• ThePaternosterGangAreAwesome


    • I KNOW!! WAHOO!!! XD

    • TARDISType40

      Now Arthur needs to know!!!!

      • MikeAP001

        No! Part of Merlin’s mystery is his secret!

        Capps and Murphy are right: Take away his secret, take away his magic and he’s a nothing! The show runners have decreed because it’s not of imporatance: Merlin’s secret must now and forever be a secret from Arthur even if it means his death.

        So, using that criteria, the only time that Arthur can ever know is by a death bed confession by Merlin and that won’t happen until Ep 13. There’ll be a lot of weeping with that and the squandered dreams of Albion but that’s how the actors, writers, and producers wanted it to be because the show’s run its course.


  • MERLIN’s scream is so heartbreaking!

  • TARDISType40

    She knows!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeppp!!!

  • TARDISType40

    oooo a T.V trailer…

  • :O So it appears that Morgana makes it impossible for Merlin to do magic!!!





  • I bet the cliffhanger for this will lie with Morgana telling Arthur that Merlin has magic

    • It looks like Morgana is also making a Sword to match Excalibur out of Aithusa’s breath!!! :O

    • ThePaternosterGangAreAwesome

      hope not. Just cause I’d be really annoyed if Morgana saw Arthur again and talked to him instead of killing him.

      • Agreed :) I want Merlin to actually show Arthur that he has magic!

  • TARDISType40

    Woah. Morgana goes a tad mental…

    • ThePaternosterGangAreAwesome

      Can you blame her? This must be ‘Kill Arthur: Plan Z’

    • #1merlinfan

      Well we already knew that…


    What an ending! Speechless :)

    • TARDISType40

      Not me. I screamed!

      • jelly_baby

        I screamed as well, my parents became worried and ran up to my room to check if I was okay….:P

  • ok so merlin loses his magic i wonder how that happens

    • ThePaternosterGangAreAwesome

      In The Sword in the Stone part 2 Merlin made Morgana lose her magic. I assume this is the same but the other way round.

  • extermin8or2

    Can’t see morgana being able to stop merlin using magic for long…. after all he is suppossed to be all powerful, and he can still call the dragon to help :p

    • Didn’t the Dragon go away to die last episode?

      • TARDISType40

        um no.

        • Yes he did…

          • TARDISType40

            no. he said he was dying. i hope he’s not dead…

          • I think he has died, as it was implied, as it would be a way for the writers to make the chances of Merlin/ Arthur/Camelot winning the war seem all the more difficult.

          • TARDISType40

            Aww I was hoping for a battle between Kilgharrah and Aithusa…

          • ThePaternosterGangAreAwesome

            Aithusa would have no chance.

          • TARDISType40

            At least a scene between them.

          • i dont think he is dead im sure he said his time is coming i bet we will see him again at the battle probably after aithusa attacks

      • Nah, he said his’ time was coming’ or words to that effect. No doubt he’s going to help out as his swansong.

  • This looks good, but I hope they don’t do that Merlin looses his magic and nobody finds out. I can deal with him loosing his magic and then saying to Arthur “I had magic,” but no no no

  • im just hoping that when he gets trapped in the cave something happens probably sees balinor and somehow gets his magic back i doubt he will lose it for too long

  • Im very excited!

  • oddling

    Morgana! Why are you making a dragon-forged sword?

  • jelly_baby

    Anyone who watches merlin has been waiting 5 years for the moment when Arthur finds out Merline has magic…..and by the looks of it we only have 1 or 2 weeks to wait! :D

    • …And going by the trailer, once Arthur finds out then he loses it. :'(

  • lp229

    This is the kind of momentous plot I have been waiting for all Series. I’m pleased that the producers finally decided to let Morgana find out about Merlin’s magic, after ‘The Kindness of Strangers’ I thought that Merlin would face Morgana in his old guise.

  • Nimueh123

    This looks awesome. But Merlin is losing his magic???

  • Morgana knows!!!! When I watched ep 11 I was SOOO happy, but also heart broken. Poor Mordred… Poor Merlin!!!! His scream at the end of the trailer made me sob, so heart breaking!!!!

  • Epic!