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Merlin: Series 5 Episode 7 Synopsis

Story details for the seventh episode of Merlin Series 5 have been revealed.

Darkness steals into the very heart of Camelot, as Morgana and her puppet Queen hatch a sinister plan to murder the King.

But when stable hand Tyr Seward becomes caught in the crossfire, he threatens to ruin everything… As the plot thickens and reaches its deadly climax, can a suspicious Merlin unravel the truth before it’s too late?

Colin Morgan is Merlin, Bradley James is Arthur, Angel Coulby is Gwen, Katie McGrath is Morgana, Richard Wilson is Gaius and John Hurt is the voice of the Great Dragon. Tom Hopper, Rupert Young, Eoin Macken and Adetomiwa Edun return as The Knights of the Round Table. Special guest John Bradley as Tyr.

Episode 7 airs Saturday 17 November 2012 on BBC1.

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  • AmyPondIsAwesome

    This sounds interesting. Not sure what to make of it.

  • JJB1003

    Sounds a little like “A Servant of two masters”, in the sense that there is a puppet. My guess is after they save Gwen in the previous episode, it’s revealed she’s secretly being controlled by Morgana, and she now has (yet another) spy in camelot. I think.

    • Nimueh123

      Yeah, that was exactly my thought, when I just read the synopisis. If so, Morgana seems to do a lot of controlling other people this season. :)

      • JJB1003

        I just want to know what happened to Sefa. She disappeared at the end of episode 2, but she’ll be back, you just know it. I really hope the writers don’t do another “Ooooh, all she wants is revenge, a life for a life” thing, especially if it’s the (potentially entire) series finale :/

        • Nimueh123

          Yes I have a funny feeling that she might be back – most likely teamed up with Morgana seeking revenge. It would be nice if the writers proved us wrong though!

    • Merlinfan1

      Yeah i agree with you, considering in ep 6 Morgana snatches Gwen away, and Morgana might of put a magical enchantment on Gwen again like she did in series 4 ep 9, it’s always interesting to see what Morgana does next, i cannot wait, we haven’t even seen the 5th episode yet, we are really being spoilt, haha, I Love Merlin woooo xxxx :)

  • Nimueh123

    Ep 7 and no sign of a magic reveal – sigh.

    • TARDIS44

      It will probably be in ep 12 or 13, just before the TV series end forever :/

      • Nimueh123

        Yeah, that is exactly what I fear. They’ll have a reveal (if they do it at all) in ep12 as a cliffhanger and we will get ep 13 to see how Arthur reacts to it.

  • Merlinfan1

    Wow, this episode sounds really good and exciting, I cannot wait, Merlin Rules!! xxxxxx :)


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