• TheDarkLordDeep™

    Oooooooo the suspense

  • Nimueh123

    Merlin makes ANOTHER bad mistake???? Honestly.

    • TARDIS44

      I agree. Every week!!

  • Is it just me who feels the story lines are getting very, very repetitive?

    • Pdurston

      No it’s not just you, I feel the same. Nearly everything feels like it’s been recycled and many elements are starting feel repetitive:

      – Gauis still doesn’t trust Merlin’s instincts (which always prove to be right)
      – Arthur continually treats Merlin like a fool
      – Camelot’s always under siege
      – Slow-mo action sequences are used everytime
      – Merlin saves the day with some deux ex machina magic
      – Morgana’s become a stale, boring and one-dimensional villain through her overuse

      Etc, etc…

      I’ve been kind of underwhelmed with this series if I’m honest, with The Dark Tower being the only compelling episode so far. Nothing really seems to be developing, and the story arc is all over the place. The show doesn’t feel fun anymore and this series has done little to impress me. I wish the writers would finally dispose of Morgana and concentrate on the Mordred arc, which is the only factor that’s keeping me in invested in this series.

  • I’m looking forward to this Merlin centric episode. I certainly hope it’ll be an episode in which Merlin will be given a real story about himself and about his development toward the powerful sorcerer of the Merlinian legends.

  • MoonlitIvy

    Wait… ‘and Adetomiwa Edun return…’
    Elyan’s in this? Didn’t he die last week?