• It’s a shame that Mordred – such an interesting and mysterious character – could have been the center of many plot-threads throughout the whole season, but instead he was “used” properly only in the opening and – now – the final episodes. (Well, maybe in The Disir too, but he didn’t really move the plot despite the whole episode revolving around him.) I was really excited to see his role this season, but now I feel like he is an unfulfilled promise.

    But oh well, we still haven’t seen half of the season, and there’s a chance that the final three episodes will make all my worries go away. To begin with, 5×11 sounds like an interesting one. :)

    (But pleeease, can we just have a REVEAL now? Is it really that much to ask after 5 seasons?! >.<)

    • Nimueh123

      There are some terrible rumours about that a reveal might not even happen. I hope this is wrong . But it seems that they have used Mordred just as a decoy. I would find it ridiculous if Mordred kills Arthur just for love (as romantic as this thought is) and Camelot falls for this reason.
      And Merlin seems to be totally powerless to prevent it.
      I hate the thought that the final episodes are going to be so upsetting that they spoil my Christmas!

  • ThePowerofTheSnowman

    I’m very anxious for Episode 12’s synopsis. That’s the episode that will leave us in the balance during Christmas :O

    This episode sounds very good as well. I’m guessing that by this episode, Gwen will be back to her usual friendly self :)

  • TardisBoy

    Hmmm interesting…a Mordred centric episode (which we should have had throughout the series, not just in this, The Disir, and the first episodes)

    The person he is loyal to = Arthur (obviously)
    The person he loves = Morgana? (or perhaps someone less obvious?)

  • DWFan

    If there is not a reveal by the end of the series, the show has failed. I’m sorry but 5 seasons without it is long enough, the show needs to grow. The reveal would allow that!

  • I think I would be disappointed if Mordred’s “love” was Morgana. If they want ‘dark’ like they’ve been promising, they should follow the legend and have Mordred fall for, and steal, Guinevere.