • kenyaleesmith

            He did not know he was that strong of a sorcerer until the Great Dragon revealed it to him in episode 1. I do not recall anyone calling him Emrys until Mordred called him it first in season 1 too I believe.

        • Emrys*

      • Thanks

      • kenyaleesmith

        I want him to be himself when his magic is revealed though. I think he changed to Dragoon again because he was not yet ready to reveal himself to Arthur. He left the cave at the same entrance that he came in. He had the ability to change himself after exiting the heart of the cave. He is Emrys. I hope this is the case anyway.

  • I can’t wait!

  • Well that was absolutely brilliant :O Exactly what I expected from the penultimate episode, perhaps a little bit more

    Christmas Eve will be the day all Merlin fans explode in fits of emotion

    • And spend Christmas Day in a depression, until Doctor Who comes to save the day! XD

      • Nothing can ruin Christmas day. I should know :O

        I’ll probably spend about an hour being sad. Then I’ll remember what’s about to happen the next day :D

      • Peripherus

        Good point.

      • I’m honestly looking forward to Merlin more than Doctor Who now.

        • I’m looking forward to both equally! XD

        • Kahler_Jex

          Unbelievable but I sm too! Still I get 24 hours to anticipate only DW.

      • ThirdofEight

        Exactly. We Merlin fans are SO going to need a good shot in the arm.

    • Omg read the comment I’ve just posted above!!! :O

  • TheDarkDoctor

    Sorry if I sound cruel but I really think Merlin should die in the final episode. As much as I’ve loved the show and Merlin’s character, I really think the best way to bring things to an end is to have Merlin die.

    Think about it…. Merlin could save Arthur one last time and prevent the prophecy coming true then for whatever reason get mortally injured in the process (maybe Mordred or Morgana in a final act of revenge). As he lies on the floor and starts to take his final breaths, Arthur rushes to him and Merlin reveals that he has magic and had tried to help Arthur all along- going as far to actually try to revive Uther in one episode. Arthur then forgives the old Merlin, whom he had always blamed for his father’s death without knowing it was in fact Merlin trying to help. In his final words, Merlin then asks Arthur to build a better Camelot and allow magic, as it is only the people that use it who can be evil. Merlin then dies and becomes a legend, helping to create Albion- a place where magic thrives and is accepted by royalty. The very last scene could end with Merlin’s funeral, with narration over the top of it by John Hurt (the dragon), saying something like “In a land of myth and a time of war, a great kingdom was formed named Albion. A kingdom where magic thrived and the citizens lived in a perfect harmony with each other. All this was made possible by one man. A man who possessed great magic and became a legend for generations to come. His name was Merlin”.

    In a way perhaps the writer are already planning this- look at what’s happened in the last episode. Merlin became Emrys, spoke to his dad again and showed his epic-ness, when he advised Arthur on what to do via telepathy. Its almost as if the writers are trying to wrap up Merlin’s character, which obviously they should do seeing as its the end. Also looking at the final episode, we don’t see Merlin say that crucial line “I have magic” or any reaction from Arthur. Not only is this done for effect but maybe its because the context he actually says it is on his ‘deathbed’ so would be spoilt if clips were shown.

    One last thing… If the cliffhanger of the last episode is meant to signify Merlin becoming Emrys permanently, wouldn’t it be a bit awkward if the story ended up with Merlin remaining old while Arthur brings back magic? I dunno why but I just think it seems weird considering these past five years we’ve seen their relationship as two young men.

    Sorry for my rambles by the way :)

    • kenyaleesmith

      I would be hurt if either Merlin or Arthur would die. Can’t Morgana and Mordred die instead? Really? I think seeing Merlin as good as he is being a sorcerer for Camelot, the friendship he has with Arthur should be enough to make him consider bringing magic back. Combine that with Gauis and Gwen, and I can see this happening.

      • TheDarkDoctor

        I agree 100% that Merlin and Arthur’s friendship should be enough to bring magic back to Camelot. But I honestly believe it would have more of an impact on both Arthur and us as the viewer if we get a magic reveal right at the end of his life. Merlin misses out on seeing Albion, and his death and revelation of saving Arthur all these years propels him to reconsider the use of magic.

