• oh! I’m gonna miss Asa (he was such a cutie xD), but I’m looking forward to Mordred’s return! :))

  • lp229

    A bit disappointed that Asa Butterfield will not be reprising his role, yet if there is a big jump between series 4 and 5 he would not be old enough to play him.  I’m hoping that the writers will be a bit more creative in penning Mordred’s character than with Morgana so he seems to be a real threat to Camelot. I would like Morgana to be a more dynamic villain this series. 

  • yay :D He’s back and theres a timeskip. Now I really can’t wait

  • MikeAP001

         With all of the hints, does anyone think that one of the “twists and turns” in this version of the Arthurian legend will be that Mordred kills Merlin instead of Arthur?  In Season 1, Kilgharrah warned Merlin by aiding the Druid boy, Merlin will not fulfill his destiny which we learn later is to create Albion— a land of tolerance.  What better way to do this than to have Mordred or Morgana kill Merlin?

    From a story telling perspective up until the end of Season 4, Merlin had been a “Romantic Hero.”  A bold adventurer with a strong personality, who was not of royal birth, unbound by a set code of conduct established by society but beholden to act upon his own ideas of right and wrong, and at home in the relative wilderness and primitive surroundings of Ealdor compared to Camelot but rejected by his home and those who would be most like him, Merlin remained an outsider among those who wielded magic like the Druids and others who practiced the Old Religion.  For this reason, Merlin fit the “American” version of the Romantic Hero in contrast to the Byronic or British Romantic Hero exemplified by Gwaine or Arthur (by the end of Season 4, Arthur had completed the transformation from the Chilvaric Hero to the Romantic Hero.)

    Season 4 saw Merlin take on more villainous characteristics in becoming an Anti-Hero but he’s not there yet.  However, this is about to change. As the Season 5 spoilers show, the writers want to make Merlin even “Dark”er.  That is, Merlin will take on more villainous traits and could end up becoming a Modern Hero but if he takes too many of these, Merlin could become an Anti-Hero.  The defining characteristic of the Anti-Hero is that this protagonist will NOT be “reintegrated back into society” like the Classic, Chivalric, or Romantic Hero.  The Anti-Hero will remain an outcast.  In short, Merlin won’t live to see or appreciate his version of Albion (if he lives it will be a life in banishment). 

    Some season 5 scenarios for this based on the Teasers would be for Mordred/Morgana “united in evil”: 1) to gravely injure Merlin, Arthur responds by becoming more relentless in persecuting the “pure evil” that he perceives magic to be, and Arthur; 2) to reveal the secret of Merlin before Merlin reveals it to Arthur who responds by hardening his heart to magic, forcing Merlin to turn against Arthur, who will have Merlin killed, hunted, or banished; 3) to reveal the secret of Gwen’s bracelet which she kept secret from Arthur because she still had feelings of love for Lancelot (or so Arthur thinks) making this an “unhealable” wound which Mordred/Morgana exploit so that Arthur hardens his heart to magic; and 4) to create alliances with Merlin or Gwen or Arthur and turn them against each other so that Merlin will spiritually, emotionally, or physically die.   And, the most economical way to do any or all of the above would be for Mordred to kill Merlin.

    Wouldn’t that be an unexpected “twist and turn”?

    • I totally disagree with you. Merlin is the hero of the show. He is a hero in its most noble definition, which means that the hero can also show a darker side, but that he will always remain in the good side. Merlin won’t be the one who will be killed because whatever he does, it will always be shown as a choice made against evil. Merlin is purely on the good side and his ennemies are the ones practicing black magic like Morgana and Mordred. If there is one character that should/could die, it’s Arthur. This death would make Merlin very angry, very hurt and he would hunt Morgana and Mordrer down till he destroys them and it will be seen as something very good that Merlin would do. Besides, this show is called Merlin, which means he has to be seen till the last shot of the show. Merlin makes “Merlin”. 

  • bluebox444

    Wow, no kidding about the time jump. Though Vlahos is not necessarily portraying a 24-year-old Mordred. Perhaps the character will only be a teenager.

