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Merlin: Series 5 Finale Clip “The Diamond of the Day – Part 1″

The BBC have released a clip for the 12th and penultimate episode of Series 5, The Diamond of the Day -- Part 1.

Part 1 airs Saturday 22 December 7.55pm on BBC1.

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  • TardisYoda

    This was hillarious! XD

  • Anne Marie

    Why won’t it work?

  • Anne Marie

    It won’t work. Can you re-upload it?

  • The Horde of Travesties


  • Elizabeth

    It is not working…

  • Marlena

    It’s on youtube:

  • SilurianGod23

    Oh Merlin you cheat! :)

  • The 11th Doctor

    Guys it does work and Arthuur after tht thinks, ‘Merlin must have magic…’


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