        However, TardisYoda has the idea that perhaps Merlin gets put into a tree at the end. I must admit this is much better than what I was imagining but what if the actual episode had a mixture of both our ideas? Maybe Merlin (as Emrys now) saves Arthur from the prophecy, reveals the truth in his dying breaths, then asks for his soul to be put into tree? This means we still get the impact and sadness of Merlin’s death but things are happy as well as he can communicate with Arthur and technically see Albion be born. I would love to see this sort of ending. :D

        • kenyaleesmith

          I think the ending would be more emotional if both Merlin and Arthur lives showing Arthur’s acceptance of magic and Merlin finally becoming Court Sorcerer. Merlin has never received recognition and a battle is not enough. Arthur needs to give him this and if either die it is as if Morgana has won and neither of them have really lived their lives yet.

          I also do not wish to see Merlin in a tree, is it not Nimueh that did this in legend? Also, getting trapped in a cave was a symbolism of getting trapped in a tree also being done by a High Priestess. He was stripped of his magic and trapped. I want to see him set things right otherwise what was all of the magic for? This is just my opinion here but I really would not watch this episode again if Merlin or Arthur died. It would be too sad. Though the teasers say that the ending will cause some derision in the fandoms.

    • Peripherus

      He won’t die, they were offered another series but the actors refused :( But that would mean they wrote it so that they all lived. Unless they changed it at the last sec.

      • kenyaleesmith

        Bradley was the only one I heard about refusing. He stated it in an interview that he did not wish to renew his contract and that five years was enough. He stated that it would be hard to replace actors which is what prompted not signing up for another season. I am not sure which other actors refused.

        • Peripherus

          :( I was wrong. Can’t believe it.

  • OMG Everyone! Read these teasers from DigitalSpy!!!

    1. “How can one man be as strong as an army?”

    2. There’s plenty of epic action – dragons, swordplay and the like – but the chief focus of this finale is Merlin and Arthur’s friendship.

    3. “There are those that say he’s the greatest sorcerer ever to walk the Earth.”

    4. There’s a brief but touching reference to Arthur and Merlin’s first meeting.

    5. “You have won the battle, but you’ve lost the war.”

    6. Merlin can’t break old habits.

    7. “We will have our revenge.”

    8. Get those hankies at the ready – you’ll cry tears of sadness and tears of joy before this episode wraps.

    9. “I have one last favour to ask…”

    10. The final scene – we certainly weren’t expecting that! (Remember @ThePowerofDoctorSimeon:disqus when I said that one version of the legend ends with Merlin becoming a tree!! o.O)

    • O.O

      If he becomes a tree….

      I really don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing O.o

      • I thought it was a ridiculous Idea at first, but I’m also kind of intrigued by the idea XD

        • But why would he turn himself into a tree? O.o

          Perhaps he’s dying towards the end of the episode, so escapes his mortal body and implants his soul in a tree. Then, whenever Arthur or whoever needs guidance, he can go to the tree and Merlin can talk to him via telepathy (Like he did in the Crystal Cave) or something

          • Well in that version of the legend, he parts way with his soul and places it in a tree to feed his magic to the earth and make sure that the future of Albion is ensured.

            And it kind of makes sense now, after Baliorn said that his magic is one with nature o.O

          • But it would still be nice if Arthur could speak to him, and Merlin could give him guidance :P

    • Nimueh123

      Thanks for putting these here, too.
      I LOVE the sound of all that, even if Arthur dies and Merlin remains old forever (he will be youing in the meantime again, though!!!)

    • Merlin becoming a tree-That would be interesting!

      Thanks for the teasers!

      • Oh hello :O

        Don’t you come to DWTV anymore?

        • Hi!
          I remember your old name/avatar ‘ThePowerOfRusselHoward’!

          • Indeed, it’s good :D

            But you haven’t answered my question? Why don’t you comment anymore?

          • Well..
            Last month, On the ‘I’m a Doctor..Get me out of here’ article there was a troll message posted and It was a guest account under my email address.So DWTV Blocked my account. I sent them an email on why I was blocked and they said this. It wasnt me. I sent them this

            ‘Hello, I was blocked from commenting a few weeks ago because of the troll
            message on “I’m the Doctor..Get me out of her” article which came from
            my account. I didn’t post the troll message but I thought about the
            explanation for it and It is my fault because I have logged on to my
            Disqus account in many places without logging off so some else had an
            opportunity to comment on a guest account using my details. I’ve changed my password. Can I please be allowed
            to comment on Doctor Who Articles?!’