  • MikeAP001

    I figured that based on all the skips between seasons and the dates of the celebratory Celtic feasts like Beltaine and Samhain, Merlin’s been in Camelot 6-7years (about 6 years 7 months or so) by the end of Season 4 and when Season 5 starts we’re looking at 7-8 years later at least (it could even be a decade).  Assuming Mordred’s about 13 when we first saw him, Mordred would be in his very late teens or early twenties so he’d be around 19-22 give or take.
    In other words, he’d be about Merlin’s age in Season 2.  So, Season 5 promises to show us what Merlin would have been like without Gaius to guide him.  It promises to be an interesting situation because at last Merlin will meet his Nemesis, the player on the other side… a true threat to Merlin and his destiny. And, if the writers show real courage in writing, we will see the death and resurrection(?) of Merlin in Season 5.

  • Nimueh123

    I like Mordred returning. It was kind of inevitable, as he is such a vital character to the legend.  But in this version of the Arthurian legend I would prefer if good prevails and both Arthur and Merlin survive at the end.  It is a family show after all…. call me childish …..

    • lp229

      I think its unlikely the series will last long enough to cover the death of Arthur. At least I hope not anyway, it would be a disaster if the writers tried to cram the building of Albion and then kill Arthur off in the same series or even as soon as series 6, if there will be one. Ideally, the show will end when Arthur has united the kingdoms, if they have to show the death of Arthur it would best be done in one of Merlin’s prophecys.

      Apparently they are bringing in some new characters from the legend to the next series. It would be great if they expanded the round table brotherhood, even bring  the round table to the hall of Camelot.  

      If there is a big jump forward in time, then Gaius must be getting on a bit. I wonder whether we will see the death of him in series 5 and then see Merlin take his place as  court physician. Perhaps this will be first step by which he can fulfill his advisory role to Arthur? 

      • Nimueh123

        I share your hopes for the end of the show:  Albion created, magic revealed etc.  Sounds good to me!
        I also believe that we will be seeing Gaius leaving the show – in whatever fashion.  Merlin has to start relying on himself when he makes his decisions. But it would be nice if Merlin had another confidante he can pour his heart out to when necessary.

        • lp229

          I suppose they don’t even need to kill Gaius off, he could go into retirement somewhere in the country. I agree it would be difficult to imagine at the rate their relationship is going Arthur taking Merlin that seriously unless he is in a respected position at the court

          • LadyKatsa001

             I agree, I also think Merlin should become the court physician!

  • Daniel Oliveira

    TOTALLY agree with you Nimueh!! I´d like veeery much if both characters survived, after the coming of Mordred! After all, much of the story had been altered! Why this fatal end couldn´t be the same alternative out??

  • lp229

    As the BBC have commissioned another series of Being Human, it makes me more hopeful that we will get a sixth series of Merlin. I don’t watch BH but I know its fairly popular, as Merlin is even more of a hit, it wouldn’t make sense for them to not support another series if its on offer. Then again, such a brilliant show like the Fades has not yet been given the go ahead for its second installment so we can’t always rely on popular support for a show alone in predicting its future. 

    • MikeAP001

       The more the talk about a Season 6, the more I get the feeling that Season 5 will be it because the creators might think that the time is ripe to either spin off the show or transition into movies now that there’s an established fan base.

  • MikeAP001

    You know Daniel, it would be interesting to have Arthur, Merlin, and Mordred mortally wounded but survive.  During Season 5, the writers could introduce Excalibur’s scabbard/belt which protects/heals the wearer from mortal wounds and lands in Merlin’s possession. But,  Mordred wants the belt/scabbard because of its powerful magic.

    Sometime later in the Season, Mordred mortally wounds Merlin. Arthur sees them both use magic but realizes as they battle that not all who use magic are evil.  On seeing Merlin go down, Arthur thinking Merlin’s dead flies into a rage and lands a killing blow on to Mordred.  As Arthur gives words of comfort to the dying Merlin, he reveals that his secret’s out and that if he could live, he would see a new world; where those who use magic are treated with respect.  In memory of Merlin, Arthur gives his solemn word that that world will exist.  

