• First time I’m eagerly waiting for summer to end ^^

  • Alfons Hettique

    After the Alvarr rumour, should this source be trusted?

    • snowcat60

      what was that?

    • lp229

      That was an April fools joke by Joseph Mawle, the actor that played him.

    • Peripherus

       a week after Doctor Who concludes the first batch of episodes from its seventh series.??? We have no broadcast date for Doctor Who yet. People are just guessing.

  • lp229

    I’m really looking forward to this, its going to be brilliant.

  • Nimueh123

    I love the way they say it is ONLY a couple of months to wait!   ONLY!!! Arrgh!   It has been far too long.  I am getting serious withdrawal symptoms. :))  I can’t wait for the first preview at the San Diego Comiv Con.

    • Katherine Ledson

       I know right we’ve been waiting about 7 months and they say guess what you only have to wait 4 more months! UGHHH but still excited for it to be back on! – Morgause

      • Nimueh123

        Well, if they air Merlin at the end of September, it is ONLY three months … every day less counts :))

      • ssf28

        But we’ve been waiting longer for Doctor Who (which is just faaaaaaaaaar superior to Merlin)

        • snowcat60

          aahh….who cares? besides this is a MERLIN article, not Dr. Who.

  • 雨蒙 周

    that won’t be the last season,right?

    • lp229

      We don’t know yet. There are talks with the BBC at the moment about a possible Series 6. Fingers crossed there will be. At a time of budget cuts, a show like Merlin has got to be a vital asset.

  • Tributeforlife

    YAY that means it will show earlier in Australia and not in December when Im not IN australia!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

  • Ha Da

    I can’t wait to watch the talented Colin Morgan on screen again. He’s fabulous! 

    • thependragons<3

      Who voted down to this?


  • can’t wait to see it :X

  • AmyPondIsAwesome


  • ThePowerofThePonds

    Hurrah :)

  • Right guys, I’ve decided I’ll give watching this a go. Anything I need to know so I’m not completely baffled in this episode?

    • snowcat60

      you can watch season 1-2-3-4 online or purchase the dvds. That should you get familiar with the characters and where they came from — esp since S5 happens 3 years from S4!!!! You will see how Arthur was such a conceited brat and Merlin was soooo innocent when he arrived in Camelot, Gwen was a humble but sweet servant, and Morgana was a beauty with fire and compassion (before she went bad). Enjoy! It is such a GREAT show —

    • thependragons<3


  • -IGNORE-

  • SilurianGod23

    Doctor Who followed by Merlin :D

  • thependragons<3

    Does anyone know good sites to watch online? Still no news from network ten here in Australia :(

  • Aithusa

    <3 Colin Morgan and Bradley James,and just cannot wait for tonight

  • Merlin is my favourite tv series so far. can’t wait for the season 5. when are u guys releasing it????????

  • merlin rocks

    merlin rocks! it’s official!

  • merlin rocks

    arthurs bane was soooo good. I wonder if theres going to be a series 6,I hope so.