            I am awaiting a reply. :D

            This was the troll post:
            ‘”oh god colen baykar on i’m a celeb..get me outta here whats next
            colen baykar on x fctor tunen out pradis on reply. yeh colen
            baykar sum lil idiot, oii colen ley me get strait to da point
            yeh…i’m a celeb is sooo crp, yeh cnt bliev peeps c dis shw lke
            itto so gd yeh buuht u nw dees peeps deyre beet wieerddd, colen
            baykar i usta rpspect ya buht nw me tinks u some looser ineh cus u
            know dat poul macauuan he is yeh 2 sikk buht u now june peeteree
            he is yeh sme lgend he da man hoo said rvrs da plarty flw damm he
            ya 2 sik ineh my peeps yeh me fav doccy is dat pewtr davidson yeeh
            maan nyway im a celeb is soooo crp only lssers watch dat crp

            I guess I’m just really unlucky!
            Anyway, I really cant wait for Merlin finale. I’m glad there isnt a week gap. I’m really looking forward to Doctor Who Christmas special also. :)

          • Well, I hope you enjoy both the episodes, and that your situation is sorted soon :)

    • kenyaleesmith

      I think him being stuck in the cave and trapped without his powers lead to part of that legend.

    • ThirdofEight

      My theory has always been that the series will end with a scene set in the present day, perhaps with Merlin returning or Excalibur being found. That would definitely be unexpected.

  • :O Just read something on a previous article offering clues into Series 5

    It was hinted that there might’ve been a dragon fight in this series, Kilgharrah vs Aithusa. It hasn’t happened yet, but its exactly the kind of thing I can see happening in this episode :O

    • Peripherus

      The writers actually said that they has an epic dragon fight in the series. So, I think we can all expect that tonight :)

  • Oh, and there are teasers and hints on cultbox now as well. Some are worrying :O

    » Watch for the skies!

    » Who will become Gaius’ new assistant?

    » ‘I have one last favour to ask.’

    » An unlikely character will wield a sword.

    » One last message will be despatched by Raven Post.

    » The shape of a dragon will herald a change.

    » A life will be taken wordlessly.

    » More than one old friend will lend a hand at the last.

    » Who will make a vow by a rockery?

    » ‘Someone truly remarkable.’

    • “I have one last favour to ask”

      Merlin to Arthur:

      Place my soul into a tree maybe? O.O

      • I think the two teasers that are most worrying are:

        » Who will become Gaius’ new assistant?

        » A life will be taken wordlessly

        • the assistant i think is gwen when they are at the tents that what i think the bandages one is to gwen helping gaius with the injured the other one i dont know

          • kenyaleesmith

            I think the assistant part will be a joke once they discover who Merlin is.

        • kenyaleesmith

          I do not think there are any words left for Morgana if someone takes her life. She will kill them in an instant though I think Merlin will have to do it.

      • :O!

        What did Balinor say to Merlin in Part 1?

        “You wield a power you cannot yet conceive of”

        He can place his soul into tree’s perhaps? :O

        • Maybe he isn’t a “Wizard” but what if he is an “elemental” someone who can wield the power of the elements! :O

          As Balinor hinted!! :O

          • kenyaleesmith

            Merlin has always been able to wield the power over the elements. This is how he killed Nimueh. He created the mini earthquake to save Arthur in the cave against Morgana. This is one of his powers. I would like to see him move through space and time somewhere though. We also know he has the power to slow time from the first episode.

          • the power of life and death.
            It takes a life to save a life.
            Kilgarra is dying, he might give his live for Arthurs. To save Albion.

    • kenyaleesmith

      I think the watch for the skies is in reference to the Great Dragon.

  • oddling

    I remember seeing a screeshot of a FB post by the production company – they said it was the last ever shot of merlin, and he was in the back of a vehicle in the modern world. It’s on tumblr somewhere

    • Well thanks for spoiling that! >:(

      If it is indeed true…

  • ‘I am a sorcerer, I have magic’ Please let this be to Arthur. And then I saw: “You are not * ********, I ***** ****” which could be “You are not a sorcerer, I would know” on another website. Oh my God. I really hope that Arthur gets wounded and then he and Merlin go off somewhere to deal with the magic reveal. Cause then everyone would think he’s dead which would explain why Gwen’s on the thrown, and the center of the episode would be Arthur and Merlin’s friendship, which is what many spoiler websites have said.

  • Theta_Sigma

    I am a stickler for some of the old legends so i would think/hope to see Merlin taking Arthur to the crystal cave after he is mortally wounded so he can rise once again in Albions greatest time of need. and Merlin places himself in a tree by the caves entrance as its guardian.
    This would also explain Gwen on the throne with tears in her eyes thinking she has lost Arthur for good.

    The look to the skies hint i would suggest may be the battle eluded to earlier between Kilgharrah vs Aithusa