    Just as Arthur gives his word, Mordred sneaks in a death blow.  In anger, Merlin lashes out against Mordred— leaving him seriously wounded— but able to stumble away to safety aided by Morgana. While Arthur lies dying, he says his goodbyes. Merlin who’s been healed by the scabbard/belt calls him a dollop head saying he can’t die until Albion returns and places the belt/scabbard on his friend who survives.  Arthur’s near death experience causes him to change and he realizes that magic can be a force for good, that not all who use magic are evil, and an era of fear and hatred must end.  Then, he throws Merlin in the Dungeons for lying to him for all these years.  

    Morgana seeing the power of the scabbard/belt, steals it and saves the life of Mordred.  He is badly injured, a mindless husk, but she takes him to the Isle of the Blessed to be healed.  Meanwhile, Merlin and Arthur and the KORT go on other Quests to secure the united kingdom of Albion from the Saxon threat. 

    And, we have a story that’s close to the actual legend without being it.

    • @MikeAP001 I very much like your creative flight with the traditional Arthurian tales (all different in greater and smaller ways) and this new ‘legend’ of Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Morgana, Mordred, Gaius etc. As we keep hearing from one or other characters nothing in the future is pre-ordained in its particulars nor even its generalities. There is ample room for change and diversion, that’s partly what makes Arthurian lore so rich since it ever evolves. In this ‘Merlin’ I don’t see Mordred as bad not entirely anyway, his destiny and fate are open to change, too. He is a really good person but cast in his role as a faithful Druid he experiences intense inner conflict. I think he loves Arthur and even grows to love Merlin though he fears him as Merlin fears Mordred. They are a contrasting pair, but both are capable of doing good and evil, that’s why their magic is so powerful it is an admixture of both good and evil, light and dark. Anyway, thanks again for your contribution, it really whetted my imagination.

  • johnharnes

    It would be nice to have Arthur actually fighting as the British Warlord trying to hold back the Saxon invasion. Such an overall plot could be used to bring Morgana back into the role of one of the defenders. As for defeating her, Morgana is suppose to be one of the three Queens who take the once and future King to Avalon to hide him away sleeping, until his island nation’s  days of greatest need, after the final battle. Just my thoughts. I love the series but it has never delved into the struggle between the Christians and the Pagans – that actually lead to the final battle. Of course if you read the old stories the last battle was an accident. Arthur and Mordred were making peace between their two war hosts when some soldier saw a serpent and pulled his sword to kill it. Seeing a sword draw the other side thought they were betrayed and attacked. The leaders were in the middle and could not restrain their hosts on that terrible day.

    Whatever they do I am an avid fan and would love it if they can run the show for years!

  • I’m sorry for the OFF, but… does anyone know what happaned to the Merlin post about Alvarr?

    • lp229

      I wondered that. 

    • MikeAP001

      It seems that Joseph Mawles had played a pre April Fool’s joke.  He wasn’t really part of this Series of Merlin according to this website.  Http it on simplesite dot com back slash JosephMawle (one word). 

  • I want to see a huge magic battle between Merlin and Mordrer. Merlin is certainly more powerful now and we suppose that Mordrer is too. So, I really hope we’ll get more scenes of Merlin fighting with his magic and that we’ll get to see Merlin win his battle with his magic against Morgana and Mordred. 

  • Alfons Hettique

    The Alvarr one was a hoax. But I still want ‘im back!

    • lp229

      I do too, it wouldn’t make sense if he disappeared off the scene permanently. At some point him and his renegades must have heard of Morgana’s cause, Annis seemed to know about her betraying Uther as did Dorochaid when Morgana sought her help. 

  • Dalek Caan

    Well, it will definitely be good getting Mordred back, he played such a key role last time, though we didn’t get to see much of the character he’s supposed to become. It should be interesting seeing him played by a new actor, and by the looks of him, it looks like Mordred could be possibly be in his late teens, or early twenties. I’m very looking forward to Series 5!!!

  • Merlinfan1

    YAY, Mordred’s back, it is going to be very, VERY interesting to see what he is going to do and i cannot wait to see the new season this autumn, my saturdays are nothing without Merlin, come on september :) :) MERLIN RULES xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Mordred is a knight in camelot, what wahala be that. Authur is very near his grave, Merlin make wild

  • Mariahmerlin

    wow! I cannot wait for Merlin!!!! It justs get better and better every time!!!!